laundry service contains machine wash

By Derrick Wright,2014-10-13 09:23
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laundry service contains machine wash


    hotels offers you the services of

    cleaning and ironing your

    clothes .Romantic hotel’s Laundry

    service contains machine wash , hand wash and dry cleaning. Different fabrics need different care .Training should be held for the workers so that we can take

    good care of the different needs for laundry. Some clothes need to be air dried while the others can be machine dried do not put shrinkable fabrics in the dryer.

    Hand wash fabrics and machine wash fabric should be laundered separately .


    les of hand washable and air-dryable fabrics are:



    Chemical fibre


    of machine-dryable fabrics are:



    Guest Laundry From

    No. Name of item Price NO.of Total

    per itempiece to be

    ?EURO? paid 1 Pants 45 2 Shorts 40 3 Shirt 40 4 Blouse 40

     5 T-shirt 40 6 Vest 40

     7 Sweater 50

     8 Under-clothes 40

     9 Scarves 40 10 Neck tie 40 11 Socks?per 40


    12 Dress 50 13 Dressing gown 50 14 Handkerchief 35 15 Swimming 40


    Sum paid ?EURO?:

    Name of hotel: Guest Name( Room No. Guest signature( Date(

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