Creating categorising or sequencing activities in Kidspiration

By Justin Baker,2014-04-18 06:08
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Creating categorising or sequencing activities in Kidspiration

    Creating categorising or sequencing activities in

    Kidspiration using the Super Grouper tool

    The Super Grouper tool allows the creation of on-screen categorising

    or sequencing activities, such as these

    This can offer particular benefits to those pupils who struggle with writing or spelling. The Listen tool will read out any text.

To create a Super Grouper

    ; Start Kidspiration

    ; Choose New Picture

    ; Delete the Main Idea by highlighting the symbol and pressing

    Delete key

    ; Click the Super Grouper icon

    on the toolbar and choose a


    ; The Super Group will appear in the middle of the

    screen. You can identify a Super Group by its star-

    shaped handles.

    ; Drag the Super Group to an appropriate position

    ; Resize if necessary, by dragging out a corner

    ; Select a background colour (Fill Colour) for it from the Editing

    Toolbar at the bottom of the screen

    ; Add a title ‘Things I Like’ at the top by clicking in the box

    ; When your Super Group is as you want it, enable

    the Teacher’s Menu and select Locked Item. The

    star-shaped handles will now be crossed, to show

    that the item is locked. It can be unlocked from

    the same menu.

    ; Repeat the above to create a second Super Group entitled ‘Things I

    don’t like’

    TIP: In order to ensure Groups are the same size, one could be

    copied and pasted before it is locked.

    At this point, it is possible to save this as a Template, using the Save With the Activity Wizard option in the Teacher’s menu. This would also allow you to restrict the number of picture libraries to the most appropriate.

    For other pupils, or other activities, you may wish to provide a choice of objects to be sorted by category.

    ; Select appropriate pictures from the libraries and position them

    randomly around the Super Groupers. Do not lock them.

    ; Save this as a Template, using the Save With the Activity Wizard

    option in the Teacher’s menu – do not select any libraries.

    The pupil will be able to find the activity from the Menu page options

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