Resume, Microsoft Word Format - Steven Plunkett

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Resume, Microsoft Word Format - Steven Plunkett


    58B Foster Street +61 417 845 046

    Leichhardt, NSW Australia 2040


    A dedicated program manager with 9+ years of experience in support of a global investment bank Deutsche

    Bank Australia, and 13+ years of IT experience. Strong vendor management, project management, process improvement, and technical skills. Drives teams to success from project’s beginning to completion, including project definition, timeline management, problem-solving, and team leadership. Member of ISOC-AU & ISOC and past member of SAGE-AU.

    AREAS OF EXPERTISE ; Technical Project Management ; Timeline Management ; Root Cause Analysis

    ; Software Engineering ; Process Improvements ; Contract Negotiations

    ; Strategic Planning/Analysis ; Market/Vendor Research ; Progress Reporting

    ; Resource Allocation ; Budgeting & Cost Control ; Cross-Functional Teams


    VENDOR MANAGEMENT Ran three multi-million dollar data circuit RFPs since 2010 for the Asia Pacific region. 2012 negotiations and consolidation of services led to a 5% reduction of spend globally. Created new RFP standards that are now used globally.

    PROJECT MANAGEMENT Managed network component of Equities project for exchange co-location solution, resulting in Deutsche Bank rising to #1 volume trader on Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

    PROCESS IMPROVEMENTS Designed a topology low-footprint ultra low latency network deployments: Arista 7124SX devices with Dark Fiber connectivity back to main operational hub. Dark Fiber services delivered via fully diverse paths, rack-to-rack. This has now been adopted as an approved internal solution.

    TECHNICAL SKILLS - Networking: ADVA; Arista; BlueCoat; Cisco; Juniper; McAfee; Nortel; Operating Systems: Linux (Debian, Ubuntu); Solaris (7, 8, 9); Protocols: BGP; DNS; HTTP; NTP; OSPF; SMTP; SSH




    Manages the activities of a team Senior Network Engineers, oversees seven-figure annual OpEx & CapEx budgets. Key Accomplishments:

    ; Created a new set of standards around RFP materials; creating an extensive and globally consistent set of

    requirements for carriers around physical delivery of services, diversity, SLA, confidentiality, and billing.

    ; Negotiated Australia/New Zealand Carrier RFP that yielded 9% reduction on annual expenditure in 2011.

    ; Directed the global review of Carrier spend (MAN, WAN, Internet, Dark Fibre/DWDM) with 5% of global

    annual expenditure (2012) saved via renegotiation and consolidation.

    ; Designed lower cost Internet connectivity solution for Sydney Data Centers by deploying two circuits with

    the one carrier and using an Aggregated Committed Data Rate topology, maintaining an iBGP mesh using

    existing Dark Fiber connectivity between the Data Centers, reducing annual spend on Internet

    connectivity by 80% in 2012.

    ; Led Asia-Pacific Low Latency Working Group leading to new designs for Sydney and Tokyo.

    ; Designed the Sydney low latency network connectivity solution. This required having one Deutsche Bank

    Data Center being logically placed as the hub of three Exchange venues in order to aggregate market data

    and intelligent execution routing. The design included having six dark fiber connections, physically

    diverse rack-to-rack as well as creating a routing domain with 5 BGP AS’. The DB Data Center hub has a

    low-latency Arista environment to enable connectivity between all 4 points to be on 10GB, low-latency



    58B Foster Street +61 417 845 046

    Leichhardt, NSW Australia 2040



    Upgraded 8 Firewall silos as part of End-of-Life project. Built and deployed new office network fitouts in Sydney, Auckland, Wellington. Deployed re-design of geographical server farm across two data centers. Key Accomplishments:

    ; Delivered (part of a team of 4) network build of 2 data centers (approx. 300 devices total), including the

    deployment of DWDM connectivity.

    ; ‘Recognising and Rewarding Excellence’ (RARE), 2008 – Awarded for exceptional performance by back

    office staff as a result of a Data Center build in 2007.



    Replaced 40 network devices in Head Office as part of End-of-Life project. Designed and deployed firewall and network topology for company e-commerce environment.

    Key Accomplishments:

    ; Developed SOHO and Mobile connectivity solution for company chairman.

    ; Deployed new DNS farm (BIND on Debian 3.0) across Sydney and Los Angeles for approximately 50

    domains, migrating from various bespoke DNS hosting services.

    ; Deployed a server and network topology comprising of Solaris 8 & 9 servers, HP Switches and Cisco

    routers as part of a farm for hosting web content to the public for Environment was dual-

    layered; an upper layer for internet-facing addresses and a lower-layer for internal application and

    command and control traffic.

    ; Implemented NIDS system using SNORT, aggregating data to Counterpane for 24x7 analysis. Westfield

    was the first company outside the U.S. to deploy Counterpane products.


“Flora and fauna endangered species on Internet” – Sydney Morning Herald, July 17 2001. Interviewed regarding

    the domain space.

    “Sustainable System Administration” – Presented at the Apple University Consortium X-World conference, July 11 2008.

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