Unit 1 Work to live vs live to work

By Eugene Perez,2014-01-07 20:04
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Unit 1 Work to live vs live to workUnit,Work,live,work,Live,unit

    Unit 1 Work to live vs. Live to Work?

    1: I am so busy recently. I have a lot of things to do so that I can’t spare time to stay with my friends and connect with my family. Can you tell me that whether we can be freer so that we have time to do something we love to do?

    2: Tell the truth, we will be busier after we work. You should be aware of this reality. 1: Really? If we devote most of our time to the work, how our life will be? We work so hard that our life can be better, don’t we?

    3: I always think, the most significant thing we live is to contribute ourselves to the society. The work is a most important part of our life. After I become a teacher, education will be the main thing in my daily life.

    2: I agree with you. And I think it is such a valuable thing to do what we can to help social development. As a teacher, I will teach my students all I know and try my best to send them a good education.

    1: On the contrary, in my mind, life is more important than anything else. For me, the work is just a method of making a life; I work to make money just in order to support my life. 2: Well, just like you say, if our state president were just concentrate on his life ,how worse our country would have be? In any case, we should take our work seriously.

    1: I pay more attention to the life doesn’t mean I don’t care about my work at all. I will also be

    responsible for my work. I just hope to spare more time to spend with people I care about. 3: The problem is, actually, most of our time is used to work. If you always use this attitude to work, you won’t feel tired?

    1: Not really, frankly, I will fell that.

    3: We should learn to find joy during the work. And we ought to treat our work actively. Just like our English teacher miss Tong. Although she is busy doing her work, she smile at us every time when we meet her. She often plays games with us in the class, doesn’t she?

    1: But I think I can’t any joy when I work. The work is kind of dull thing. Most of time, we do the same thing. For example, a same thing the waiters always do is take the dish to their guests like a machine.

    2: No, you have that felling because you don’t find the happy enjoyment during the work. The

    musician Beethoven, he loves his career because he can feel the charm of the music. 3: Yeah, if you can find the value of the work, trust me, you can feel your job is not for life. The job is also a part of our life; you can find the pleasure of the wok. In the future, I will be

    a teacher. As a teacher, my function is to pass on knowledge to my student. And also we can be good friends, we can share happiness and sadness, we can make a joy after class, so you see. We can enjoy in our work.

    1: But, for me, the significant thing is that I’d like to company my parents when they are still living and in good health, spending more time look after my children, sharing happiness or sorrows when I am free.

    2: I don’t think so; I believe that only in the work really can we realize the value of life. Only when we make achievements in work, can we be a real successful people. In this point, Zhou En lai set a good example for us. He wins people’s respect because he serves the people with

    his whole heart.

    3: Yeah, I think so. In the future, I will love my work very much; I think teaching will be my

    happiness. I really look forward to being a teacher.

    1: Ok, different people have different choices; I sincerely hope you both living and work happily.

    2, 3: you too, bye

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