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    MYPLATES Food Guide Assignment

Directions: Using paper plates,

    create three platesone for

    breakfast lunch and dinner that

    align with the USDA food guide

    standards. Cut out a picture of

    each food item from a grocery

    store flyer, magazine, or internet

    and glue the pictures of the food

    to the appropriate section of the

    plate. Label each plate with the

    quantity of each item. For proper

    portion sizes visit Finished plates should

    be neat, legible, and creatively presented.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner

    Reflection Paragraph: Attach a one paragraph reflection on your current eating habits to the back of one of your plates.

    ; Do you currently eat according to the USDA food guide


    ; What recommendations would you make to your diet to

    better fit the guidelines?

    ; What action steps can you reasonably implement to eat



    Grading Rubric

Name: ___________________________________Block:_________

     Excellent Good Unsatisfactory

    Excelled at All food groups Only able to Application

    Bringing together accurately labeling identified all but correctly label a few the information food groups and only one or two of of the food groups learned to see the serving sizes the food groups and that comprise the completed product recommended for can identify the entire food Guide

    each food group. serving sizes of and has difficulty

    food items. identifying the

    serving sizes of the

    groups labeled.

    Presented Food Presented Food Basic plate design. Creativity &

    Guide in an original Guide in a Some information is Neatness

    Personalized way. Used many presentable way. accurate however MyPlate shows different food items, Information is plates lack thought effort, originality colors and mostly accurate and and creativity.

    and creativity. illustrative understandable.

     techniques. Food Lacks some

    Guide is concise originality and

    accurate and easy to creativity.


    Assessment of Assessment of Some assessment of Reflection

    Personal reflection personal nutrition is personal nutrition is personal nutrition is

    on current eating honest, and specific made but lacking made but is vague or habits with recommendations either specific recommendations recommendations to are made along with recommendations or and action plan fit food guide and reasonable action reasonable action missing or

    reasonable steps to plan. plan. unacceptable.

    take to get on track.

    Total Score: __________

Comments: ______________________________________________




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