Mechanical Engineering

By Leonard Wells,2014-06-29 15:33
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     Mechanical Engineering

    Mechanical Engineering concerns various types of machinery and manufacturing equipment used to create property and improve the standard of living. The department which grants master‘s degrees prepares students for careers as high-level engineers? specializing in

    mechanical design? production manufacturing? measurement and

    control? operation and maintenance. The program includes political theory? foreign language? advanced mathematics? advanced

    mechanics? design theory and methods? manufacturing techniques and

    automation? control fundamentals? experimental techniques? electrical

    and information fundamentals? material properties? management tools

    and other courses related to research? design and manufacturing of

    machinery in various specialties.

    Mechanical engineering? an important and widely applied engineering field closely related to people‘s social activities? provides manufacturing

    technologies and equipment to create material wealth and promote social progress in the construction of China’s national economy. As a traditional engineering field since the beginning of human history? mechanical

    engineering has always been the focus of all kinds of production activities. For instance? the First and Second Industrial Revolutions? as

    well as the present Information Revolution? are all directly or indirectly related to its development. Mechanical engineering is also a rapidly

    developing field. With the growth and permeation of electronic technology? automation technology? computer and software technique?

    material science? the foundation of the field has been enriched? the

    research in this field has been broadened and developed. Therefore?

    mechanical products and production processes are promoted to develop toward precision? automation? intelligence? progression? integration

    and high efficiency.

    Involving a wide range of basic theories and methods such as mechanical design? manufacture? testing? application? maintenance? technique

    and method? mechanical engineering has a close tie to material engineering? power engineering? electric engineering? electronics and

    information engineering? control engineering? computer technique? and

    industrial design engineering.

    The specialty of mechanical engineering aims to train senior engineers to be engaged in the design? manufacture? measurement? control?

    application and maintenance of mechanical equipment. Graduate is required to grasp basic theories and methods of mechanical design?

    modern control? modern manufacture technology ?including both

    technological process and machining equipment?? as well as technology

    in mechanic-electronic-hydraulic integration? testing technology?

    mechanical performance analysis? theory and technology for application and maintenance. He must also have the capabilities of developing new

products? designing and implementing production processes and

managing? operating and maintaining production equipment.


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