unit5 music

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unit5 music

    必修2 Unit 5 Music

    . 单词拼写

    1. She is a woman of great a .

    2. We should a primary importance to the development of economy. 3. The government is c of winning the next election.

    4. He p to be reading a book when his mother came from work. 5. I feel highly h for your trust.

    6. Our baby brother is an (增加) to our family.

    7. The TV leaders looked for four ?音乐家?who were lively and could make good music.

    8. We saw the film and (以后) walked home together.

    9. Their exciting performance were ?模仿?by other groups.

    10. The band broke up in about 1970, but ?重组?in the mid-1980s.

    . 单项填空


    1. Though I’m familiar the poem, I’ll try to learn it heart.

     A. to; to B. to; by C. with; by D. with; to 2. The Chinese worked a lot of wonders, was the Great Wall.

    A. one of which B. which

    C. that D. one of them

    3. —I am sorry. I can’t stay with you, Father.

     , Jane will look after me.

    A. That’s all right B. I’m sorry

    C. You are welcome D. Certainly

    4. Still to many people, the new shop receives few customers a day. A. not knowing B. known

    C. not be known D. unknown

    5. It is obvious to the students they should get well prepared for their future.

    A. as B. which C. whether D. that 6. There are three thousand students in our school.

    A. about B. or about C. or so D. so or 7. He likes playing musical such as violin, piano and so on. A. equipment B. instruments

    C. tools D. structure

    8. I met him on the fifth street last Sunday.

    A. by chance B. in chance

    C. for chance D. at chance

    9. When you are learning a foreign language, , you must forget your own


    A. above all B. in first

    C. at the first D. after all

    10. If you intend to get along well with others, you must be honest them.

    A. with B. towards C. about D. for 11. —Don’t take that kind of attitude your work, or you’ll lose it, young man.

    —I’m terribly sorry.

    A. of B. about C. against D. towards 12. There are 56 students in his class, the newcomer.

    A. included B. including

    C. be included D. include

    13. The fact that Beijing is the capital of China is familiar every student.

    A. with B. as C. to D. for 14. Many tents were for people to resist the cold wind in the wild. A. put out B. put up

    C. put on D. put aside

    15. England is one of the countries people drive on the left.

    A. that B. what C. which D. where 三!句子翻译

    1. 我花了整整一个上午把我的书归类好. (sort out)

2. 我们不能浪费任何东西,最重要是不要浪费时间。?above all

3. 戏弄盲人是不礼貌的。?play jokes on

4. 另外,我们不能总是依赖父母们。 (in addition, rely on)

5. 他的幽默是我们所熟悉的。?be familiar to

6. 似乎飞机在空中解体了。(break up)


    1I’d like to have these documents ______( sort out )in a minute. 2It is a pity that none of the passers-by stopped ______( help ) the poor man lying

    there, begging.

    3Every time the father comes into his room, the boy pretends ______ ( read )earnestly.

    4________( base )on a true storythe film is well worth________( see ).

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