M8 Unit3 Project

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M8 Unit3 Project

课题名称 课型 命题人 韩敏 M8 Unit3Project New

    After learning this period, the students will be able to 【学习目标】

    1. understand the ways to create different types of unusual


    2. write a short article about unusual pictures and make an

    unusual picture of their own by using the information and

    instructions in the text.

    【学习重点】 write a short article about unusual pictures

    【学习难点】 How to write a short article about unusual pictures

    【学法指导】 Task-based learning


    导学留白 一、【课前自主预习】--- 预习生疑

    ?. Read the text quickly and find the answers to these questions

    1. How many unusual ways to create pictures are mentioned in the passage?

2. What are they?

?. Read the passage carefully and fill in the following chart:

    Type Things Way to make


     . Translate these phrases --- 展示析疑 ?

    1. Make out of ____________________________ 2. Smell good ____________________________ 3. Put on ____________________________

    4. A variety of ____________________________ 5. Here are some ideas. ____________________________ 6. Cut up________________________

    7. Be available. ____________________________ 8. Take a photo of ____________________________ 9. Lay out ____________________________ 10. Sound disgusting ____________________________ 11. Dip into ____________________________

    12. Why not? ____________________________ 13. Have a go at doing sth ____________________________

    二、【课堂合作学习】--- 小组合作 Language points

    1. A few years ago,a picture of Mona Lisa was made out of slices of bread toasted to different colors.

    n. 1) [C] a flat, often thin, piece of food that has been cut from a

    larger piece:

    Would you like another slice of ham/beef? 2) [S] a part of sth., such as an amount of money:

    We agreed before we did the deal that we’d both take an

    equal slice of the profit.

    v. 1) [T] to cut sth. into thin, flat pieces:

    Slice the mushrooms thinly and fry in butter.

    [+ two objects] Could you slice me a very thin piece of

    cake/slice a very thin piece of cake for me?

2. stick:

    verb [I or T; usually + adverb or preposition] (stuck, stuck)

    (1) to push a pointed object into or through something, or (of a

    pointed object) to be pushed into or through something and

    stay there:

    She stuck the needle into my arm


    (2) [I or T] to cause something to become fixed as if with glue or

    another similar substance:

    My car is stuck in the mud.

    This glue won’t stick.

(3) 固定短语

    stick … (together) with glue 用胶水把……粘到一起

    stick out 伸出

    stick to 坚持(原则等;:粘在上边

    stick to one’s post 坚守岗位

    stick with ……在一起,忠于

    get stuck 卡住,无法移动

    三、【课后自主练习】--- 评价留疑


    1. They decided to take apart the machine and started again from s___________.

    2. Every year, he won s_________ at school because of his excellent study.

    3. In the market dealers (商人) were b__________ with growers

    over the price of coffee.

    4. I failed to come on time yesterday, because my car got s______ in the heavy snow.

    5. The newspaper is d__________ free to everyone in the school.

    6. She has a lot of hobbies, r_________ from playing chess to canoeing.

    7. Adam Smith’s m____________ “The Wealth of Nations” was

written in the 18th century.

    8. The children have gone ________ (探索) in the woods. The

    teacher told them to take notes of all the unknown things.

    9. Some people feel that e __________ on animals is very cruel.

    10. I finally got everything for the Christmas party arranged with

    the a_________ of my parents.

    11. He had an a__________ for life and enjoyed exploring the

    workings of objects and animals.

    12. We hope for a p___________ settlement of the quarrel

    between the countries.

    13. During the floods the river water rose to the h_________ of the

    main road beside it.

    14. Taking pictures replaced painting as his hobby because he

    thought he would love the life of a p____________.


    1. Let us suppose that you are in position of

    parent. Would you allow your child to do such a thing?

     Certainly not.

     A. a; a B. a; the C. the; a D. the; the

    2. Having been warned of the likely lung cancer, Mr. White had to

    ________ on smoking.

     A. cut down B. cut off C. cut in D. cut out

    3. The representatives were seen with the employers about their pay.

    A. seated and was negotiated B. seating and negotiated

    C. seated, negotiating D. seating to be negotiated

    4. Tom adores __________ classic novels and dreams _________ a writer.

    A. reading; being B. to read; of being

    C. reading; of being D. to read; being

    5. The girl had to the journey because of her mother’s


    A. cut short B. abandon C. give up D. all of the above

    6. He abandoned the accepted styles and rules of painting and

    from scratch, created a style of art known cubism.

    A. started; as B. started; for C. starting; as D. starting; for

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