lesson 8 can i grow a new brain

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lesson 8 can i grow a new brain

    Lesson 8: Can I grow a New Brain



    I have often thought it would be a blessing if every human

    being were stricken to be blind and deaf for a few days at some

    time during his early adult life


    Darkness would make him more appreciative of sight, silence would teach him the joys of sound. Yet those who have eyes apparently see little. The panorama of color and action is taken for granted.

    I dont think China is likely to become a military superpower.

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1. Thats because one could get ones body separated from

    ones brain, but one, as a specific/unique individual/in order

    to keep his identity, couldnt possibly be separated/divorced

    from one’s brain.

    Part company with sb.

    Enjoy ones company

    Keep company with sb.

    In the company of = in the presence of

    You can judge a person by the company he keeps.

    Accompany, companion

    2. He believes that it is not possible in the near future, because

    human-brain transplants involve millions of connections,

    which are simply too complicated for any surgeon to handle.

     Burn = swindle, cheat, deceive

    3. The results of the treatment are mixed. It improved the

    mobility of many of the Parkinsons patients, but usually only

    partly and in some cases not at all/it does not work at all.

    A mixed blessing, mixed feelings, mixed results, mix well with, a good mixer, singles mixer, fundraiser, major, giant, product mix, export mix,

4. For starters, there is the ethically charged issue of making

    use of / mining aborted fetuses and even the problem is

    solved, then there exist practical factors. For each patient,

    cells from as many as 15 fetuses must be harvested/collected

    and they must be transplanted almost immediately. So in

    view of these practical concerns, it can hardly be popular in

    clinical practice.

    Take advantage of, make use of, avail oneself of, capitalize on, cash in on, draw on, exploit, mine, harness, with, by means of,


    Armed with secretarial skills, she soon landed a job. The industrial park boasts a green coverage of more than


    China is blessed with rich natural resources.

    Thanksgiving Day dinners feature turkey and pumpkin pies.

5. The discovery about the fetal brain is that it contains

    master cells that can grow into any kind of brain cell. Team up with, collaborate with, cooperate with

    6. The traditional training is that the adult brain is rigid, or not plastic, that nerve cells or neurons, could never regenerate themselves. A person is born with more brain cells that he needs, and gradually loses them and becomes dumber and dumber as he gets older.

    7. The path to overturning the dogma of the rigid brain was circuitous. (para. 7) In 1992, he announced that his lab had removed stemlike cells from mouse brains and had grown them in a culture. He injected stem cells into mice and the cells automatically sought out the injured part of the cortex and changed themselves into healthy neurons. In another experiment, he used stem cells to cure mice of a disease that resembled multiple sclerosis. (para. 10)

    8. They are Gage and Snyder whose research has stood

    neuroscience on its head/turned the neuroscience the other

    way round.

    9. According to him, it seems better to be the recipient than the donor, because the cells will take their cue/take the order from the host that houses them rather than remembering their past lives.

Long/immediately / just/two months before

Partly/largely/mainly because

    not least because

    Let alone, not to mention, to say nothing of, much less

    Wag, good mixer, sage, guru,

    Gate crasher, name dropper, Jack of all trades Impress the society,

    As puts it,

    How shall I put it?

    Put it bluntly

    Impress the society

    Impress the prospective employer Reverse

    Versatile, anniversary, avert a crisis, revert,

    If not,

    Many, if not most students attended the lecture. A host of ideas,

    A barrage of criticism

    A swarm of bees, a herd of cattle, A gust of wind, a fit of cough, a burst of laughter, a storm of



    = draw out


    Tractor, distract, attract




    Disrupt, interrupt, corrupt, bankrupt, rupture Erupt = break out

    Rewire your gray matter

    Wired classroom

    Deprive sb of sth.


    Busy, have a heavy session, time-deprived

    However time-deprived we are, we should carve out some time for English learning.

    Give occasion to = occasion = give rise to = bring about Team up with = collaborate with = cooperate with

    Blockbuster, giant, major, institution, fundraiser, Marriage is a good institution.

    Marriage is a great institution, but who wants to live in an institution?



    Grey matter,

    Rewire your grey matter,

    Give rise to = give occasion to = occasion = bring about

    Thriving, prosperous, booming, blooming, blossoming,

    thrive on controversy,

    Survive and thrive, survive and succeed Colony,

    Takefor granted

    Be flush with

    Be filled up with, be full of, be imbued with,

Most, if not all,

    Few, if any, people,

A mixed blessing

    Mix with sb.

    Mix well with

    A good mixer, a wet blanket, a gate crasher, an apple polisher, a

    clinging vine, worrywart,

    product mix, export mix,

    Deprive sb. of sth





    However time-deprived we are, we should carve out some time

    for English.


    Export-oriented economy


    Community-oriented hospital

    Test-oriented programs





    Environment-friendly and resources-saving/conserving society


    Use, utilize, harness, take advantage of, make use of, avail

    oneself of, capitalize on, with, through, by means of


    Sweeping = having wide-ranging influence

Sweeping changes

    Be dismissed as nonsense/ridiculous Gene map, gene sequence, transgenic food, genetic engineering

    Or so goes the conventional wisdom Regenerative ability

    Entertain the possibility


    Rupt-: break

    Bankrupt = broke

    Im flat broke.

    Erupt = break out

    Volcano eruption




    Extract = draw out

    abstracts, distract, attract, tractor, Select, pick out


    The wired classroom

    The wired world

    Rewire your gray matter


    Pedal, impede, expedition,

    Give rise to = give occasion to, to occasion Culture

    Team up with = cooperate with

    Engineer = alter/produce by method of genetic engineering

    Thats the beauty of= thats the attraction of

    Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Beauty and beast

    Home in on

    Do nothing more than

    a thriving colony

    Prosperous, booming, blooming, flourishing, blossoming,

    Survive and thrive,

    Survive and succeed

    Thrive on controversy

    Unilateralism, multilateralism, Phenomenon,

    Go it alone

    An increasing number of people

    Paycheck, payback, payroll

    Cut the payroll

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