The service marketing in the globalization

By Amy Rivera,2014-04-16 16:57
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The service marketing in the globalization

    The service marketing in the globalization

    The burning issue

    Nowadays, with the development of the world economics, more and more organizations offer services in foreign markets, the globalization push the service marketing into the world of fierce competition. Furthermore, the effect of globalization is a common phenomenon; it shows every aspect of peoples lives. So the need for service marketing knowledge is more

    important today than before, important questions are being concerning the design and implementation of globalization service marketing strategies. The essay will discuss how does the globalization effect the service marketing, how do the organizations manage the service in the globalization.

    The overview

    With the development of living standard, the continuous development of the economy, people began to pay more attention to the service marketing. The rapid progress in technology and science improve the quality of the products, it is becoming more and more better the quality of the products, but there is not much difference between the products, consumers

    demand has changed, which push the service marketing are playing an increasing important role in the competition marketing.

    Furthermore, the world is more connected every day in every way. The service marketing has stepped into the economic globalization stage, which means service marketing has became a great important role in the service industry. No one can say that who can live without service, it likes that fish cannot breathe out of water. The services are accelerating the development of the economy and help more people find jobs. With the effect of globalization,

    service organizations has put their eyes into foreign countries, they believed that globalization is an opportunity for the development of service marketing, that makes service marketing is more easy to go aboard. Service is intangible, consumer cannot see it, only feeling it, and so the attitude of service is very important. A boss said, our omission is not sell products, but sell services. So manage the service in the globalization is especially important. The idea in tangible

    In international market, many services organizations make measures to gain a place in the globalization market, such as baidu, Wal-mart, Mcdonald, kentucky. Now they are not only supply their service in domestic, but also supply service to foreign countries and attract many customers all over the world.

    Other companies should know how to manage the service in the globalization and know how to attract foreign customers.

    In the first place, the company must know there are opportunities as well as risks in the globalization. Managers must design different strategies to different customers, make the strategy to satisfy the customers and maintain these customers, and find the potential customers and make specific strategy to satisfy them. In the second place, it is necessary to make a perfect strategy to reduce risks, more opportunity and more risk, in the biggest marketing situation, managers must be careful, every decision is important, in order to higher profits, they are required to design a perfect strategy. This requirement is particularly important for companys development. In the third place, different customer has different demand, different customer come from different places and they have different culture, so in order to make them feel satisfied with the services, company should design appropriate

    strategies for them, and designing is a comprehensive process, not just a simple act of decide where to go to play. A perfect strategy that affect a whole company, and it will help the company get up. In the forth place, the organization will be more flexible in the ever -changing international situation, using flexible measure to deal with sudden event, and create trusted brand for the company, win a place in the fierce competition situation.

    In the globalization, organization should keep up with the pace of advanced technology and use advanced technology to supply quality service. Then become a winner in the globalization.

    The payoff

    It is obviously that services is much more special than other commercial, service is intangible and it has four special characteristics, they are intangibility, inseparability, heterogeneity, perishability, the intangibility is that customers can not touch it , only feeling it. Inseparability, they are not sold first and then produced and consumed simultaneously. Heterogeneity, they are not produced by people. Perishability, they are can not be saved; unused capacity in services can not be reserved, and services themselves can not be inventoried. Intangibility is especially, how to make it become tangibility, so organizations

    task is to design special project to make the service tangibility and grasp customers consume

    psychology then satisfied their consume demand. Making they enjoy the quality services and feel the difference in the great of products, and then they will like the special services and loyalty with the company. In order to solve the intangibility of the services, face difference customers in difference countries in difference language. In 2010 Baidu choose Japanese market as the first entering an overseas market. But force Japanese market, Baidu thinks that

    Japan and China belong to the circle of Chinese characters. Then Baidu search high performance, especially in the cartoons and image search. Using Japanese and using their favorite programs to make his service tangible.

    As marketers, it is important to analysis the factors of markets, and pay more attention to the attitude of employees who service to customers. Assess the strategic policy regularly and revise strategy. Economic globalization lead to the service marketing become a great global market, service marketing has a big potential market and with huge consume group. The close

    As everybody knows that the service is no the patent of the service industry, so the companies should try their best hard to do the services better and win more customers trusted. In a word, the effect of globalization opens up new opportunities for services marketing, company should grasp these opportunities and help the organization become stronger and make a success in the future globalization situation.


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