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By Lauren Greene,2015-03-24 12:56
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spoken english

    After graduation, I do not care if I rush to those of well-known enterprises, large enterprises. I think should take the small and medium-sized enterprises for doing financial work. Because the sparrow is small But all-sided, in small and medium-sized enterprises do accounting work, can have the chance to familiar with all positions, However, large enterprises due to the division of labor is very fine, staff is stable, it is difficult to have the opportunity to turn to other jobs to work, even if have, also need a long time to have a second chance. At the same time, in the small and medium-sized enterprise due to the volume of work is not large, you can have more time to learn, take an examination of more certificate, assistant accountants, certified public accountants, certified public accountants are best scored at this stage!

    After receiving Intermediate title certificate or a certified public accountant certificate is the time to thinking of jumping ship. At this stage I want to a public accounting firm. in the accounting firm I can have the opportunity to meet all kinds of industry enterprise, meet more financial personnel, access to all kinds of accounting software, accounting books, all kinds of financial problems, is it a good time for me to open vision, open mentality!

    After a few years later, when I have more experience and broadened horizons, if i met the right opportunity at this time i will be thinking of jumping ship. Why should I move? in the accounting firm, almost work is repetitive and sequencing of operations, such as auditing, capital verification, assessment, and so on, big volume and relatively dry, requires a great deal of patience and careful, certified public accountants industry is actually eat rice youth, older is not fit to continue to do, and always do the tedious business, your thinking is rigid.So it's best to change your job after a few years, unless you can become a public accounting firm partners, shareholders, and even the boss.

    Leaving the accounting firms to apply for enterprises, in general the most suitable position is middle financial manager. Because so far, i have the expertise, but may lack of a lot management skills, i also need to continue to hone. At this stage, I will learn more from my boss and other senior management staff about management experience. cultivate my own experience in the financial management, enterprise management, human resource management, communication skills. at the same time, to learn a foreign language and continue to study my computer knowledge, especially ERP, financial software, EXCEL, PowerPoint and other skills, familiar with these, i will greatly improve work efficiency.

    Work in the financial manager a few years later, if there is no chance of promotion in the original unit can consider to move again. My final goal is the CFO ! Now i have a solid professional skills, rich management experience, skilled fluent foreign language, computer application.

    Finally, as a financial personnel must remember that learning how to learn to learn, if you want to do a good job in financial work, learning is very important.

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