Asbestos Stripping Questionnaire

By Linda Spencer,2014-11-21 22:56
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Asbestos Stripping Questionnaire

Asbestos Stripping Questionnaire

Please answer the following questions as fully as possible. If insufficient space, please detail on a separate

    sheet of paper.

1. How long have you been involved in the handling of asbestos? Yrs

    2. Has a licence been granted? ; Yes ; No

     If yes, please supply a copy

    3. Are you a member of ARCA? ; Yes ; No

     If so, for how long? Yrs

     If no, have you ever applied? ; Yes ; No

     If yes, when and why was the reason you did not become a member?

4. Could you please confirm the Insurers for this policy for the following years:

    Year Insurer

    2010 - 2011

    2009 - 2010

    2008 - 2009

    2007 - 2008

    2006 - 2007

    5. Do you have a detailed Guide of Practice/Working Procedure ; Yes ; No

     based on current regulations?

     If Yes, please give details

    6. a. Have pre-employment medical examinations been undertaken? ; Yes ; No

     b. Are regular medical examinations carried out? ; Yes ; No

     c. are medical records retained? ; Yes ; No

    7. Please provide details regarding training of personnel and supervision:

    8. Please advise approximate wageroll relating to this aspect of your business:

    9. Please state number of persons employed by yourselves coming into contact with asbestos;

    10. Please provide details of any sub-contracted work:

    11. Please advise details of reporting procedures to Factory Inspectorate and method disposal:

    12. Please detail who is responsible for monitoring procedures and record keeping:

Asbestos Stripping Questionnaire

    13. Please provide full details of equipment available:

     a) Positive Pressure Masks:

     b) Extraction Units (Negative Pressure):

     c) Decontamination Chamber:

     d) Air-locks:

    14. Please provide details of major clients.

     What is:

    (i) Maximum contract value?

    (ii) Average contract value?

    15. Please provide details of any claims or incidents which may result in a claim being made:

16. Please advise details of air-monitoring undertaken in vicinity of operations:

    Signature: Position:

    Print Name: Date:

(Must be signed by either a Director or Company Secretary of the Contractor)

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