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MSR Command

    (all are hex code except where noted)

    1. Write data

    Command: E7 55 AA E3 75 E3 Add E3 N E6 Data1 ... DataN Ack: FA FA FA FA FA FA FA FA FA FA FA ... FA

* Ack is the acknowledge from the MSR

     Add is the start address of the EEROM

     N is the length of the writing data.

2. Read data

    Command: E7 55 AA E3 74 E3 Add E3 N E6 Ack: FA FA FA FA FA FA FA FA FA FA

* Add is the start address of the EEROM

     N is the length of the data to be read.

    ** After MSR receives the command, it will output N*2 code, each EEROM data will

     sent as two code, code1 is C0+(bit7-bit5), code2 is C0+(bit3-bit0). For example, be

    data AB will be sent as CA, CB

3. Reset to defaut

    Command: E7 55 AA E3 60 E3 44 E6


New Commands

Pass through command

    Cmd: E7 55 AA E3 7F E3 N E6 Ack: FA FA FA FA FA FA FA FA N=31, enter

    N=30, exit

Write EEP command

    Cmd: E7 55 AA E3 80 E3 Add E3 Len E6 Ack: FA FA FA FA FA FA FA FA FA FA Code1 ... CodeLen

ISP commands

    "ISP MODE"

    Cmd: E7 55 AA E3 7E E6

    Ack: FA FA FA FA FA FA

"ISP program"

    Cmd: E9 Add_H Add_L Code1 ... CodeLen Sum Ack: CA CA CA CA ... CA CA Ack


    Ack = CB Good, Ack = CC Bad WHEN ADD=0000, ERASE

"ISP Start"

    Cmd: E9 FF FF Add_H Add_L Sum_H Sum_L 00 (1) ... 00 (29) Ack: CA CA CA CA CA CA CA CA ... CA

    Add_H,Add_L is firmware length (29x00 is to make command len = ISP program)

28K 8000-EFFF

    file *.FWF

    len = 32 x N

    last two byte = check sum

MSR EEROM Data Table

    Address: 00-FF

    Add Function


     2 Beep settings

     bit 7 Good read beep 1/0 : yes/no -------------------------------------------------------------------------

    3-0E MSR prefix 12 bytes

    0F-1A MSR suffix 12 bytes

    1B-26 Track 1 preamble, Character, 12 bytes


    28 Character delay (**BCD format)

    29 Key code delay (**HEX format)

     2B-2D TCO total

     2E-30 TCO error


    31 MSR enable

     bit 0 Track 1 enable 1/0 : yes/no

     bit 1 Track 2 enable 1/0 : yes/no

     bit 2 Track 3 enable 1/0 : yes/no

     bit 3 Send start/stop code 1/0 : yes/no

     bit 5 CDL enable 1/0 : yes/no

     bit 6 Track 3 Start “+” 1/0 : yes/no

     32-3D: Track 1 postamble, Character, 12 bytes

     3E-43 Serial No 1-6

     44 Keyboard country layout

     30h : US

     31h : UK

     32h : France

     33h : Germany

     34h : Spain

     35h : Italy

     36h : Sweden

     37h : Japan


     46 Error beep

     bit 0 MSR error beep 1/0 : yes/no


     47-52 Track 2 preamble, Character, 12 bytes

     53-5E Track 2 postamble, Character, 12 bytes

     5F-6A Track 3 preamble, Character, 12 bytes

     6B-76 Track 3 postamble, Character, 12 bytes

     77-7C Serial No 7-12

     80 MSR output format

     bit 0: 1 output scan code, 0 output character

     bit 1: 1 make code only,

     biy 2: 1 break code only


     82-8B MSR Preamble Scan code

     8C-95 MSR Postamble Scan code


     96-9F Track 1 Preamble Scan code

     A0-A9 Track 1 Postamble Scan code

     AA-B3 Track 2 Preamble Scan code

     B4-BD Track 2 Postamble Scan code

     BE-C7 Track 3 Preamble Scan code

     C8-D1 Track 3 Postamble Scan code


     D2-DB JIS-II Preamble Scan code

     DC-E5 JIS-II Postamble Scan code

     E6-ED JIS-II Preamble character

     EE-F5 JIS-II Postamble character


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