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     Call 211 for any medical or human service need


St Vincent de Paul Contact your For assistance from The St. Vincent de Paul organization, contact a local

    nearest Catholic Catholic Church near you. If you are in need, a member of the organization (all ages) (homeless) Church will give you a voucher to take to their thrift store to indicate items you need (women’s) for each member of your family, along with a debit card to pay for the purchase. There are 10 SVDP thrift stores in the metro Detroit area. They

     provide @ $500,000 in free used merchandise per year. Donations of money, food, furniture, (but not appliances), and clothing are welcome. Contact the

    stores, the website, or a local church for donation details.

    St. Mark’s Church 586-759-3026 St Mark Clothes Closet is open Tuesdays and Thursdays only from 10:00 AM 4257 Bart, WARREN - Noon. No residence restrictions. No limits . . . (within reason.) St Mark

    Clothes Closet volunteers assist customers by offering one-on-one


    www.theprovidentcorpThe Provident The Provident Corporation(TPC) is a non-denominational, faith-based Corporation community organization that provides social and human services to the

    community: clothing and food to those in need, jail diversion & community 586-215-6766 reintegration, mentoring for adults & youth, disability services and housing Clothing Center information referrals. Clothing Center is open every Tuesday from 11:00 AM 300 N. Groesbeck to 2:PM at 300 N Groesbeck, Mount Clemens. Free gently worn clothing MT. CLEMENS available for men, women and children. Clothing donations are accepted and appreciated.

    Bethel Lutheran 778-0021 Clothing is provided at no charge for those in need on the first Saturday of

    Church 26400 Little Mack, every month from 10 to 11 AM ST. CLAIR SHORES

    586-755-5191 MATTS Clothing for the For the most current information about clothing for the homeless, contact 586-415-5101 MCREST homeless local shelters: MATTS, MCREST, Turning Point, the Warming Center/Ray of 586-463-4430 TP 586-Hope Day Center, and the Macomb Homeless Coalition. Clothing is often 321-0998 WC 586-755- 4129 MHC provided by host churches during the weeks they are hosting MCREST or

     the Warming Center.

    St. Margaret of 586-293-2240 Accepts donations, and maintains a clothing closet which provides clothing Scotland Church for the homeless and persons in need year round. Free clothing is provided 21201 13 Mile Rd, ST. Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 am to 12 pm from November thru CLAIR SHORES March.

    Maternity Clothes 586-783-2229 …and supplies, seats, some diapers, counseling and more are provided by

    the Compassion Pregnancy Center on Gratiot north of 16 Mile

    DIAPERS May be available for those in need from Maternal Outreach of Michigan 888-

    240-2442, The Diaper Depot (below), the food pantries at DHS offices,

    Compassion Pregnancy Center (above), Abigayle Ministries 586-323-1411,

    and the HOPE Center 586-294-HOPE

    The Diaper Depot 586-466-6800 South East Health Department (SEHD) has a community Diaper Depot open

    for all of Macomb County residents. Diapers of all sizes, infant thru adult, (referral required) are available. A referral must be faxed to SEHD from an agency or church

    can be picked up the next working day 8:30 to 4:30 pm. Directions are on the

    referral form (which can be emailed to them by Patrice Plott RN, 466-6800).

    Community 586-285-0400 Community Connection Days are usually held several times per year for the Connection Days homeless and low income persons in need. They feature services from

    many helping agencies, free lunch, free clothing, haircuts, health services. See “Events and Flyers” for dates & locations

    Trinity Lutheran 586-731-4490, ext We received clothing, have folks look it over, sort it by male, female, and Church, 116 children. We sort by winter and by summer (although pants will always go

    out with the current season). We do not sort by size. We have folks who 45160 Van Dyke, (north of Or email Dan Karlin at come in and bag the clothing and tag it such as "children, Hall Road) UTICA

    summer" or "Men, winter, sweater".

    We also have some corporate wear and suits, but those are being taken by a

    church in Marysville for a big-give in March.

    What we sort for the clothing bank can be picked up by any ministry or

    agency. They can take one bag or many bags. We often stuff a van with

    clothing and take it to ministries (Fort Street Presbyterian in Detroit can't get

    enough men's clothing).

    We do have clothing each Sunday at our outreach (called SSS for Supper,

    Sack Lunch, Showers). 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. each Sunday, even on

    holidays. Clothing is available most Sundays when the 'clothing lady' is

    here. She takes an occasional Sunday off. For most folks, it's a limit of 4

    pieces of clothing (she has a reasonable stock, but not like a thrift

    store)....unless they are new to us and show need. Underwear and socks

    are available only if a shower is taken. We do not have personnel available

    to help folks who 'walk in off the street.'

    So, we can be listed only for ministries/agencies for bulk. Most Sundays for

    the SSS event when the clothing lady is here.

    Second Hand Rose 586-468-3083 Operated by Turning Point, a Macomb County-based organization dedicated

    158 S. Main St, to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Clients receive

    vouchers to shop in the store. Usually also has home goods, toys, books, MT CLEMENS etc. The shop is open to the public and all proceeds support Turning Point

    services. Hours are Monday to Saturday from 10 to 6 pm (Tuesday til 8 pm)

    DHS Sterling Heights Dept of Human The following clothing items may be authorized for work projects, training, 586-254-1500 Services employment, or to participate in the JET program: 1) Work gloves, work

    boots, work shoes and hard hats. 2) Other protective/special clothing or DHS Mt. Clemens personal safety items needed for training or employment. 3) Clothing needed 586-469-7700

     in training or to prepare for or accept employment. 4) Appropriate clothing to DHS Warren successfully participate with JET or other employment-related activity. The 586-427-0600 total cost of clothing for FIP, CDC, MA, or FAP family clients may not exceed

     MWA Clinton Twp $500 per participant including any clothing authorized in the previous 12-

    586-263-1501 month period. In two-parent families, both parents may receive the service if

    both have a need. (BEM 232 page 9). These services are available only to MWA Mt. Clemens (sometimes these families (with a child under 18 or pregnant). Other work related clothing aid 469-7702 services are provided (such as clothing for interviews and clothing for training like welding gloves) by Michigan Works! MWA Roseville is available to non families as a FAP Employment & Training reimbursement, or refugee 586-447-9200 maximum=$50 per month. (BEM 232 page 4) contractors instead of MWA Warren 586-DHS) 574-2170

    Start your own http://swap.nobucHow to start your own clothes swap (see below) in your community: Clothes Swap suggestions, tips, labels for the tables (these are exceptional), sample flyer

    Clothing Swaps http://groups.yaho"What's a clothes swap?" This is a totally FREE event, with NO obligation to anything or take anything. It's called a "swap" because so many clothingswap/ people bring clothes they no longer need, and take what they DO want.

     These "swaps" have gotten popular in Oakland County and has caught on in (click above to get Macomb County too. Here's how it works: on email listAt home, sort and fold clean clothes (clothes you wouldn't mind putting on many events per your family to go out in public) by size into boxes or bags. THEN, when you year at churches get to the swap, sort the clothes by size onto marked tables. Next comes the or non-profits) fun part. You go to the tables with the size clothes we are looking for and

     take what you need. Free of charge. No strings attached. There are no

    minimums or maximums. Some families are looking to clean out the clothes

    they no longer use and they bring boxes of clothes in and sometimes leave

    with just one or two "special" things. Other families are really in need of

    clothes, and come with little or nothing, but leave with bags of clothes.

    Others bring what they took last season, for another family to take this time,

    and bring home another season's worth to start the process again.

    This is for individuals only ... NO charities, shelters, or resale.

    How can you participate? Look for clothes you might like to bring. Wash,

    fold, and sort them by size. Then call all your friends and family and ask

    them to do the same and come as a single or as a group to the swap!

    Clothes swapping is even more fun when you can share your great finds

    with friends. What sizes? All sizes of baby, kids, and adult clothing

    (including coats, shoes, and accessories). VERY lightly stained clothes are

    OK as some people don't mind these for work or play, or are talented at

    removing stains. However, all clothing must be clean. Fabric and baby

    accessories are welcome.

    When & where? - Sign up for announcements for the next swap.

    Michigan Works! Two Michigan Works! Offices provides a clothes closet of career clothing for

    CLINTON TOWNSHIP interviews or work for people seeking employment or starting a new job. 586-263-1501 43630 Hayes Rd, suite 100 The clothes closets are replenished by donations. At Roseville ask at the (north of 19 mile Rd) front desk and they will take you back. At Clinton Twp they ask that you

    come very early (before 8:30) so as not to disturb interviews. (For more ROSEVILLE 586-447-9200 15950 12 Mile Rd (west of career clothing resources, see

    Groesbeck) below)

    The American Red 313-833-4440 After a disaster (such as a fire) trained Red Cross interviewers meet one on

    Cross one with families to determine their needs. The assistance may include providing the means for them to pay for groceries, new clothes, rent, for emergency emergency home repairs, transportation, medicines, and tools. The Red assistance dial 800-Cross also lets people know about other community or government 774-6066

    resources available to them and helps those needing long-term recovery assistance when other resources are inadequate FreeCycle You will need to go the website and join an email group and observe the

    protocols. Individuals offer surplus things free to others, and you reply by

    email to arrange pickup if it is not already taken. You can also send email

    requests for specific needed items.


    Craigslist These enormously popular websites can also be used to obtain used

    clothing at a reasonable price. Ebay

    Consignment Stores For a list, see Mom-to-Mom Visit the website often for the most up to date list of coming metro-Detroit

    click on Winter/Spring (resale events open area mom-to-mom resale events held by neighborhood churches, schools,

    list or Summer/Fall listto the public) and moms' clubs. The website posts the events (updated daily) when the because the list is organizer contacts them to list the event (and pays a nominal fee). There updated almost daily, you will have to are hundreds of events each year. Other information sharing and mutual

    continuously revisit the assistance occurs through the website. At the resale events, moms rent a list to learn of new table and sell used children’s clothing, toys, books, and equipment (such events not posted before

    as strollers, cribs, car seats) at very reasonable prices.

    http://julieslist.homestMetro Detroit This resource website lists 70+ stores and helping organizationsmany with multiple locations--some for unique needs, such as career clothing, ources.html brides dresses.

    Clothing Swaps see explanation above

    2 1 1 2 1 1 Call 211 for further information and referrals. Most cell phones can connect

    via 211, but some cannot, and will need to call the alternate number at 800-552-1183. Operated by United Way, with a database @40,000 agencies.


    CENTER LINE 586-759-2090 The Salvation Army 7423 Ten Mile CLINTON TWP 586-792-3500 St. Vincent de Paul 35182 Gratiot Ave (at 15 Mile) This is the largest thrift

    store operated by the St. Vincent de Paul organization. (SEE ABOVE) CLINTON TWP 586-790-2622 The Salvation Army 34150 Gratiot CLINTON TWP 734-728-4610 Value World 33955 Gratiot (at 14 Mile Road) (same phone # all stores) CLINTON TWP 586-468-6276 Community Thrift Store 37545 Gratiot Ave

    CLINTON TWP 586-465-5930 Sunshine Thrift 37665 Gratiot One day every month (usually the third

    Thursday) all clothing in the store is reduced 50% off the ticketed price.

    EASTPOINTE 734-728-4610 Value World 24900 Kelly Rd (at 10 Mile) (same phone number all stores) MT CLEMENS 586-468-3083 Second Hand Rose 158 S. Main St (SEE ABOVE INFO RE TURNING POINT) SHELBY TWP 586-685-1078 The Salvation Army 51200 Van Dyke Ave ST CLAIR SHORES 586-773-0190 St. Vincent de Paul 23746 Greater Mack (at 9 Mile) . (SEE ABOVE ABOUT

    FREE CLOTHING FROM ST VINCENT DE PAUL ST CLAIR SHORES 586-541-0397 The Salvation Army 31015 Harper Ave STERLING HEIGHTS 586-997-9942 Grace Thrift Store 43584 Van Dyke STERLING HEIGHTS 586-264-0913 The Salvation Army 35170 Dodge Park Rd STERLING HEIGHTS 586-997-9942 Rescued Treasures Thrift Store 43584 Van Dyke

    WARREN 586-447-0800 Grace Thrift Store 13859 E. 8 Mile Rd WARREN 586-582-9334 Grace Thrift Store 26740 Dequindre WARREN 734-728-4610 Value World 2001 11 Mile Road (at Dequindre) (same phone # all stores)

    UTICA 586-323-5133 St. Vincent de Paul 45550 Van Dyke (n of Hall Road) . (SEE ABOVE)

    UTICA 586-254-5674 The Salvation Army 45250 Northpointe Blvd

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