Answer sheet of lesson eleven

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Answer sheet of lesson elevenof,sheet,Sheet

    姓名! 学号!

    Answer sheet of lesson eleven

    New Words

    unconscious adj不省人事

    nasogastric adj 鼻饲的

    suction vt 抽吸

     stomach n.

     gastric adj 胃的

     normally adv 正常地

     acid n,酸

     enteral adj 肠的

     poisonous adj 有毒的

     Parenteral adj 肠胃外的,不经肠的 digestion n,消化 concentration n 浓度

     absorption n,吸收 acidity n,酸度

     secrete 分泌 base n,基础,基数,

     hydrochloric acid 盐酸 mix v,使混合

     mucus n 黏液 mucosa n,黏膜

     intrinsic adj,内在的 intestine n,肠

     anemia n,贫血症


     pepsin n.胃蛋白酶 emptying n.倒空,空出

     semi-fluid n,半流质 nutritional adj,营养的

     chyme n,食糜

    Listen to the passageWhile listeningplease choose the best one from the following to show your comprehension of the passage

     1The best way for the patient to get nutrition is

     a) by nose

     b) by mouth

     c) by nasogastric tube

     d) by surgery

     2Which of the following condition is sure to cause the disability of the

    patients to get nutrition by mouth?,?

     a) After any surgery

     b) When the patients are conscious

     cWhen the patient is unable to take nutrition by mouth

     d) All of the above

     3) In the 1st paragraph, there is a sentence:a patient may have a nasogastric tube inserted and receive nutrition in this way"

    The word "inserted" can be replaced by

     a) put in

     b) plugged


     c) injected

    d) drawn

     4But they are all passed through the nose into the stomachHere?“pass

    through" means

     a) via

     b) pass over

     crun through

     d) pass to

     5The reason why enteral nutrition is better than parenteral nutrition is


     a) feeding by the gastrointestinal tract improves the use of all nutrients

     b) enteral nutrition is not very expensive

     c) nasogastric tube cannot provide parenteral nutrition

     dboth a and b

     6The nasogastric tube cannot be used as,,

     a) the way to suction blood in the stomach out

     b) the way to produce gastric acids

     c) the way to suction poisonous materials out

     d) the way of feeding

     7The numbering of gastric problems includes,,

     a) gastric acids in an empty stomach

     b) food poisoning


     c) bleeding the stomach area

     d) all of the above

     8 Which of the statements is not true according to the passage?,,

     a) Nasogastric feeding is an assistant method when the feeding by mouth is impossible

     b) Different nasogastric tube enjoys the same usageinserted through the

    nose into the stomach

     cNutrition that can be absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract is better than other kinds

     d) Nasogastric tubes can be used to as the suction method making contents of the stomach out


     ;Tor false;F

     1Stomach is the destination of food but not only the storage of food

     2The food in the stomach is get ready for further digestion and absorption

     3Stomach acidity and the acid-base balance is related to HCL, enzyme pepsin and intrinsic factor

     4Mucus can help to mix and break down food in the stomach

     5Stomach can absorb vitamin B with the help of intrinsic factor in it

     6The lack of intrinsic factor will cause anemia

     7The digestive problems in stomach may be caused by the result of part of the patients' stomach removed and rapid emptying of stomach

     8) Food will be changed into the chyme and then enters the small intestine in which the nutrition can be absorbed.


    Detecting and treating breast cancer

    Task 1

    News words and expressions Cancerous






    Bioluminate 生物发光或照明





    Mastectomy 乳房切除术

    Cutting-edge 尖端



    Ablation 消融?切除

    Oncologist 肿瘤学家


    Sentinel 哨兵?标记





    Task 2 spot dictation

    Bioluminate breast probe For many patients,the worst thing about breast tissue biopsy is waiting for

    the ________, but thats something researchers are working on right now


to change.

    This probe is going to medical school. Its major is ________. Its

    course of study is learning how to tell which tissue is cancerous and which is ________.

    Most women over the age of 40 have a ________exam once a year. That means a physical exam and mammogram. The doctor may find something ________. For more than a million women each year, the next________is then a biopsy. In a biopsy, a needle is ________ into the breast, tissue is removed and examined. In some cases ________ is required. These are invasive and often painful ________. And most of the times, the result is ________. Eight times out of ten, theres no cancer.

Task 3 true or false statement

    1. Many women with breast masses are worried that they have cancer. 2. Surgery is a simple and correct way that many women like to deal

    with their condition.

    3. The bioluminate probe could provide answers to many womens


    4. A complex set of optical and electrical sensors searches cancerous


    5. Various properties of breast tissue reflect light and conduct electricity



    6. There is no need for patients to remove tissue to know whether it is

    cancerous or benign.

    7. The bioluminate probe is painless, but may leave small scars. 8. After drawing thousands of samples, the probe is widely used in UC

    Davis medical center.

Task 4 multiple choice

    1. The probe is:

    a. Based on NASA technology

    b. Developed by UC Davis Medical Center

    c. Used to observe life on Mars

2. The probe can be used to

    a. Look at different areas of the breast with several needles b. measure one area of the breast with a single needle c. Observe many areas of the breast with a single exam.

3. A distinct advantage of the probe is that

    a. It studies the nature of disease

    b. It samples live tissue


c. It is more accurate than biopsy

4. The probe could

    a. Be smarter than any pathologist

    b. Do more than any pathologist does c. Detect all the types of cancer

    5. Another advantage of the probe is that a. It is used without the need for a specialist b. It does not involve anesthesia

    c. It can cost less money than biopsy

6. The bioluminate probe will

    a. Revolutionize the diagnosis of cancer b. Be soon used in the doctors office

    c. Analyze the removed tissue quickly

Radiofrequency ablation for breast cancer

    Task 5 short-answer questions 1. What surgical options do women with breast cancer currently have?


2. A cutting-edge procedure on the horizon is:

    3. What health conditions is radiofrequency ablation commonly used to treat?

    4. What is delivered into tumors by radiofrequency ablation procedures?

    5. Why do radiofrequency ablation procedures use catheters to deliver electrical current into tumors?

6. What is meant by a non-palpable tumor?

7. What is used to visualize a non-palpable tumor?


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