How to add the Boundless FundraisingTM Application to Facebook

By Elaine Roberts,2014-06-20 12:12
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How to add the Boundless FundraisingTM Application to Facebook

Jingle Bell Run/Walk

    Fundraise Through Facebook

    TMHow to add the Boundless Fundraising Application to Facebook: 1. Login to your Jingle Bell Run/Walk HQ.

    2. Click on the Fundraise with Facebook button on your 'My HQ' page 3. Login to your Facebook page

4. Click allow access

5. Click allow offline access - this will allow your thermometer to stay up to date

6. Click Allow Publishing to allow posts to appear in your profile and friends’ newsfeeds

7. Click Add to Profile button under thermometer and click Add again

8. Click keep

9. Your first newsfeed will post!

    How to increase your Fundraising through Facebook

    You can engage your Facebook friends by adding photos or videos, posting regular updates and challenging your friends to join you.

    ; Add the Jingle Bell Run/Walk application to your Facebook page.

    ; Show your commitment and make a contribution through your Facebook application.

    ; Update your Facebook status to let your friends know you are participating and raising funds.

    ; Invite your Facebook friends to join your Jingle Bell Run/Walk team. Send them an email through Facebook or

    via your Jingle Bell Run/Walk webpage.

    Sample Status Updates:

    ; (Your name) is fundraising for the Jingle Bell Run/Walk! Check out my page and click on the thermometer on

    the left side to learn more!

    ; (Your name) made a $[amount] donation to the Jingle Bell Run/Walk! Join me and match my donation!

    ; (Your name) is supporting the Jingle Bell Run/Walk and challenging all my friends to support me or join me in

    my efforts!

    ; (Your name) has raised $[amount] for the Jingle Bell Run/Walk! Help me reach my goal!

    ; (Your name) is ready for the Jingle Bell Run/Walk - only [days] days until the event! Challenge your Facebook friends:

    ; To start their own team and compete with you.

    ; To be the first to donate to you. (Give them an incentive.)

    ; To join your team and match what you raise

Boundless Fundraising Facebook Application FAQ

1. Does boundlessFUNDRAISING work on LinkedIn or MySpace?

    ; Currently boundlessFUNDRAISING has only been released for Facebook.

     2. What will happen after the event?

    ; The application will remain on your Facebook page until your remove it.

3. If I accidentally deleted my application can I re-add it?

    ; Yes, you can simply go to the link within the event and re-add the link.

    4. I accidentally added my application when I already had it on the page does that matter?

    ; No, it should simply refresh the application. You will still see all the donations made to your before you added

    and after.

5. Can my friends or family add my application to their pages?

    ; No, the application was intended to be used by event participants only. We don’t currently support the ability

    for friends to fundraise on behalf of participants. But encourage them to join your team or register for the

    event as well!

7. Can I remove the application?

     Yes, to remove the application, follow these steps:

    ; Login to Facebook

    ; On the lower left part of your page you will see the Facebook logo with the word Applications next to it.

    ; Click on the Facebook logo

     A menu will pop up; click on the Edit link at the top of the pop-up box

    ; You will see a list of any applications you have added; you should see the

     boundlessFundraisingTM application

    ; Next to the boundlessFundraisingTM application, click the X in the right-hand column

    ; This will remove the application from your page completely

8. I received a donation but my application doesn’t reflect it yet?

    ; The application gets updated every few hours. Depending on when the donation came through it may not be

    reflected yet. If you would like it to update immediately, you can click on the refresh link on the application and

    it will update the information in 2-3 minutes.

    If you need additional assistance, please email us at

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