Unit 3 key

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Unit 3 key

    Unit 3


    Section A


    1. him, he 2. their, they 3. It 4. It, it 5. hers 6. His 7. myself 8.that

    9. That 10. those


    1. that’s 2. it 3. yours 4. you, yourselves 5. no one 6. Anybody

    7. this’ll 8. everyone, everyone 9. that 10. anyone else’s

Section B


    1.nor do I plan to do so.

    2.nor have I never met him.

    3.nor would he answer the questions of the reporters.

    4.nor does it explain the success of the developing countries.


    1.Afraid of failure

    2. Though not necessary

    3. Glad to accept

    4. Cold and hungry


    1. Once in bed

    2. Once signed

    3. Once he began to investigate the matter 4. Once the money is gone.

Section C

    1-5 ADADC 6-10 CBAAC


    1. enable 2. surprising 3. complaints 4. envious 5. eagerness

    6. reluctance 7. unfinished 8. mysterious 9. inventions 10. encouragement


    1 startled 2 clings 3 bothers 4 enable 5 regretted 6 paced 7 amazed 8 located 9 leaning 10 stress III.

    1 on 2 of 3 to 4 to 5 out 6 about, about 7 out/off 8 to 9 in 10 to IV.

    1-5. ABCBA 6-10. ACABA


1.C 2.C 3.B 4.A 5.D 6.B 7.B 8.D 9.A 10.C

    11.D 12.A 13.B 14.D 15.C 16.A 17.B 18.D 19.A 20.A


    II. 1-5ACBBC6-10 BBACC


    1. loving feelings in public places 2. On the street, in the park, in restaurants, and even on trains and buses. 3. Custom does not permit them to do so. 4. They often kiss each other. 5. They shake hands.


    1. show envy of…

    2. be content to do sth.

    3. be envious of others

    4. regain one’s balance of mind

    5. cling to

    6. complain about the weather 7. on the/one’s way to the school

    8. military exercise

    9. rush to the hospital

    10. engage in teaching

    11. 定速度

    12. 引以为荣的事

    13. 休假回家

    14. 享受做某事的乐趣

    15. (拳击中)假装被击倒

    16. 乘军用车出发

    17. 协调步伐

    18. 带病上班

    19. 遭受如此的耻辱和压力

    20. 说些希望和激励的话语

    21. 你已经决定国庆节去哪儿了吗?

    22. 他们醒来时,发现被水包围了。

    23. 她学习非常刻苦,希望能在班里名列前茅。

    24. 有时,事情的结果并非我们所想的那样。

    25. 形势所迫,必须立即采取行动。

    26. 人们希望生活在一个完全没有战争和暴力的世界里。

    27. Even if he is accepted to the university

    28. nor could she understand anything we said

    29. Once you understand this rule

30. please see to it that the order for the goods is sent out as scheduled

    31. she has adjusted to life here

    32. Anxious for a quick decision


    I. Sentence structure

    1. (1) He is a great president, even if he has many enemies.

     (2) You mustn’t be conceited even though you have achieved great success.

    2. (1) Unwilling to accept the job, he still nodded his agreement.

     (2) Far from free to express himself in English, he still managed to describe what he had seen and heard.

    3. (1) Once bathed in the warmth of such families, you will feel the great power of love.

     (2) When comparing different cultures, we often pay attention to their differences. 4. (1) When I think of that experience now, I still feel amazed at my father’s calmness in the face

    of death.

     (2) When I think of the military training now, I still feel amazed at how much willpower I displayed then.

    5. (1) I think of my hometown when I feel lonely, when I am in low spirits, and when I run into frustration.

     (2) This honest official thinks of the people’s great trust when he uses his power, when he makes a choice between personal interest and larger interests, when he faces various attractions.

II. Practical Writing

    1. make persuasive presentations, answer unfriendly questions, communicate more effectively. 2. how sorry I was, how unworthy I was, how I regretted it.

    3. when I complain about trifles, when I am envious of another’s good fortune, when I don’t have a “good heart”.

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