How to Be a Good English Learner

By Miguel Knight,2014-11-22 09:52
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How to Be a Good English Learner1

    With the rapid development of economy and society, human beings are in increasingly needs of enhancing and promoting mutual and international communications. It’s no doubt that languages play a role of great importance.

    As is known to us all, English is one of the most often used languages all across the world. With the role and effect of English rising, more and more people have intended to learn and master it. As an English major, I have activated myself and paid special attention to form good habits to learn English better. And I am trying to bring out my potential to the most by constant efforts aiming to familiarize myself with as many practical approaches and strategies of English studies as possible.

    In the following series of articles, you will be exposed to such fundamental English knowledge and usage as vocabulary, grammar, skills of readingspeakingreadingwriting

    translating/interpreting, cultural knowledge of English language, ABC about inter-culture communication and so on.

    I do hope that all these can help to improve your English. And I do believe that I can write as much essential words as possible. So, just keep in touch with me.

    (To be continued)

    How to Be a Good English Learner(2)

    I tend to regard the previous article (referring to How to Be a Good English Learner, Part І) as the

    forewords. From this piece of article on, I will share my experience of English studies with all of you openly. As follows, I focus on knowledge of vocabulary and grammar as well as their usage. It goes without saying that vocabulary, such as words and phrases, plays a significant part in English expression and communication. Only by familiarizing yourself with these fundamental knowledge and mastering how to use them can you have a good beginning in learning English well.

    Next, what I want to draw your special attention is that English reading, at least in my point of view, plays the most important part in English studies. In other words, it’s essential for learners to read as many English books as possible and as much time as you can. Make or break, it just depends on your attitude towards Reading.

    In the first place, you should choose such books as interesting ones with varied topics. You may get nothing from reading those books that cannot interest you at first. Only after you select proper and suitable books can then you have the motivation to keep on reading. Second, the topics of the books that you’ve selected must be of various kinds. One of the reasons is that you will lose motivation and passion slowly if the books cannot constantly attract your interest. Just as when we have dinner, you are not likely to eat rice without different kinds of dishes, are you? I believe not.

    After you choose books suitable for your levels, then you have taken the first step to accumulate your English vocabulary. It’s clear that reading is the most effective way to broaden English vocabulary. Only by means of reading insistently and confidently can you set your foundation of English studies. Besides, I’m not the average people that take out collections of English

    Vocabulary or English Grammar in order to memorize and recite some words and grammatical rules or principles. Saying so, I am not at an attempt to neglect the roles and effects of these fundamental knowledge, though. At the opposite side, I want to draw your attention to them.

    However, the way of getting them and mastering the usages of them must be changed and advanced as soon as possible. Mere memorizing and reciting doesn’t come out ideal fruits.

    What you, especially English beginners, should do at first is to learn and use English in objective situations and communications. This is the most effective way of learning English well and better. To conclude, reading can function as the most useful way of accumulating and broadening your English vocabulary and grammar knowledge. Next, I will stress some strategies of How to Become a Good English Reader.

    (To be continued)

    How to Be a Good English Learner (?)

    How to Be a Good English Listener

    In the previous articles, I wrote some of my experience regarding how to accumulate and broaden fundamental English knowledge about vocabulary, grammar and their usage, and how to be a good English reader as well. Next, I’m going to focus on how to be a good English listener.

    By English reading and listening, we can be kept informed of what’s going on around us. So, English Reading and Listening are of great significance, without which it’s hardly possible for us to speak with one another and write in words for the reason that we should input something before we output something (Here, I will omit the definition of input and output as well as their relations and differences since I am not an expert at English Linguistics.)

    Before you want to practice English listening, you’d better be clear of what you’re going to listen to, what should be paid special attention, whether it’s necessary to take notes, what to take down if necessary, and how to take notes, etc.

    Even though we are Chinese learning English, we can step it up . The most effective way to level up your listening ability of English is to be exposed to as real communicational situations as possible. For example, you can communicate with native English speakers face to face. However, it’s a little bit difficult for average people. Even so, we can take advantage of some free and open materials supplied by the Internet. It’s common that most learners, with their PC, can have an easy and free access to the Internet, yet they spend more time on entertainment or amusement ,such as playing computer games or chatting online, than on searching for some useful and practical information and material to advance and consolidate their English levels. What a shame! (Attention, this means what a pity not demonstrating that I think you should feel ashamed of surfing the Internet aimlessly.) What I mean is that you should employ anything you can think of as tools and supports so as to make your English perfect.

    Now, I’m intending to put an end to How to Be a Good English Listener; next, I will write

    something about How to Be a Good English Speaker.

    (To be continued)

    How to Be a Good English Learner(?)

    How to Be a Good English Speaker

    In the previous article, I focused on How to Be a Good English Listener; as follows, How to Be a Good English Speaker will be stressed on.

    Definitely, in most cases, Listening and Speaking take place synchronously. But you should be a good listener at first for which reason I focus on how to be a good listener in the first place after which I will tell you, dear readers, something about how to be a good speaker. As is the truth that most English learners haven’t any difficulty passing all various kinds of English

    examinations in forms of papers and getting many official certificates. It’s a pity that they can not

    realize the importance of Oral English,let alone speak it fluently. In my point of view, an excellent English learner is one that is good at English especially English Speaking. Actually, I assess whether one is a qualified English learner, major or even expert relies in whether he/she can communicate orally with others, especially native speakers, fluently and accurately. I don’t attempt to give you any advice on how to make yourself native English speaker, but I will share with you only one piece of my experience, that is being a good listener before being a good speaker. That’s it.

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