Router Safety Rules

By Todd Ellis,2014-09-28 05:34
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Router Safety Rules

    Router Safety Rules

    The Introductory Router Class

    O.P.C. Woodworking

    1. Read and fully understand the router operation and safety rules that are

    included with your router.

2. Learn your particular router’s limitations and potential hazards.

    3. Make sure that before plugging the router into an electrical outlet that

    the tool will be grounded.

    4. Remove adjusting wrenches from the collett before turning on the router.

    Tightening the bit requires that the router be unplugged.

    5. The area you are working in should be well lighted with proper ventilation

    and free of clutter.

    6. Use a clamp or a non-slip router mat when working on a bench top.

    7. Make sure that the bit properly clears the bench before using the router.

    8. Do not use and electric router in an area that is either damp or in the

    presence of combustible materials.

    9. Avoid accidental startup. Make sure the power switch is off before the

    tool is plugged in. Don’t carry a plugged in tool with your finger on the

    start switch. Do not insert a bit or adjustments on a router with the plug in

    the outlet.

10. Safety glasses or a face shield are required.

    11. Use only recommended accessories; follow the manufacture’s


    12. Dress properly; avoid loose clothing or long sleeves that would be

    caught in rotating bits.

    13. Always pick-up a router and place it along side the work before

    turning it on.

    14. Always use sharp router bits; make sure they are clean and well


15. Keep your proper footing and balance; don’t over-reach.

    16. Your router should be inspected on a regular basis; look for frayed

    power cords, bent, broken or loose parts that may cause accident, injury

    or damage to the work.

    17. The router bit must be securely mounted and the base must be


    18. Place the router base on the work with the bit clear of the work.

    Before turning on the power hold the router firmly when starting to

    overcome torque.

    19. Hold the router with both hands and feel the router smoothly into

    the desired cut. Edge cutting should be done in a counter-clockwise

    direction. If climb cutting is to be attempted; prepared to have full

    control of the router, as it will want to race away from you.

    20. Always take light cuts with the router bit. It will be better for the bit

    as well as the outcome of the finished cut.

    21. When the cut is complete, turn off the router. Wait for the bit to

    stop before removing it from the work.

    22. Never hold the router against your clothing especially while it is

    running, it could snag you or your clothing and cause you injury.

    23. Never surprise or touch anyone this is actively working with an

    energized router.

    24. If you are an observer, stay well away from the operator and the

    flying chips created by the routing operation.

    25. When you are finished routing, disconnect the router from the

    power source, remove the bit, clean the router and your workplace, put

    away all tools in a secure place, leave the shop in a neat, clean and

    orderly appearance.

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