Channel Manager Job Specification

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Channel Manager Job SpecificationJob,job






    DATE: 02/02/2006


    A3 Channel Managers work with channel partners and resellers to maximise revenue opportunities in Africa and the Middle East.

    The channel manger will assume numerous responsibilities, which include the managing and growing of the A3 Partner and End-Customer sales, primarily through identified value-added resellers in the African and Middle East Territories. This role will require an active leader who participates and coaches certified value added resellers in selling activities and events at a senior level. This individual must be willing to travel extensively; and must have the drive to pursue opportunities vigorously.

    Channel Managers work closely with resellers and prospective resellers, building and maintaining relationships and governing the entire reseller relationship.


    Channel Managers travel often to visit and present to their current and prospective resellers and end-users. They are extremely focused on developing the relationships with the resellers and end-users and maintaining this relationship.

    The typical work activities of a Channel Manager include:

    ; Sales Presentations

    ; Channel and Reseller Management

    ; Account Management

    The typical work tasks under the work activities of a Channel Manager include: ; Drive business through the existing sales pipeline and through established reseller and

    partner channels and networks in the African and Middle East territories ; Creating and looking for new business opportunities through cold calling and existing

    established networks and resellers, ensuring that these opportunities will best grow

    revenue in the territory

    ; Deliver sales presentations

    ; Develop sales, marketing and promotional presentations in conjunction with key parties

    involved in the pipeline

    ; Coach and mentor channel resellers and partners on sales strategies for the various


    ; Develop sales and marketing strategies for the African and Middle East Territories in

    conjunction with key role players

    ; Manage key accounts and resellers/partners to reach sales targets in the African and

    Middle East Territory

    ; Maintain a high level of channel management and work closely with key parties and

    stakeholders to secure revenue opportunities and manage cash flow principles within the


    ; Account manage and support the resellers through managing the entire reseller

    relationship including the scheduling of training and workshops on reseller products


    Channel Managers work mainly with technology enabled communication equipment. Key to this

    position is the use of Pivotal to log all correspondence with resellers and partners, additionally the

    use of telephonic and electronic communication is essential.


    The context of this job is as follows:

    ; Nominal working hours typically are 08:30-17:00. No overtime pay is paid but in

    extreme cases with superior performance reward leave is granted.

    ; The work is mainly office based which is situated in the Paulshof, Rivonia Area. ; Travelling is frequent and it usually requires overnight stays in the African and Middle

    East territory.


; Part-time work is not feasible.

    ; The work can be both high pressured and demanding involving a substantial amount of

    drive and enthusiasm to continue pursuing opportunities. This is not a job for the faint

    hearted and those who cannot deal with pressure.

    ; Work is within a stressful high-paced market environment that emphasises continuous

    knowledge renewal of current technologies and of market trends and economic

    occurrences, especially in the African and Middle East territory. ; Highly competitive job and demands a great deal of commitment and relationship

    building skills with drive and insight.


    Pre-entry: Senior level must show evidence of the below mentioned personal requirements and 5 years previous sales experience is a must.

    Post-entry: Senior level must be fitting into the role well and be achieving set targets set out for the individual.


    Matric with English and Maths is useful. No formal qualification is necessary but is an advantage

    if related to Business Management or Selling. Experience is a must though.



    This is a Senior Level position requiring:

    ; A proven business hunter with the ability to attract and generate new business


    ; At least 5 years experience in a marketing and sales related position (preferably in

    Software products)

    ; High level presentation skills

    ; Good, clear communication skills both written and oral

    ; Proven ability to deliver sales

    ; Strong relationship building skills

    ; Very good negotiator with preferably a proven track record in selling software


; Prior work with Business Intelligence Software is an advantage

    ; Ability to focus on the “reseller/customer and interact proactively with them

    ; Ability to develop strategic business plans and marketing plans and other collateral

    including marketing collateral that will support your role as the channel manager and will

    additionally support the resellers

    ; Proven decision-making, planning and organisational ability

    ; Ability to work alone and as part of a team

    ; Ability to speak French is a key added advantage

    ; Physical and mental stamina in order to endure work demands and pressure for long


    ; Need to have a neat and tidy appearance

    ; Attention to detail

    ; The ability and confidence to think and act quickly in a fast-paced and pressured


    ; Must be able to inspire the confidence and trust of resellers and partners ; Extensive IT Knowledge and experience is a must


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