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South Bend Signal CompanySouth,Bend,bend

South Bend Signal Company

    Cantilever Signal Bridge

    Order and Specification

Name: ________________________________

    Address: ________________________________

    Phone: ____________

    E-Mail: _________________

Total Amount Enclosed $___________

     Number of Bridges: ____


    Bridge Color: Black ____ Silver ____;

     [1] Fill in the top section completely. Place an X in the boxes that apply. See Chart for signal [2] If you are ordering more than 1 bridge with type the same specification fill in the number of Specifications Chart bridges you are ordering and multiply the cost Signal Type A B C D Price Total ($29.95,and put the result in the total column. (see Chart) Each

    [3] Fill in the specifications chart using the View HS-1 $ 6.50

    HS-2 $ 8.50 from the top and specs on page along with the

    HC-1 $ 8.50 Signal Chart. Place an (X) in each box that HC-2 $10.50 applies for A,B,C, and D for signal type and HSB $ 8.50 L&D (Ladder and Platform).If this is for a two HTC $ 8.80 track configuration, fill in the distance between Ladder & $ 2.50 Platform track centers. Special * TBD [4] Carry the total boxes marked (X) with the Cantilever -- -- -- -- $29.95 price and place the result in the total column. Bridge Make a total of the total column and place the Shipping -- -- -- -- --------- $ 6.00 result at the top as ( Total Amount Enclosed). Total Cost -- -- -- --

    [5] If you have a special signal in mind fill out * Describe below the type of signal that you want.

     the description and send me an E-mail with this

    Special Order Signal Description order attached and I will send it back with the

    __________________________________________ cost. If E-mail is not available, you may call me:

    __________________________________________ Jim Leslie 1-269-684-4361. __________________________________________

    View of bridge from the TOP (See page 2) Send check or money order to:

    South Bend Signal Company

    2303 Creek Rd.

    Niles, MI 49120


    Jim Leslie South Bend Signal Company

     “Making Your Railroad Real”

     Distance between track centers of A and B in inches: __

Cantilever Signal Bridge Specifications

Carry distance between A and B over to Page 1.


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