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customer service

Report for Creating a Culture of Customer Care (DJ4234)

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     Customer Care Strategy of

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1.0: Introduction

    2.0: Development of the Customer Care Strategy 2.1 Describe the organization’s customer care strategy

    2.1.1 Definition

    2.1.2 The specific customer care strategies and benefits 2.2 The ways in which it has been developed

    2.2.1 The Internal structure is how to promote the development of customer care.

    2.2.2 The customer care measures, policy and customer feedback changes 3.0: Establish of Customer Care Standards

    3.1 Customer Care Standard Classification

    3.1.1 Standard Macro

    3.1.2 Micro Standards

    How these standards were set 3.2

    3.2.1 Bench marking definition

    3.2.2 Industrial and Commercial

    3.2.3 The selected enterprises to establish benchmark standards and the process

    3.2.4 The benefits of bench marking

    4.0: Qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis 4.1 What specifically pointed out that the qualitative and quantitative methods?

    4.1.1 The concept of qualitative and quantitative

    4.1.2 Compare Qualitative and Quantitative

    4.1.3 What specifically pointed out that the qualitative and quantitative methods?

    4.2 These methods the role of the company

    4.2.1 Method of implementation

    4.2.2 The benefits

    4.3 How to analyze the collected information

    5.0: Customer Care Review and Improvements

    5.1 The ways in which the organization reviews

    5.2 To improve customer care

    6.0: Bibliography

1.0 introduction

    China mobile communications corporation (hereinafter referred to as "China mobile") in 2000, founded on April 20, registered capital is 518 billion Yuan, more than 80 billion Yuan of assets. China mobile is the only focus on mobile operators, operation with global network and customers first, in nine consecutive American fortune magazine's list of the world top 500, the latest ranked 99, is the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Shanghai 2010 world expo and the Asian games in 2010 Guangzhou partner.

    This article is to describe the strategic planning, customer, I definitely pointing out the customer care is what he explained. From the beginning, the company until now appeared customer care throughout the development process of the measures and policies are described, and then wrote from the enterprise inside the policy changes and customer feedback from the macroscopic Angle, and microcosmic perspective and the standards of the company's customer service then said the enterprise benchmarking is how to build. Then illustrates the enterprise by using some qualitative and quantitative methods to collect customer feedback. And what effect achieved. Finally see enterprise and insufficiency, and then see with what method to improve.

2.0 Development of the Customer Care Strategy

    2.1 The organization’s customer care strategy

    2.11 Definition

    By the level of management which has responsibility for the strategic overview of the business customer care. Normally they should be looking at where they want the organisation customer care to be in five to fifteen years time.

    2.12 The specific customer care strategies and benefits

    First, the enterprise external management, using the overall superiority, and establish more scientific value chain upstream and downstream of the stable strategy

    cooperation relationship with better create low cost advantage, providing more deniability value. The expert thinks: the future of the enterprise competition will be the value chain of the competition. Because, an enterprise to create its low cost advantage, will leave its value chain upstream and downstream firms strategic cooperative relations.

    Second, strengthen internal management, implement "total customer satisfaction (TCS) plan", make enterprise service to customer service throughout the real pre-sale, sale and after-sale, let whole product concept deeply thinking and implement staff to action,

    Third, strengthen internal management, staff from work to gain the maximum satisfaction, smart, consciously for customer's benefit, so as to improve the ability to response market and new business development ability, make customer demand of the time was found and can satisfy more quickly good land-saving,

    Fourth;the market competition intensifies inevitably leads to the decrease of China mobile market share, they must introduce modern marketing market segmentation, choose between customers in the original. Must know who is the enterprise must strive for the customer, the customer is the enterprise can give up, even to his arms to the competition. This enterprise can best target customers better service and gain greater customer satisfaction.

    Fifth, implement customer "frequently in network marketing plan." Before that, the existing in the net customer is the greatest wealth, the aim of the programmed is to let more customers to use in the net of China mobile service, improve individual customer APUR MOU, value.

    Sixth, the implementation of "value-added service plan". Such as "birthday greetings service", "club", make services more value-added customers personalized service and customer deniability value, but also more economic profits of the enterprise. Seventh, the implementation of "customer integral plan", improve customer from net costs, improve the enterprise competition ability against the attack, so as to better keep original market share and competitive position.

    Eighth, timely, and this is the price strategy in order to meet the clients and profits

split low-end trend of law, and to give customers more regress value.

    The strategy is designed to ensure that we will provide excellence in customer care, which we are able to put people first, able to show interest and concern for our customers. Perfect customer service, customer trust and stable customer group, to bring greater profit!

    The ways in which it has been developed

    2.2.1 The Internal structure is how to promote the development of customer care.

    In the business operation background, based on the network and the same kind of product, the difference between operators will compete mainly embodies in customer service. The mobile communications industry is an important characteristic of customer, they want to lifelong persistent provided by the operator experience, so customers service value of life is more important for operators. Users of telecommunication service experience not only in the service of "use" stage, Should also include promotion, acceptance, alteration or termination. Operators must pay attention to customer's telecommunications service experience, the product life cycle and customer experience of life cycle organically, to maximize profits rather than for the purpose of customer satisfaction maximization in competitive environments, comprehensive service level. Therefore, mobile communications industry service satisfaction from customers evaluation index, must experience life cycle Angle, in a competitive environment comprehensive study of the services provided by the operator, and reveals the correct operation of mobile telecommunication service operation mode.

    2.22 The customer care measures, policy and customer feedback changes.

    "Take the customer as the center," as a principle of service, unceasingly to provide customers with more quality and considerate and convenient services. In order to promote both employees and update service concept and service consciousness,

    enhance service level and the service quality of continued ascension. Honesty, professional services, fine management, stable operation, continue to meet customer's need as the service tenet

    Always adhere to honesty, customer supreme service tenet, take the customer as the center, take development as the theme, continuous innovation, vigorously develop intermediary business, maintain the leading market position, high-quality customer base, business structure, strong market competitiveness and the innovation ability, make excellent brand value.

    3.0 Establish of Customer Care Standards

    3.1 Customer Care Standard Classification

    3.11 Macro Strategy

    Chinese mobile belongs to communication industry.

    Communications industry will provide a simplified according to the contract, client a framework agreement of service from all corners of the earth to order all communications industry. This agreement is concise, clear, fair. In general customer service standards to improve industry, communication industry today's statement insist they are hard to strengthen his face as a leading commercial customers, sophisticated integrated network service providers. At present, in the field of another company haven't have such ability or scale, provide similar services and solutions to satisfy customer support, and in the end to end the international network connection needs.


    Telecommunication regulation of the People's Republic of China.

    International networking of computer information network security, protection and management measures.

    Measures for the administration of Internet information services.

    The connection of telecommunications equipment and management measures. Postal law of the People's Republic of China.

3.12 Micro standards

    TQM this philosophy is based on creating a culture of quality which drives the actions and attitudes of everyone in the organisation.

    1. Staff development and training to support commitment to quality. 2. Clear picture of current levels of quality.

    3. Shared ownership of problems.

    4. Shared commitment.

    5. Shared responsibility.

    6. Performance Management and rewards.

China mobile communications corporation customer service standards:

    In order to adapt to the company business types, service content increasing trend, make customer service capability and practical management, reasonable matching perception, according to the client's expectation to the PRC, telecommunications regulations , consumer rights and interests protects a law, the PRC contract law, civil law of the People's Republic of China" and other relevant regulations and policies of the state and the ministry of information industry in the telecom service specifications standards formulated.

    Second, the standard only channel and service is the China mobile, customer service standards, one part.

    Third, the standard wrong outgoing customer commitment, just as the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) company channel and complaints of the service work.

    Four, the standard is provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) company providing service should be minimum service quality requirements. Provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) company can be combined with their customers for the company size, etc and service standards of channels, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) the company shall not be lower than the

standard of service standards.

    Five, the company headquarters of this standard shall be responsible for supervision over and market in the entire network.

    Sixth, the standard issued by the implementation effect, the Chinese mobile communications corporation brand customer service standards (version 1.0) (removal of municipal [2004] no. 234) shall be repealed simultaneously.

3.2 Set the standard method

    Pursuant to the PRC, telecommunications regulations, "consumer rights and interests protects a law, the PRC contract law, civil law of the People's Republic of China" and other relevant regulations and policies of the state and the ministry of information industry in the telecom service specifications standards formulated. 3.22 Benchmarking enterprise: China Unicom.

    China joint network communication group Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Chinese Unicom) is January 2009, with the approval of the state council in June the original China Unicom, China Netcom and on the basis of the merged oversize state-owned holding telecom enterprises.

    China Unicom is accelerating the mobile communication network construction, strengthen the construction of fixed broadband networks, actively promote the fixed and mobile broadband network to provide customers with all-around and high quality of broadband communication and information service. Facing the future, China Unicom will adhere to the market as the guidance, take the customer as the center, take the broadband mobile Internet business, further strengthen development dynamics, broaden areas for development, enhance service level, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness and sustainable development ability, strive to build a broadband communication and information service provider.

    3.23 Enterprise established the process of benchmarking object In the telecommunications industry in China has two big enterprise, one is a China

    mobile, an other one China Unicom, another is the enterprise competition fierce. China mobile in the market competition by customer survey and to determine their bench enterprises.

    3.24 The benefits of enterprises establish benchmarking Lead oneself constantly perfect in the competition advantage, promote the progress of the society, the industry of progress, eventually gain customer.

4.0 The quantitative and qualitative analysis

    4.1 The quantitative and qualitative methods

    4.11 Concept

    Quantitative is really based on how many times a faulty servicing occurs or is a

    particular good constantly being returned because it doesnt do what it is

    supposed to do or continually fails. Measurement is necessary.(Surveys and

    questionnaires and the method of observation)

    Qualitative Aspects, here the most important feature is the quality of the good or

    service. Means comparing against a standard judged as acceptable after

    appropriate research. The most important feature is the quality of the goods or

    service. (Have three methods: NO1.Customer comment cards. NO2. Letters of

    complaint or commendations. NO3. Structured conversations with customers.

    NO4.Telephone Polling.

    4.2 These methods the role of the company

    China mobile is collected in CRM system, collection and analysis method, the customer information. (artificial collecting last year, China mobile has made a survey of 50,000 participation, results showed that about 91% of mobile phone from 24 hours. In industry, China mobile information field development idea is: the two kinds of

    target customers, take two modes advance information. A high degree of informatization is facing the deployment of mobile group clients proxy server (MAS) application. This kind of customers have one and independent databases, all kinds of application system, and have relatively complete the IT department and personnel, MAS applications can rapidly and efficiently coupling of existing customer side group, IT provides many types of business system, and the movement of standard interface to realize information network connections, lateral movement. Two is an information-based level lower industry customers applications (ADC) business managed, this kind of customers, most are not one application system, and no special construction without the IT department and personnel, ADC "sell for business rent" can provide one-stop solution and comprehensive information technology support.

4.3 How to analyze the collected information

    China mobile communications group, there are many ways of feedback, the most common is the telephone feedback and Internet feedback! When customer feedback: the phone in the use of mobile communications network when he met any comments or questions, can call 10086 artificial service to register your questions and Suggestions, and customer service within 24 hours and solve your feedback and give you reply! China mobile Internet feedback: established his official website, customers not only can use the land it online business hall, also have the customer feedback landing interface, when you have any opinions and Suggestions can give them to send E-mail, or use the online FAQ! Online FAQ commitment of time is 24 hours, and E-mail feedback time is within 48 hours. Whatever way, China mobile communications group will seriously to improve the Suggestions and opinions from the heart, "communication", all for the sake of customers.

5.0 Customer Care Review and Improvements

    5.1 Customer Care Review

    The five dimensions of service quality evaluation

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