international phonetic symbols

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international phonetic symbols

    International Phonetic Symbols?国际音标,

    48 phonetic symbols Vowel sounds : Pure vowels, Diphthongs

    Pure vowels:

    [i:] [i]

     [e] [æ]

     [ə:] [ə]

     [α:] [۸]

     [ɔ:] [ɔ]

     [u:] [u]


    [ei] [əu]

    [ai] [au]

    [ɔi] [iə]

    [ɛə] [uə]

    Consonants: Voiceless C. Voiced C. Voiceless C.

    [p] [t]

    [k] [f]

    [s] [Ѳ]

    [ʃ] [ʧ]

    [tr] [ʦ]


    Voiced C.

    [b] [d]

    [g] [v]

    [z] [ð]

    [ӡ] [dӡ]

    [dr] [dz]

    [r] [l]

    [m] [n] [ŋ]

    [w] [j]

元音 vowels (20)

    1. 前元音

     [ i:] e, ee, ea, ie, ei, eo

     A: Tea or coffee?

     B: Tea for Lee and coffee for me, please.

    [ i ] i, e, y, ey

     His little sister is sitting in the middle.

    [ e ] e, ea, ai

     Good, better, best. Never let it rest.

     Till good is better. And better best. [ æ ] a

     Cat, cat! Catch that black rat! 中元音

    [ ə ] er, a, e

     The farmer’s sister is a doctor.

    [ ə:] ir, ur or

     The early bird catches the worm first.

    [Λ] o, u

     Come to the front on the double.


    [a:] ar, a…

     It’s far to the farm from the park.

    כ ] o, a [

     The little pot is so hot.

     [ כ: ]or, a, au, ar

     My daughter whos forty-four is a lawyer.

     [u] oo

     Look at the cookbook. Its really good.

     [u:] oo, u, ou, oe

     How do you do? You look really cool.

单元音 vowels (12)

    [ i:] [ i ] [ e ] [æ]

    [Λ] [ə:] [ə ]

    [a:] [ɔ:] [ɔ] [u:] [u]


    [ ei ] a, ai, ay, ea, ei

     Rain, rain go away. Little Johnny wants to play.

    [ ai] i, y

     Out of sight, out of mind. [כi ]oy, oi

     Soybean oil is my choice.

    [əu] o, oa, ow,

     Go and open the window, Joe, and show me

     the photo.

    [au] ou, ow

     I found a mouse in the house. [iə] ear, eer, ea

     We are near the end of the year. [Èə] ere, air, are, eir

     Where there is a will, there is a way.

     [uə] ure, our

     Its sure to be good for the tourists.

     Poor tour!


    辅音 Consonants (28) 1.爆破音

     [p] Practice makes perfect.

     [b] Barry found a big bug on her bed.

     [t] This is a hat, that’s a cap.

     [d] The doorman told David to go down.

     [k] Don’t kit the kitten.

     [g] A good beginning makes a good ending. 两清辅音一起时!后一个清辅音变成浊辅音!或叫浊化[sp] ?[sb] [st] ?[sd] [ sk] ?[sg]


    [ m ] May I have some milk, mum? [ n ] Nora knows the new comer. [ ŋ ] Lingling is listening to the song.


    [f] If you buy fish, make sure it’s fresh.

[v] Victor is very clever.

    [ ; ] Thank you for your table cloth. [ ð ] Those are far and these are near. [ s ] Sandy has a new swimming suit. [ z ] What size of shoes does Daisy wear?

    [ ] sure, she, social, nation

     Wash the fish, please.

    [ ʒ ] pleasure, television

    George measured the garage with pleasure. [ h ] have hot, who whole hate house

    Helen holds her hands.

    [ r ] read, write, wrong

    Are you ready to read?


     [ t ] He teaches children how to play chess.

     [d ] John likes to tell jokes.

     [ tr ] There’re lots of trucks in the street.

     [ dr ] He likes strong drinks.

     [ ts ] The students are wearing white shirts.

     [dz] Take away your dirty hands. 5 舌边音:

    [l] land, world 如果在后面 [ ł ] little, middle, castlepuzzle

What a beautiful bicycle!


    [ w ] wall, what, answer

    The homework every week is very hard.

    [ j ] yes yellow year

    Yes, your yellow skirt is wet.

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