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    Dolphin GUIDE - Remote Support

    Easily access a customer‟s computer from anywhere in the world and resolve issues remotely!

    When you are connected to the user‟s PC you will see the screen of the user‟s computer on your screen. You will also be able to change any of the user‟s settings,

    just like configuring your own PC.

    1.1. How does it work?

    When you install Dolphin Guide there is also a third party application installed called Ultra VNC. On the Guide user‟s PC, Ultra VNC is able to connect via the Internet to a

    support technician‟s PC anywhere in the world. All that is required is that the Guide user has Internet access on the PC where Dolphin Guide is installed.

    1.2. From a Guide user’s perspective

    1. First step is to turn on the PC and start Guide as usual.

    2. From the main menu the user selects option 9, then option 9, then option 9


    3. Now the Guide user should call the support technician (the contact details to

    the Guide master distributor in your country should be stated in the Guide user


    4. The support technician will give the Guide user a reference number such as The user has to type in the numbers (including the dots) and

    then press Enter.

    5. The user is now asked to type in a security code given from the support

    technician. The code is basically a specific number from 0 to 9.

    6. Guide will now send a message to the support technician‟s PC. After

    approximately 30 seconds the support technician will have full control over the

    user‟s PC.

    7. When the support technician has completed the configuration on the user‟s

    PC the technician will stop the connection between the two computers and the

    Guide user can continue to use his PC as usual. Hopefully, the problem has

    been resolved and we have a happy Guide user.

    It is up to the support technician and the Guide user together to decide if they should have contact on the telephone during the entire time when the support technician is configuring the user‟s PC. It is recommended to have constant contact on the phone, especially because the support technician might be able to explain the solution to the problem and thus avoid future calls with the same type of question from the same user.

    1.1. Setup the support technician’s PC

    1. The support technician should have Ultra VNC installed on his or hers PC.

    Ultra VNC can be downloaded free of charge from

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    2. The support technician should always have Ultra VNC Viewer (in listen mode)

    running (start Ultra VNC Viewer in listen mode from the Windows Start menu,

    see picture below).

    3. Normally Ultra VNC Viewer is preconfigured to listen for incoming calls on port

    5500. If you have more than one support technician sharing the same WAN

    (Internet) IP address then you need to configure Ultra VNC to listen to a

    unique port number for each support technician‟s PC (see the chapter “More

    information and troubleshooting” below). Remember your port number.

    4. To allow incoming calls on port 5500 (and any other ports) the port(s) need to

    be opened up on your firewall and on the local support technicians PC‟s (ask

    your network administrator for assistance).

    5. If you have a router it will have to be configured to forward incoming requests

    from the Guide user to your computer (ask your network administrator for


    6. The support technician will need to know the Wide Area Network (WAN)

    address. It is the address that comes from your internet service provider, it is

    not necessarily the same address as the IP-address on your local PC (ask

    your network administrator for assistance). Remember the WAN-address.

1.2. When the Guide user calls and asks for help

    When the Guide user calls and asks you for remote support all you have to do is tell the user to press option 9 three times from the Guide main menu.

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    The user will be prompted to enter a reference number and then press Enter. The

    reference number is the same as your WAN IP Address (see step 6 in the

    previous chapter).

    The user will be prompted to enter a security code and then press Enter. The

    security code relates to the port number (see step 3 in the previous chapter). If

    the port number is 5500 then the security code 0. If the port number is 5501 then

    the code is 1 etc.

    Wait 30 seconds (the time may vary) and the Ultra VNC viewer running in listen

    mode will pick up the incoming call and start the remote control session. The

    Guide user‟s screen appears on the support technician‟s computer and the

    technician can fully control Guide and the whole of their PC.

2. More information and troubleshooting

    2.1. Configure Ultra VNC to listen to specific port numbers Ultra VNC will listen on port number 5500 by default. Different support technicians will need to change the UltraVNC Viewer command line to listen on 5501, 5502, 5503, etc, etc. These ports will also need to be opened up on your firewall and on the local support technicians PC‟s. You will need to use NAT on the router to route the traffic on a particular port to a particular engineers PC.

    From the start menu, right click on the Ultra VNC Viewer shortcut and select „Properties‟. The information in the „Target‟ edit area should be something like this: "C:\Program Files\UltraVNCFull\vncviewer.exe" listen.

    To tell Ultra VNC to listen on a specific port number you can add the port number at the end of the line. For example if you want to listen on port 5502 the line will look like this:

    "C:\Program Files\UltraVNCFull\vncviewer.exe" -listen 5502

    2.2. Recommended Windows settings on the Guide user PC

    (specific to Windows Vista and Windows 7)

    On the Guide user PC Dolphin recommends:

    1. User Account Control (UAC) should be turned off.

    Windows Vista and Windows 7 have the built-in ability to automatically reduce

    the potential of security breaches in the system. It does that by automatically

    enabling a feature called User Account Control.

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    To ensure all components of Guide get installed correctly, Dolphin recommend

    to disable the UAC before installing Guide. Also while running Guide the UAC

    should be disabled. This is for example to allow Guide to communicate and

    interact with Windows and any third party applications.

    2. Windows Defender should be turned off. For the same reasons as with the

    User Account Control (UAC), Dolphin recommends Windows Defender be

    turned off.

    2.3. Antivirus software and software Firewalls

    Problems with Guide Remote Support not working may be caused by software firewalls installed on either the user‟s or the support technicians PCs. Also, some anti

    virus suites have inbuilt firewalls. If antivirus software or firewall software is present, you will need to ensure that UltraVNC.exe is allowed to access the Internet and that the ports it requires are open.

    2.4. I don’t get an incoming message from the Guide user’s PC

Check the following:-

    1. Ask the Guide user to try again and make sure to enter your WAN-address

    correctly when the Guide user is prompted to enter the „reference number‟

    2. Ask the Guide user to make sure they enter the correct port number matching

    the port number your Ultra VNC viewer is listening on (for example 0 if it is port


    3. Make sure that Ultra VNC is installed on the Guide user‟s PC. Ultra VNC is

    part of the Guide installation, but sometimes fails to install due to Windows

    UAC, Windows Defender or any other security tool on the user‟s PC. Note:

    Ultra VNC must not be started manually. Dolphin Guide will start Ultra VNC

    automatically when required.

    2.5. More help

    2.5.1 The Internet

    At the official Ultra VNC Web site, you can find lots of

    information about how to setup and configure Ultra VNC. Here you can also read

    and post questions and answers in a forum, furthermore there is a frequently

    asked question area which is recommended for beginners of Ultra VNC.

    2.5.2 Contacting the Guide master distributor

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    As a Dolphin Guide distributor, reseller or user you should never hesitate to contact the Guide master distributor in your country. The contact details to the Guide master distributor in your country should be stated in the manual. The Guide master distributor is responsible for supporting Dolphin Guide in your country.

    2.5.3 Contacting Dolphin

    Dolphin Guide Support Phone: +44 (0)845 22 55 005

    Dolphin Guide Product Support email:

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