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     As we mention the word “tolerance”, some persons always tie it

    up with cowardice,timidity,no-opinion.Nevertheless,tolerance is the most great morality for me.

     First of all,the value of tolerance is right that just few people can command it.Taking HanXin for example,he crawled under another's legs,the humiliation is a kind of tolerance.If he did’t tolerate the

    insult,there would not have the famous figure whose name is Hanxin

    in the history.Coming back to the modern time,tolerance is more valuable than ancient time.Moderns are more and more irritable and impulsive.Don’t say that we can tolerate it when we are angry,it is a little difficult for us to calm down when we are in the troublesome situation.Thus, I can say that,the people whoever can be in tolerant of anything is the really great one.

     Whats more, tolerance’s nature is to forgive.As we all know,we are’t

    the saint.Everyone of us make some mistakes more or less since we were born.We are supposed to get others’ forgiveness and it means we hope that others can forgive our mistakes and give us another chance.Accordingly,we also spare no effort to be a person being tolerant of others.

     Surely,we forgive each other,that also means that we respect each other.Did you ever image that if anybody is intolerant of each other,how we can live together for so long time?The answer definitely is that tolerance can show our respect.Everybody of us comes from different places, has various background and experiences dissimilar life.Tolerance makes us be in a harmonious society.China,is a good example to show tolerance in the world stage.We show enough respect to African poverty,show enough tolerance to American power.Some people may say that because we are fearful of America.Isn’t it

    accurate that the nation which have established diplomatic relations with hundreds of nations will fear the conflict?

     For the country it is so, for our diurnal life,tolerance also an essential role.For instance,in the dormitory,each of us has different life-styles .Tolerance lets us live in a peaceful dormitory. We tolerate the disparities.We respect the habits.If we meet the barbarian or intolerant people,we also tolerate them.If it doesn’t work on them,so go away from them.You have shown the respect to them,since they decline it,save it!

     When you meet the word“tolerance ”again,please believe that

    “tolerance ”is a perfect virtue.So more tolerance, more forgiveness, more respect, more peace.

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