Arvind Rajput

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Arvind Rajput

Arvind Rajput


    Cell: +91 9997044614

Career objective:

     To ascertain a good position in an organization associated with mechanical designing

    by showing my talent and working skills.

Professional Summary:

     Working with Akash Yog Health Care Products Pvt Ltd Sidcul Haridwar (HIDUSTAN stUNILEVER) since 1 August 2010.

     Mechanical Engineer (B. Tech) from Punjab Technical University (2010 batch).

     Auto Cad 2008 (jul oct 2009).

     8 months (6 + 2 months) training from BHEL Haridwar


     I find myself creative in the field of designing and much capable of taking up

    challenging tasks.

     Have very good learning ability, can easily acquire understanding of new machines

    and adoption of new technologies. Beside I am a hard worker and get fully devoted

    to the work assigned.

Professional Experience:

    Akash Yog Helth Products Pvt Ltd (Hindustan Unilever)

    Akash Yog Helth Products Pvt Ltd is food industry which manufactures Noodles for

    Hindustan Unilever.

    Designation: Shift Incharge

    st Duration: From 1 Aug 2010 to till date.


    Maintenance of noodle production line, packaging machine.

    ; Compound roller

    ; Steaming unit

    ; Cutting and folding unit

    ; Frying machine unit

    ; Cooling unit and arranger unit

    Maintain continuous production with safety.

    Increase the productivity (70%) with greater quality. Able to manage 130 man powers.

    Able to manage documentations.

    Ability to Predictive maintenance.

    Ability to breakdown maintenance.

    Capable to operate all CNC machine in Noodle plant. Capable of generating material requirement planning.

Project undertaken:

     Continuous noodle production line and packaging machine.

    Duration : sep 2010- till date

    Team size : 68

    Tools/Machines Used : compound roller, continuous roller, steam section


     cutting and folding unit, dividing unit, frying unit,

     cooling unit, arranger, packaging machine, coding

     machine, taping machine

    Role : project engineer

    Functional Area : to maintain noodle production line and packaging



    In this project I gained experience of maintenance as well as production of noodle

    production line and their assembly.

    Assembled compound roller where maida formed into sheet. Next unit continuous

    rolling machine reduces the thickness of sheet up to desired level (1.2mm). combing

    unit where threads (80 threads in one noodle) of Maida is formed and it allowed to

    go in steaming unit (95 C at 0.2 bars) were noodles row (6) cooked. Cutting and

    folding unit create a part noodle and divided into separate noodle. Frying unit is

    responsible for frying (up to temperature of 140 C) the noodle and cooling unit is

    cooling the noodle after that arranger is arrange the noodle and allowed to go in

    packaging machine (4 nos ) where packaging is done.

Software proficiency:

    Auto Cad 2008 Relevant software

    Other MSWord, Power Point, Excel,

    MS DOS, Windows 98, 2K, XP


     Auto Cad 2008 (2D & 3D) from U-Tech education centre.

Academic Qualification:

     B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) with 68.5% from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College Of

    Engineering And Technology, Ferozepur (PTU) in 2010

     Higher Secondary Examination from CBSC Board in 2005.

     Matriculation passed from CBSC Board in 2002.

    Academic Project Undertaken:

    1. General Awareness Of Steam Turbine Manufacturing Including NC Technology

    Organization : BHEL Haridwar

    Duration : 6 months (Jul - Dec 2009)

    Team size : 2

    Tools/Machines Used : Lathe and Horizontal Boring Machine

     (NC Machine), Balancing Machine, Alignment

     Machine, Gas Welding Machine, Cranes

     Role : Leaner

    Functional Area : Electricity Production

     Description :

    In this project I gained hands on experience on Lathe and Horizontal Boring Machine

    which are based on NC technology. I also learned the basic design of a steam turbine

    and working its different parts including front and rear bearing pedestal.

    In NC Department of BHEL I tried some hands on coding in developing program for

    cutting operations that are used to build in G-Coding and M-Coding.

    2. Bicycle Powered Grass Cutting Machine.

    Duration : 3 months (Mar - May 2010)

    Team size : 4

    Tools/Machines Used : Welding Machine, balance equalizer, Alignment

     Machine, Load Impact Machine and other Tools

    Role : Designer, producer, adviser and tester

    Functional Area : Ground Cleaning

     Description :

    This bicycle power grass cutting machine has a superseded electrical source with

    bicycle paddles for providing the required energy and therefore it results into saving

    of substantial amount of electricity that could be wasted if used ordinary grass

    cutting machine. It also saves man power because of its simple construction and low


Personal Profile:

     Name Arvind Rajput

     Father’s Name H.S.Rajput

     Date Of Birth 31 Jul 1987

     Nationality Indian

     Marital Status Unmarried

     Languages known English, Hindi

     Permanent Address P-132 Shivalik Nagar BHEL Haridwar,


     Alternate Ph No. +91 9897986941 (mob)

     Alternate e-mail id

Declaration :

    I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge.

Place: Arvind Rajput


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