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Nationality: British Cambridge

    Driving Licence: Full (Clean) United Kingdom

    Locations: Cambridge, London, East Anglia & South East UK. (Europe, US) m: +44(0)7042 004613 PDF (please contact me for Word copy) CV Updates - e: cv@clarity-it.comReferences -

    Current Status Open to opportunities

    November 2011


    Allister Frost


    Delivery focused software consultant, full project & development lifecycle with strong client-facing experience. Hands-on knowledge of past, current and emerging technologies. Solid commercial experience gained in varied environments across sector including; Telco, Biotech, Pharma & Healthcare (Private & NHS), Financial, Insurance, Mobile (Vodafone, Orange), New Media, Retail (Carlsberg, Nestle) & Leading IT solution providers (Microsoft & Gold Partners, Atos Origin, Fujitsu, IBM, Sogeti & Sybase). Located internationally, delivering enterprise solutions and services using the Internet, mobile, database & bespoke software solutions. Strong development, team-leading, project management, design and support skills.


    Core Development Skills C# .NET (All versions since 2002 - 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.1) (9+ Years): Visual Studio (All versions to 2010). C# 4.1 (LINQ, Lambda, Extension methods, Anonymous Types). ASP.NET 2.0, 3.0, SCSF, MVC 1, 2 & 3 Razor), AJAX JSON, (Web Services REST, WSDL, DOM, SOAP, UDDI). OOD, OOP n-

    tier development & SOA (Service Orientated Architecture), SaaS using Visual Studio, Entity Framework (EF 4.0) domain modeling tools. Persistent WCF (IIS, Service hosted, POX & JSON) & WCF RIA, WF (Sequential, State & Rules. Inc. WCF & Custom Activities). XML (DTD’s, XSD’s), XSL/XSLT. Windows Services, Windows Forms (WinForms) including Desktop and Windows Mobile (Compact Framework) ‘Smart’ client devices. WPF, XBAP &

    Silverlight (2, 3, 4 & 5), MVVM applications using VS, Blend & hand-coded XAML. Experience in Agile (XP), TDD (NUnit, Mocking) and MSF for agile development methodologies. Design patterns, GOF, ActiveRecord, IoC, NHibernate, CAB, MVC, MVP, MVVM & Progressive Enhancement. GUI design using HCI methodologies to W3C/WAI standards. Hand-coded DHTML (HTML 5, JQuery, DOM, XHTML, CSS, ECMAScript, JavaScript & rdCross-Browser/Platform Web development for 15 years), 3 party controls Infragistics, Telerik & DevExpress. SQL

    Server (All versions to 2008) ETL’s (SSIS, DTS), Architect/Design, Normalisation, Performance Tuning (Query Analyzer & Profiler), Replication (Scaling), Redundancy (Mirroring), Reporting Services (SSRS), SPROCS, T-SQL.

Software Architect & Project Management SCRUM, AGILE XP (14+ Years delivering projects up to ?100m):

    Project lead for a variety of IT and media projects, working to tight deadlines with multiple dependencies, project estimation and planning in ISO environments. Skills include; AxoSoft OnTime (SCRUM), Project, Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010, Visio and Office Microsoft applications. SaaS, Model First design using Entity Framework (EF 4.1), object oriented and application design (OOAD) using UML in full lifecycle methodologies (Agile, Iterative, Rapid Prototyping, RUP - Rational Unified Process, XP eXtreme Programming, YAGNI & SOLID). Set-up of

    internal SDE’s (Shared data environments) using Microsoft Exchange Server and corporate Intranet sites (Microsoft Sharepoint - MOSS & Content Management Server). Generated streaming media and website reports using WebTrends (Log Analyzer Series) for clients including Nasdaq and Veritas.

Mobile (8+ Years):

    Mobile devices development (Windows Phone 7, Mobile & Smartphone), Websites (ASP.NET mobile controls / MMIT). WinForms Mobile (.NET Compact Framework 1.0, 2.0SP2 & 3.5). Streaming-media content delivery (Windows Media) over GSM - 2G, GPRS 2.5G and UMTS 3G & WiFi); WAP (WML,WML-Script).

Background skills (15+ Years):

    Visual Studio TFS 2010, Lab Management (VS Lab Center), Test Manager 2010, SCVMM

    eCommerce, Web (ASP.NET WebForms, JQuery, SCSF). ADO.NET. Classic ASP (VBScript, ADO, DAO, ODBC, COM/COM+). IIS 7.5, 7.0, 6.0 (Admin, Performance Tuning & Scalability). Adobe (Macromedia) Flash (ActionScript), Photoshop/ Fireworks /Premiere/AfterEffects & Dreamweaver. Certified Cold Fusion developer. RDBMS’s. Active Directory, Networking TCP/IP, LAN, MMS, WAN, WLAN, Firewalls, Internet Protocols (DNS, HTTP, HTTPS / SSL, IMAP, SMTP and POP3). Front-end developer through to Back-end technical architect (TA). Integration with many types of Enterprise Content management systems (ECM’s), Microsoft Content Management (CMS) server 2003/2, SharePoint Portal Server (MOSS 2007), Convera’s RetrievalWare.

    Windows 2008/2003/2000/NT Servers (Build, Config, Admin, Optimisation & Troubleshooting). Version Control (VCS, SCM) Microsoft TFS & VSS, Subversion with TortoiseSVN.

Career History (15+ Years)

Nov 2011 Current Clarity IT Ltd, Director. Cambridge, UK.

    Personally delivered a number of onsite training courses for Framework Training

    including ASP.NET MVC 3 & Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 for their clients including Aerospace, Government & Academic.

    Consulting on migration and scaling projects using Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011, Microsoft Visual Studio 11, Team Foundation Server 11, SharePoint Foundation 2010, SQL Server 2012 and Cloud Vendors (Microsoft Azure) Developing software and platforms for Content Management and Collaboration in today’s Socially connected world.

    API’s currently integrated are Apple iOS (Cocoa, Xcode), Facebook, Flickr, Google & Microsoft Live Connect.

Apr 2011 Oct 2011 Into Sport Group, Interim CTO, Cambridge, UK.

    Into Sport Group provide services (Video Production, Collaboration platforms) & technologies (Cloud PaaS/SaaS, Social Media/Web) to Sports Organisations, National Governing Bodies, World renowned brands (David Lloyd, Shock Absorber) and High Profile Agencies.

    Working closely with the management team on a number of key platforms. I am helping to architect their flagship product Vanquish, a cloud hosted software platform. Designing it to be accessible, scalable and extremely flexible using the latest technologies (MVC 3 Razor, HTML 5/JQuery, Microsoft Azure). The platform is built on a fully redundant and secure hosting infrastructure and will be made accessible to all browsers and via multiple devices (Apple iPad/iPhone Android, Microsoft Windows Phones & other Smartphones).

Feb 2010 Mar 2011 Fujitsu, Principle SaaS Architect. Global.

    Fujitsu has approximately 173,000 employees supporting customers in 70 countries, Headquartered in Tokyo, revenues of 4.6 trillion yen (US$50 billion) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2010. Consulting for multiple R&D & Business units at Fujitsu in the UK, US & Japan. Working on a commercial platform for the Telecoms, Healthcare, Low-Carbon / Green Environmental Sectors.

    (Self-Optimisation of the access Network - SON). 3G-LTE technologies.

    Silverlight 4 MVVM (net.tcp, Polling Duplex HTTP), Bing Maps for Silverlight (GIS), Telerik RadControls 2010 (GridView, Coverflow), WCF RIA Services, Entity Framework (EF) .NET 4, Microsoft Azure architecture. Windows Server 2008 R2, IIS 7.5, Caching, Cross Domain Policies.

    Setup developer environment using VS TFS 2010 with VS Lab Management (Lab Center), SCVMM (Hyper-V) for Continuous Integration and SCRUM Project Management.

    Our platform was premiered at the Mobile World Conference 2011 in Barcelona.

May 2009 Jan 2010 Clarity IT Ltd, Director. Cambridge, UK.

    Working on multiple client projects. Including a Health Care platform for a leading provider of solutions for private residential care homes. Managed the migration of a UK wide health service from hosting in Manchester to Cambridge. Now launched across Europe. SQL Server 2008, ASP.NET MVC. Developed resource/event planning software, data warehouses and reporting solutions for large enterprises and small businesses, Websites using latest ASP.NET MVC Framework approach, Azure Cloud Services, Silverlight, WPF with Microsoft Surface. Consulted by an event management software company to help redesign a VB6 project to current Microsoft SOA standards using WPF (MVVM) PRISM with WCF.

Feb 2007 Oct 2008 - Apr 2009 Sagentia, Senior Developer. Harston, UK.

    Lead Software developer for this award winning software consultancy on an industry leading financial services product for Vodafone. Over the 2 years I helped to develop an idea into a leading money transfer service. (‘Vodafone m-pesa’) with over 10 million customers worldwide with over a billion $ of money transfers since launch.

     Introduced SCRUM and Agile to deliver to tight schedules on-time, within budget and to a high standard. Responsible for designing, developing and delivering many major parts of the customer relationship

    management (CRM) system using the latest technologies from Microsoft, now supporting 10 million users:

    o Developed using Visual Studio Team System 2008 SP1 (Team Foundation Server - TFS).

    o .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, LINQ, ASP.NET (VB.NET & C#) AJAX. Enterprise Library 3.1. Telerik.

    o Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) with Window Workflow (WF 3.5) hosted as Windows

    Services and using IIS with ASP.NET Compatibility.

    o Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) in XAML browser applications (XBAP) client applications. Developed the International Money Transfer (IMT) service with Citigroup and Protx payment gateways using

    ‘Verified by Visa’ and Mastercard ‘SecureCard’. The first in the UK to use these from Protx with .NET.

    o Won the Mobile World Congress 2009 Award for M-PESA as ‘Best Mobile Money Service’ in 2009.

    o February 2008 - Launch First Mobile Money Transfer Service in Afghanistan’.

    o UX lead. ASP.NET 3.0 (SCSF Smart Client Software Factory), AJAX, CSS & W3C/WAI standards.

    Cross Browser/Platform.

     Developed SOA ‘business services framework’ using WCF for Web and Workflow applications to consume.

     Project managed an audited a Configuration Management Tool to meet regulatory requirements for the ‘m-

    pesa’ platform, designed using MMC 3.0.

    o Reducing errors in deployment and helping to deliver updates to each new territory on-time. Performance tuning ASP.NET Web Applications. Caching, Script Combining & HTTP Compression.

     Liaison between Business Analysts, Development team and Test Team to ensure software developed fully

    meets the requirements with prototypes demoed as early as possible to show intended functionality. Business development, introduced Sagentia to the Microsoft Developer and Platform Group (DPE) in Reading.

    Raised awareness of ‘m-pesa’ to Microsoft at board level. A collaboration on ‘m-pesa’ development with

    Microsoft Consulting Services is now in effect.

     Trained in VS2008 SP1 Enhancements course at pre-launch invitation by Microsoft.

     Collected the following awards at the MCA Management Awards in 2008. Best Private Sector Project,

    Innovation and Technology category for work on the ‘m-pesa’ platform. 'MCA Management Awards 2008'.

Sep 2007 Current Microsoft Community Leader, Co-founder Nxtgenug Cambridge, UK. (pro bono)

    Started a much needed Microsoft user group for IT pros and developers in the Cambridge area at Microsoft Research Cambridge (MSRC). Grown to support a community of like-minded people interested in leading-edge technologies. e.g. F#, Entity Framework, Silverlight, Quantum Computing, Velocity Full list of events held.

    In regular contact with key Microsoft people from Microsoft Research Cambridge, Microsoft Consulting Services, Developer & Platform Group (DPE) Reading and Microsoft product teams in Redmond. Up-to-date with current and emerging technologies. Regularly attending the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC), Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), Mix, ReMix & TechEd sourcing speakers for our events. Organised (arranging venue and key speakers, Andrew Herbert CEO MSRC, Prof. Chris Bishop) and helped host the NxtGenUG Fest 2009,

    with over 100 delegates attending.

Nov 2006 Jan 2007 Sogeti SA. Lead Developer. Geneva, Switzerland.

    Working for a leading professional services company on a 2 month Microsoft Content Management Server (MCMS) 2002 project for delivery of the Nestlé SA corporate website.

     Designed many ‘Web parts’ for the corporate website, including calendars & events, rich content pages.

     Provided both functional and technical supporting documentation.

     Estimated task effort and timescales for project manager (SCRUM) to accurately forecast delivery. ‘Best Practice’ approach with ASP.NET (C#). HTML, CSS, W3C/WAI standards. Cross Browser/Platform.

     Worked within a team of French-speaking Swiss nationals and in regular contact with the end-client.

Oct 2006 Nov 2006 - Global Pharmaceutical (Confidential). International Locations.

July 2006 Oct 2006 Plastic Logic, Solution Developer. Cambridge, UK

    Consulted on a leading edge technology which is set to revolutionise the semi-conductor industry. Working closely with Business Development, Electronics and Industrial Design (ID) groups as a consultant in mobile handheld devices using ‘e Ink’ and other daylight viewable display technologies.

     Implemented best practices and provided training in software development using SCRUM and XP.

    Setup many software development environments for multiple developers using VMWare Workstation using

    Visual Studio 2005 (C# for Smart Devices using .NET CF 2.0).

     Source Control & collaboration environment setup using Subversion, TortoiseSVN & Sharepoint Portal

    Services (SPS) 2003.

     Used Microsoft Platform Builder (CE 5.0 with .NET CF 2.0), developed an OS platform from the kernel up,

    for a new ‘Smart Reading Device’ based on custom hardware using organic chips.

     Developed managed code wrappers to existing native application libraries for CE 5.0 devices. Documented business and technical requirements for a prototype device for presentation to investors

    ($80m investment followed a very well received team pitch).

Feb 2006 July 2006 RR Donnelly, Solution Architect. UK.

    Helped to develop a process workflow and collaboration service for a leading global financial services provider. Working as a SCRUM Master. ASP.NET 2.0, secure clients using SSH 2.0 (STFP), SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages (ETL’s) & SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services (SSRS). Setup development

    environment using Visual Studio 2005 Professional. Open source tools, Subversion (VC) with TortoiseSVN, CruiseControl.Net, nAnt, nUnit, fxCop, NHibernate .NET & ReSharper in an Agile development environment. A Wiki (FlexWiki) was implemented for sharing documentation. Windows Workflow Foundation (.NET 3.0 beta) prototyping.

Nov 2005 Jan 2006 Clarity IT Ltd, Director. Cambridge, UK.

    Designed and built an ASP .NET XML content managed website for The Hastings Trawler (Evaluated a 3rd party XSLT/XML content delivery system).

     Consultancy for a Mobile field-force application using Windows Mobile 2003 for leading Cambridge Design


     Consultancy for a leading UK Insurer for a Business Intelligence project using Visual Studio 2005 & SQL

    Server 2005 with Reporting Services.

Jul 2005 Oct 2005 Sybase Inc. Solution Architect. Brussels, Belgium.

    Contracted as a Microsoft .NET consultant. Advising on the use of a Microsoft .NET Compact Framework (.NET 2.0 CF) enterprise mobile field-force solution. Running on Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition QTEK 2020i devices. End-client KONE, employs approximately 30,000 people in more than 40 countries worldwide. Pan European project delivered to an initial target deployment of 6’000 users.


    Responsible for the delivery of a client application which formed the basis of a field-force maintenance solution for KONE. Provided multimedia/video training using PowerPoint & Windows Media.

Key Achievements:

     Designed C# .NET CF forms based application for a large field-force mobile solution comprised of local

    Sybase iAnywhere database, Secure GPRS synchronisation to staging SQL Server 2000 database and a

    Remedy backend. GUI lead for the many forms in the mobile application.

     Achieved delivery within a tight (4 month) schedule.

    Mar 2005 Jun 2005 Genzyme (Global Pharmaceutical), Technical Architect. International locations.

    Oct 2004 Feb 2005 Leading Microsoft Gold Partner Consultancy (Confidential), Senior Team Lead. UK. Developing .NET solutions in sectors including: Insurance, Media and Advertising, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Retail and Transport. One of 25 companies worldwide represented on Microsoft's Business Intelligence Partner Advisory Council.


    Responsible for the developing .NET Windows Forms based applications in an XP (eXtreme Programming) development environment.

Key Achievements:

     Developed major modules of an enterprise solution for Carlsberg UK Ltd

     Worked closely with Business Objects on a high profile project.

     Mentored .NET developers in the XP development methodology.

May 2003 Oct 2004 Genzyme (Pharmaceutical), Technical Architect. International locations.

Company Overview:

    6,000+ Employees in 30+ locations globally. $1.5+ billion turn-over.


    Responsible for the entire solution from concept, design to support. (Full life-cycle).

Key Achievements:

     Proposed and sold an enterprise solution privately (six-figure ?) to be used globally. 1 Designed, Project Managed and Developed once of the first Microsoft .NET solutions which directly rdintegrates with 3 party couriers such as, UPS Inc, DHL Inc. & TNT (providing near real-time shipment information to ensure critical KPI’s(Key Performance Indicators) are met.

     Registered Microsoft Partner, working toward Certified Partner level as solutions provided are across

    ISV/Software Solution, Business Intelligence Solutions & Information Worker Solutions Competencies. 1.NET Solution Built using Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 Enterprise Edition.

    C# Windows Services (Formerly NT Services) performing HTTPS & FTP communications, XML (DTD/XSD

    Validation) parsing, data stored in SQL Server 2000 Database (Using DTS Packages, VBScript, User Defined

    Functions, Stored & Extended Stored Procedures). ASP.NET (C#) Intranet (Website). HTML, CSS. MSI

    (Microsoft Installer), IIS .NET WebPages and database build scripts for unattended remote installation. Crystal

    Reports ( and Corvu ( integration for fully customisable reports for

    download in Microsoft Office formats. Load and performance tests using Microsoft Application Test Centre.

    Additionally developed .NET Compact Framework applications running on Windows Mobile 2003 devices.

Apr 2003 May 2003 Citigate Broadcast Ltd (Incepta / Huntsworth Group). London.

    Employed as real-time AV consultant for a month of live streaming media broadcasts.

Company Overview:

    Citigate Broadcast provides broadcasting and streaming media services to a number of FTSE listed clients, such as Nasdaq and Veritas.


    Set-up web-casts suitable for large global audiences, including encoding profiles and server admin. Content manage various streaming media websites including Nasdaq Investors (

    Produced MPEG-1, 2 & 4, Windows Media (using Windows Media Series 9) and Real One (using Helix Producer).

Key Achievements:

     GUI website lead. HTML, CSS & W3C/WAI standards. Cross Browser/Platform.

     Responsible for the management of 10 streaming media encoders and remote admin of 2 streaming

    media servers (Windows Media Server 7 & Real Server 8).

     Optimised encoding profiles to support widest coverage of global target audience (+10k users). Live

    broadcast of Windows Media and Real Media content from remote Satellite uplink to downlink in a

    professional broadcasting facility.

     Supported live streaming media for NASDAQ 6th Life Sciences Forum web cast in April 2003. Content

    managed streaming media archives for

     Supported live streaming media for Veritas Software Corporation’s London Analyst Meeting in May 2003.

     Produced comprehensive reports for streaming media websites using WebTrends (Log Analyzer Suite).

May 2002 Apr 2003 - blue-wire Ltd. Co-Founder. London and Cambridge, UK.

    Employed as .Net consultant (Team leader, product development and project management).

Company Overview:

    blue-wire is a mobile software services company, using leading-edge Microsoft technologies. .NET Framework, SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Pocket PC 2002/Phone Edition and Smartphone 2002.


    Product development, corporate website, pre-sales technical support and post-sales support.

Key Achievements:

     Helped a small start-up company develop a commercial business model and provided technical direction

    for it’s range of products and services.

     Worked on a number of large-scale internal deployments with FTSE-100 listed clients (Including EMI,

    Microsoft, Orange, Rough Guides, Warner Music and Conde Naste).

     Secured a deal with Microsoft for providing internal communications over Microsoft Smartphones. Designed and built server environment to host corporate users including product Web Services and

    corporate website - ASP.NET (C#), XML. HTML & CSS.

     Prototyped and designed all GUI’s for a variety of Microsoft Pocket PC & Smartphone applications.

     Project managed a team of C++ and .NET (C#) developers to tight deadlines on multiple projects. Product managed and tested our products over a variety of networks including GSM, GPRS and WiFi. Content optimisation using Microsoft Windows Media 9 streaming (over low bitrate GPRS). Researched and developed (For integration/support) Microsoft technologies including, BizTalk 2002,

    Commerce Server 2002, CMS (Content Management Server) 2002, Exchange Server, Mobile Internet

    Toolkit, SharePoint Portal Server and .NET Enterprise Servers.

    Oct 2000 - May 2002 - article27 Ltd, Head of Development. London, UK & NY, Boston, USA. Web Developer & New Media (Digital Media) Consultant. Promotions from May 2001 - Senior Interface Developer. Nov 2001 - Head of Development. May 2002 After being made redundant due to article27 filing for Chapter 11, pursued new business idea with blue-wire Ltd.

Company Overview:

    article27 Ltd was a digital asset management company, we developed an online content management tool called Aladdin built on IBM WebSphere 3.5 (J2EE), Oracle8i and Apache using Sun Ultra 10 servers.


    Product Development (GUI design, Use Cases) using HCI methodologies, Digital Media Consultant, prototyping (RAD), corporate website (Webmaster), Head of New Media Production, Pre-sales Technical Support and Post-Sales support.

article27 Aladdin Product Development: rd Developed and managed two corporate websites, including 3 party syndication campaigns.

     Developed Cross Browser/Platform Web User Interface using HCI methodologies for Aladdin from

    concepts from Senior Management and Graphic Designers in a RAD environment.

     Presented prototypes to overseas Investors and board members using streaming technologies, online

    web prototypes (DHTML), PowerPoint and Flash slides with Video Conferencing.

     Provided Interface Usability Testing and documentation for the Aladdin product as part of UAT. Consultant for Digital Media, MPEG, Streaming Servers (Windows Media Server, Real and QuickTime). Researcher into competitor and affinity Content Management Systems (CMS), Customer Relationship

    Management (CRM), Digital Asset Management (DAM) and other ERP (Enterprise Relationship

    Management) solutions.

    Technologies: ASP (VBScript) DHTML Websites, Convera’s Screening Room, Excel (VBA), IBM WebSphere, MediaWare M2-Edit Pro, Oracle8i, SQL Server 2000, Windows 2000 Advanced Server & Windows Media Server 4.

    Astream Working closely with Astreams’ technical team, designed a content management system built around their growing needs. The system allowed the automated storing of streaming media content in a live production environment.

    Inmarsat Aladdin was deployed in Inmarsat as part of an International plan to handle the companies many millions of digital assets, the system was designed to handle 100k concurrent users.

    Wills Eye Hospital Prototyped an automated system for the digital cataloguing of VHS and DigiBeta medical videos (Eye surgery), this allowed consultants from around the world to watch the training operations securely over DSL at near broad-cast quality.

Jan 2000 - Oct 2000: Red Banner Ltd (now afiniti Ltd) Lead Web Developer, London (City).

    Employed as - Web Interface Designer. Promotions from May 2000 - Lead Web Developer (Certified Cold Fusion Developer). Aug 2000 - Lead Web Developer. Oct 2000.

Company Overview:

    Red Banner was a leading dynamic content driven website design agency.


    Product development, Lead Web Developer, Project Manager, Pre-sales technical support and post sales support.


    NT Server 4, Cold Fusion Server 4 and SQL Server 6.5. PeopleServer, SSL, DHTML, GUI Cross Browser/Platform.

Key Achievements:

     New Media Age Effectiveness Award in the Travel category for Holiday Rentals

     Qualified exam - Developing High Performance Cold Fusion Applications.

     Rapid implementation of in-house Content Management System, for a number of Cold Fusion based web

    projects; Clients included, Colman’s Mustard, GreenPeace, National Canine Defence League, WaterAid and

    many other high-profile design agency clients and various charities.

     Design authority over many projects and PeopleServer product development.

     Consultant in Streaming Media Servers and Flash Integration.

Oct 1998 - Dec 1999: Lightmaker. Technical Web Designer. Kent, UK

    Employed as Web Designer, Promoted Nov 1998 to Technical Web Designer.

    Dec 1999 - Resigned due to relocation to Cambridge, UK.

Company Overview:

    Lightmaker develop leading edge dynamic flash websites. Solutions were built on ASP (VBScript), HTML/DHTML, Perl (CGI), Flash Generator and Hosted on NT 4 Servers.


    Corporate (Webmaster), Project Manager, Lead Web Developer, Team Leader / Mentor, HCI Interface designer.


    Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Photoshop, Director, DHTML, Perl (CGI Forms), VRML and Installshield.

Worked on a number of Web and New Media projects for clients including KP Crisps, Brannigan’s, Discos,

    McCoy’s, Phileas Fogg, Frisps Etc, The Letting Company, Total Web Solutions, Hever Golf Club, Shepherd Neame

    & Mark Hammerton Travel

Key Achievements:

     Worked as part of a team on many of KP’s flagship websites, with around 1 million unique visitors a month

     Achieved all project deadlines on-time, with over 30 projects (often concurrently), involving leading-edge

    new media technologies (Flash, Interactive CD-ROM’s and streaming video).

     Maintenance and development of existing websites, building new websites (Full life-cycle). Developed and implemented ideas from a team of Graphic Designers.

    Oct 1997 - Oct 1998: Impact Computer Services Ltd (ICS Ltd), East Sussex. UK. Business Partner/Founder - (Part-time whilst studying A-Levels to full-time)

Key Achievements:

     Helped set-up and run an IT service company, whilst studying for A-Levels.

     Developed business, account management, client-facing, pre-sales and post-sales skills.

1994 - Current - Freelance IT Consultant (Spare-time whilst studying GCSE’s):

    System building (Client and Server), upgrades and trouble-shooting, websites, Interactive CD-ROM’s, bespoke

    application design, development, video editing and production. Worked part-time for local County Council Library.


Secondary to A-Level education at William Parker School, Hastings, East Sussex.

    1995-97 A-Levels: Computer Studies (D), English Literature (D), Physics (F) and General Studies (D). 1994-95 GCSE's (7 A-C's) - Art(B), CDT(D), English(BB), Geography(B), Latin(E), Maths(C), Science (BB).

References & Recommendations

View my recommendations on LinkedIn - Please contact me for my current referees.


I keep fit by cycling, horse riding, diving (PADI Certified) and regular exercise at the gym. I also enjoy photography,

    eating-out, films & playing pool.

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