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    El Yunque National Forest

    Date Prepared:

    1. OFFICIAL TITLE OF OPERATION (Corporation, Partnership, etc.). Please provide copy of your

    Legalized Registration Certificate from the Department of State of Puerto Rico.


     (include the electronic mailing addresses for each):

3. Operation authorized by Special Use Permit dated , for the period beginning

     October 1, 2010 and ending October 30, 2011.

4. Location: (Company Address):

     Physical Address Postal Address

     Phone: Cel.:

     Fax: E-Mail:

    5a. NAMES OF TOUR OPERATOR/DRIVERS TO BE USED: Each driver is required to have a

    valid Driver's or Chauffeur's License; plus the PR Commission License. Please provide copies of

    both for each driver and list below all that are to be authorized for business on the Forest: Vehicle Driver’s/Guide’s Name Driver’s/Guide’s Business Name E-Mail Addresses of Each Driver License Plate

NOTE: Enclosed you will find a list of all the vehicles that we already have registered on records (as having previously supplied stickers

    for them under your contract); showing what is lacking for each vehicle to be in compliance to Forest Regulations. Please provide the

    documents needed to update our records and correct any information that is obsolete.

    - 1 -

    5b. NAMES OF TOUR OPERATOR/DRIVERS TO BE USED (continued): Please continue to give requested information (as needed). And should you need more space, please add them on a separate sheet of paper. Vehicle Driver’s/Guide’s Name Driver’s/Guide’s Business Name E-Mail Addresses of Each Driver License Plate

    6. NAMES OF TOUR GUIDES TO BE USED: For those vehicles that also provide the service of a

    Guide/Interpreter, a copy of that person’s certification should be included in our office records.

    Please list each Guide/Interpreter that is to be authorized, for business on the Forest (should you

    need more space, please add them on a separate sheet of paper.) Guide/Interpreter’s Name Certification No. Electronic Addresses (E-Mail)

    - 2 -

    7. On a separate sheet, please provide the E-Mail addresses of Employees or Tour Guides/Operators

    who may wish to receive updates and information from the Forest.

    8. What equipment or programs do you offer to clients with special needs: i.e., wheelchair

    transportation, programs/equipment for hearing or sight impaired, etc. Please explain:

    9. RATES: per person / tour. (Please indicate any discounts offered, i.e. senior rates,

     children’s rates, group discounts, etc. NOTE: This is not the amount you charge the ships or the

    hotels. This is the actual cost that a client pays for this service with your company).


     a. Season of Operation:

     b. Business Hours:

    NOTE: If you have special needs, situations or activities which arise outside of normal

    operations, please contact the Forest Service, at least 2 days prior to the special events.

    10. NAMES OF SUBCONTRACTORS TO BE USED: For services provided, on the Forest and from

    whether you do business with them, they do business with you time to time, of other Companies

    or they work together with your Company/Outfitters/Guides please provide us with the following

    information (should you need more space, please add them on a separate sheet of paper.) Sub-Contractor’s Name Sub-Contractor’s Business Name Sub-Contractor’s Business Address Telephone Nos.

    NOTE: All subcontractors (other than the authorized outfitter/guides, who have a permit with the US Forest Service) need to have a separate General Liability Insurance Policy to expire on October 2011, and assigned as Additional Insured both USDA Forest Service

    and your Company (Authorized Outfitter/Guides). If subcontractors have employees who drive their vehicles, we need the names, driver’s licenses (both Public Works and Tourism) for each driver.

    - 3 -


    (i.e., hybrid, etc):

12. DESCRIPTION OF OPERATION: Detailed description of operation, including typical trip.

     (Type of tour, location of pick-up, locations and types of activities offered in El Yunque).

     Location of Pick Up Type of Activities

     Hotels San Juan Half-day Sightseeing only

     Cruise Ships Sightseeing/Hiking (1/2-Day)

     Hotels East Side of the Island Sightseeing/Hiking (Full Day)

     Others (please specify): _________ Other Activities (please specify):

    13. How do clients book the tours with your Company? Do you book tours with/through the

    Internet? Yes ___ No ___ Please list the Websites you use to book the tours (example):

     Company WebSite Travel Agencies

     Travel Websites (such as: Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, etc.)

     Please specify which one[s]: ______________________________________________________

     Give Website’s Name[s]/Address[es]: ____________________________________________





    Please provide us with a copy of any promotional brochures, websites, etc. We can provide a link to your

    businesses on our website.

14. Do you use some type of formal waiver form, which needs to be signed by the client/visitor, should

    they not be in optimum physical conditions for the hikes you provide? No Yes

15. Mark the Trails and the Areas you generally provide for your visitors with your tours:

     Trails Areas Visited on the Tour

     Big Tree Trail El Portal Visitor’s Center

     La Coca Trail Palma de Sierra (Food Concession)

     La Mina Trail Yokahu Tower

     Caimitillo Trail La Mina Falls

     Mt. Britton Trail Mt. Britton Tower

     Baño de Oro Trail Palo Colorado Recreation Area

     El Yunque Trail El Yunque Peak

     Angelito Trail (near Puente Roto) Puente Roto (Road. 988 Sabana)

16. What activities do you provide the visitors?

     Sightseeing Hiking Others (please indicate what these may be):

    - 4 -

17. Do you provide tours in the area of:

     191 Corridor Only El Verde Puente Roto/Angelito Trail

     Others (please indicate):

18. ACCIDENT OF EMERGENCY PROCEDURES: (Describe the procedures that should be

    followed, if an accident should take place on the Forest):


    prefer we contact your company? (Please provide the necessary information in order to reach

     you through one of these methods):

     Fax : # E-Mail:

    20. FOREST SERVICE PERSONNEL/CONTACTS: The following individuals are designated Forest

    Service contacts for notification purposes (be they general correspondence or to inform our offices

    of any special trips your Company/Outfitter/Guides may need to realize, which is not already

    authorized in your permit). These are:


     Carolyn Krupp 787/ 888-5616

     Sidney Salyer 787/888-1880 x 5501


    Mandatory Client User Fee: The mandatory client user fee paid at El Portal shall be $2.00 per person

    for each Outfitter/Guide client. The client user fee per person is subject to change. After 30 days, if client

    user fee payments are unpaid, the permit holder shall be charged full El Portal entrance rate ($4.00/pp).

    After 90 days, refer to special use permit clause "VI. Fees & Termination for Nonpayment." Non-

    payment may lead to suspension or revocation of special use permit.

    Entrance Procedures: The permit holder and all their authorized representatives operating on the El

    Yunque National Forest shall enter the El Portal Tropical Forest Center on each trip to the Forest, prior to

    going up into the Forest. Client user fees shall be paid at El Portal where a receipt will be issued. This

    receipt should be presented to Forest Service personnel at Yokahu Tower and Palo Colorado, or to Law

    Enforcement should they deem it necessary to ask the Outfitter for evidence that client user fees were

    paid at El Portal. If a tour should arrive earlier or later than the normal operating hours, permit holder is

    required to contact the Corporate Store (fee collection contractor) to make arrangements for collection of

    client user fee in advance.

    Vehicle Parking in Forest Recreation Area:

    El Portal: Please use the designated drop-off for passengers and do not stop at the walkway near the

    entrance, thus blocking other vehicles from entering the parking area. There is parking for vans and

    passenger vehicles in the lower parking lots. Large buses should use the upper parking areas.

    La Coca Falls: Parking for passenger vans, taxis and cars will be allowed in both parking lots at La Coca

    Falls. Vehicles will continue to be allowed to park (straddle) over the yellow painted divider curbs in

    this parking lot only.

    Yokahu Tower: Only mini buses, taxis, cars and vans will be allowed to park in available parking spaces

    within the Yokahu Tower parking lot. This includes spaces in the general parking area as well as space

    alongside the right lane shoulder from the drop-off area and in designated spaces along Hwy 191, just past

    past the parking exit. During peak visitation, other visitors may also be authorized to use this area.

    Sierra Palm Visitor Center: Mini buses, taxis, cars and vans will be allowed to park in available

    - 5 -

    parking spaces within the Sierra Palm general parking lot as these spaces are designed for and can accommodate such vehicles.

    Palo Colorado Visitor Center: Mini buses, taxis, cars and vans will be allowed to park in other

    available parking spaces within the Palo Colorado general parking area as these spaces are designed for and can accommodate such vehicles. Vehicles will not be allowed to drop off passengers directly at the walkway on Highway 191 where the trail crosses the road leading to the Baño Grande site. This impedes pedestrian traffic flow and creates safety issues for other drivers. Please ensure you are using the designated drop off point at Palo Colorado and not the crosswalk to Baño Grande.

    Big Tree Trail: Taxis, cars and vans can park in the parking lot at the trail head and along the right side of the graveled shoulder parrallel to the road and as indicated by the parking signs. Larger vehicles will park on graveled shoulder, as indicated by the parking signs.

    Near Caimitillo & Old Restaurant Areas: Only taxis and cars will be allowed to park along right

    lane graveled shoulder, as indicated by sign: “Parking for small vehicles only.” Larger vehicles will be allowed

    on the right lane shoulder, prior to the stairs to Caimitillo, and the entrance to the Old Restaurant.

    NOTE: Drivers and permit holders who violate these parking procedures face legal action resulting in fines or possible permit suspension for repetetive violations.

    Use of the La Mina Trail Big Tree Trail: Drivers of vehicles engaged in dropping off

    passengers at the entrance of this trail are encouraged to have tour guides or personnel accompany your visitors along the trail in order to ensure their safety. In case of an emergency, clients should have a way to contact their drivers/guides or Company representative, at all times while on this trail. This practice may become a requirement for any Company using this trail.

    Lost Visitors: In case this should happen, you should contact the Civil Defense, at (787) 888-4580/888-4590/888-5590/888-6945, to assist you in finding the lost passenger.

    Vehicle Emissions: Drivers of vehicles engaged in dropping off passengers at recreation areas in the Forest must turn OFF their vehicle engines until they are leaving the area. Drivers will not be allowed to leave the vehicle engine running while parked.

    Elimination of Motorcoach Buses on Hwy 191: Effective June, 2002 the Department of

    Transportation and Public Works issued a regulation to eliminate buses from using the Hwy 191 corridor past El Portal Rain Forest Center (km 4.1) . This regulation will be enforced along Hwy 191 in the recreation corridor. Warnings or violation notices will be issued by Forest Service Law Enforcement officers when necessary.

    Temporary Closures: If, for any reason, El Portal or the Forest is temporarily closed (examples: for natural disasters or safety issues related to maintenance), the Forest Service will notify the Permit Holder in writing (be it through regular mail, fax &/or e-mail), or through the local media.

    Outdated Documentation: Should your required documentations expire (be they the vehicle’s

    licenses, the driver’s or guides’ licenses, the Tourist Company’s Verification/Certificates or the Insurance Coverage), it is imperative that you send us, immediately, the updated documents; so that we can keep our

    records up-to-date. Failure to do so within 60 days of expiration date, may result in violation notices or tickets from Law Enforcement, or lead to suspension or revocation of your special use permit.

    19. OTHER:

    a. The use of the El Yunque National Forest is a privilege and should not be mishandled. Since the cost

    (annual or bi-annual permit fee) has been kept down to a minimum, it should not be mistreated by the use of

    additional fees being charged by the Outfitter Company to their Associates. If we should find out that the

    Annual-Vehicle Stickers are being sold to other owners of vehicles in your Association or outside of your

    Company, this could be sufficient for suspension or revocation of your special use permit.

    - 6 -

    b. All suspected unauthorized/guide activities should be promptly reported to the nearest Forest Service

    employee or to Office personnel. Please provide as much information as possible (such as vehicle

    description, license plate numbers, etc.).

    c. This operating plan is not meant to cover all situations encountered. Good judgment and safety will be used

    as a basis for action in all situations not mentioned in this plan.

    d. El Portal opens to the public at 9:00 A.M. Tours are not allowed to enter prior to this time. Please do not

    enter the Fee Booth at El Portal.

    e. Outfitters and Guides are encouraged to remove all trash and litter accumulated as part of the tours and

    operations away from the Forest. The Forest Service has begun a Pack-It-In and Pack-It-Out initiative and

    is moving towards establishing trash free zones on the Forest. Once established, this will become a permit


    f. As Outfitters and Guides you should make it clearly known to the visitors the potential dangers of

    mongoose and rabid animals on the Forest.

    g. Certain areas on the Forest are subject to flash flooding, which can be caused by heavy rains. If the stream

    rises suddenly or it rains heavily, be alert for flash floods and take precautionary measures. You are advised

    to follow the National Weather Services advisories for hazardous weather.

    h. Outfitters under permit and providing Rent-A-Ranger (RAR) tours are still required to pay the $2.00 permit

    fee per person. It should be part of the fee that the client is paying up-front, covered in the original quote

    you gave them. This is not to be an additional fee which you charge the client and definitely not something

    you charge the client at the Fee Booth.

    i. The Forest is trying to better its services to our Outfitters and we can now be found on Twitter (at Through this means you should be able more informed of Forest events,

    closures, etc.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    - 7 -


     The Outfitter/Guides Operation Plan Application Form (SF-299) Civil Rights Form

     Insurance Certificate with the proper coverage of General Liability and Auto Liability

     Licenses for Drivers (both from Public Works and Tourism Company)

     Licenses for Guides (where applicable) Associate Businesses Properly Identified

     The Permit has been properly signed (by both the Authorized Representative and

     the Official Forest Service Personnel) Legal Authorization Papers from PR Government

     Copy of the permit has been provided to the Outfitter/Guide Representative


Permit Holder: Date:

Issuing Officer: Date:

    Number of Forest Decals Issued: Forest Official: Date:

    These Decals/Stickers are to be used exclusively by the following vehicles (should more space be

    needed, it should be added on a separate page):

    Record of Vehicle’s Stickers & License Plates Plate No. Sticker No. Plate No. Sticker No. Plate No. Sticker No.

    - 8 -

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