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By Debra Hart,2014-11-21 17:12
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    How to Improve grades

    As we all known ,It’s very important to have good grades,because if you have good grades,you will be close to your dream.There is a idiom says,The good grades is the key to the success door.

     Today I want to share with you some techniques for improving your grades.That is,number one attend class on time;number two,pay attention to your teachers; number three;do your homework by yourself.

     The first technique is to attend class on time.It is reported that people who got As missed less than one class per term,and people who got Cs missed more than four classes per term.So attend class on time is important to learning in general and to doing well on tests in particular.Everyday you attend class on time and regularly in order to develop a positive attitude toward school in general.

     Apart from that let’s consider the second one.

     The second technique is pay attention to your teachers.If you want to get good grades you are able to pay attention to your teachers and follow their opinions.And try your best to know the lesson clearly.Whats

    more you are also able to take notes.Before the text you can use it to review.If so,you will learn the knowledge well and on test day,you will get better grades.

     Last but not least.Lets consider the third one.

    The third technique is do your homework by yourself.Everyday after

    class,the teacher will let you do some exercises.Doing exercise is the best way to check your achievements.And its a way to find your mistakes or

    something you didnt handle well.Before the tomorrows classes,doing

    homework can help you to review information from todays classes.

     So, by attending class,paying attention,doing homework by yourself,you will improve your grades.

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