first a350 structures arrive in toulouse

By Lillian Burns,2014-10-16 17:37
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first a350 structures arrive in toulouse

; First A350 structures arrive in


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    First A350 structures arrive in Toulouse for assembly

    The 21m front fuselage section delivered from Airbus in Saint-Naizaire, France, is destined to become part of the A350 XWB static test airframe.


    | Posted on: 1/2/2012

    Source: Composites World

Airbus (Toulouse, France, USA) reported on Dec. 23 that it has delivered the first major

airframe section to the A350 XWB Final Assembly Line (FAL) in Toulouse, France. The

21m/69-ft-long front fuselage section, delivered from Airbus in Saint-Nazaire, France, is

destined to become part of the A350 XWB static test airframe.

    Final assembly of this airframe will start during the first quarter 2012 when the front fuselage is joined with the center fuselage. Start of final assembly of the first “flyable” A350 XWB will follow in the second quarter 2012.











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    Elbit awarded $50 million UAS contract

    Elbit Systems will supply Hermes 900 unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to a

    country in the Americas to provide perimeter security missions.


    | Posted on: 1/3/2012

    Source: Composites World

    Elbit Hermes 900 UAS. (Source: Elbit Systems Ltd.)

    Elbit Systems Ltd. (Haifa, Israel) announced on Jan. 3 that it was awarded a contract,

    valued at approximately $50 million, to supply Hermes 900 unmanned aircraft systems

    (UAS) to a governmental office of a country in the Americas. The UAS will be operated in

    a variety of perimeter security missions. The project will be performed over approximately

    one year. The UAS will also include systems such as the Universal Ground Control

    Stations (UGCS), Elbit Systems Electro-Optics Elop's highly advanced DCoMPASS

    payload systems, as well as satellite communication systems.

    The Hermes 900 UAS builds on the operational experience accumulated by the Hermes

    450, the backbone of the Israel Defense Forces’ UAS operations. Hermes 900 offers a

    range of enhanced capabilities, from higher flight altitude (up to 30,000 ft/9,144m) to longer endurance and larger payload capacity. The system’s unique structure enables it to carry a variety of payloads in different shapes and sizes for quick conversion between payload configurations.

    Elad Aharonson, general manager Elbit Systems UAS Division, comments: "We are very

    proud that yet another customer has selected the Hermes 900, following orders by the Israeli Defense Forces and Chile. Hermes 900 is establishing its position as a world-leading UAS for intelligence missions, as well as perimeter and security missions. An added value is the unique advantage of the common ground control station for both the Hermes 900 and the Hermes 450 array, allowing enhanced operational flexibility and cost effectiveness."

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