This summer holiday

By Clarence Price,2014-11-20 14:13
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This summer holidayThis,this

     This summer holiday ,one day ,my brother was at the train station .I was hot ,he felt thirsty .So he went to a pedlar to buy drinks .

    Vendor : Hello ,it is so hot .can I help you ?

    Brother ;yes, a bottle of water .

     Oh ,sorry , I have no pocket money . This is 100 Yuan. Vendor : ok ,no problem !

     ( put the money into his wallet to find change money .)

     Ops !I was so careless just now .see ,your money is broken . Brother : I gave you it ? But even though ,it dosen^t matter ,it is still

    supposed to be used .

    Vendor : oh ,no, no .I don’t want it ,change another one ,please .

    Brother : Okay ,never mind ! I will change it .(didn’t thinking much

    about that ,my brother went ahead .)

    Another vendor : sweet apples !sweet apples !

     Hello ,young man ,see my apples ,you will need

    them on the train .

    Brother : oh ,yes ,how lovely these apples are ! I want about ten . Vendor : ( weight the ten apples )

     7 Yuan

    Brother : ( find that 100 Yuan )

     Here you are .

Vendor : feel the money and look over it . oh ,I am sorry ,you need

    to change another one .

    Brother :why ? just a little corner of it is gone . Vendor : no ,no ,I mean ,this is fake money . Brother : oh ,no ,how is this possible ?just now ,that

    water-vendor …….

     Oh ,my god ! he have changed my money !

     So my brother was conned.

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