SLUG SLIME - Hop on the Bus

By Ray Watkins,2014-03-29 01:47
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SLUG SLIME - Hop on the Buson,On,Hop,the,Bus,BUS,Slug,Slime,The,slug

    Level 1



    ; To practice creativity and brainstorming skills

    ; To generate new product ideas


    ; Chart paper (~3 sheets per group)

    ; Markers (4-5 per group)

    ; Assorted art supplies--paper, scissors, tape, rulers, etc. (optional) ; Timer, clock, or watch with a second hand

    TIME: 75 minutes

    (10) Brainstorm 100 uses

    (30) Plan marketing campaign for one ―worst‖ idea

    (25) Presentations

    (10) Debrief


    1. Divide participants into 4 groups. Give each group 3 sheets of chart paper and a marker.

    NOTE: Depending on the audience, you may need to set some parameters regarding crude,

    lewd, or rude language, but allow for as much creativity as you can. 2. Ask participants to visualize slug slime, its characteristics and composition. Give groups 2

    minutes to brainstorm 10 uses for slug slime and list them on their flip charts. After time is

    up, ask groups to hold up their charts so everyone can see them. 3. Give groups another 3 minutes to brainstorm and list 30 new uses for slug slime. When time

    is up, ask groups to show their lists.

    NOTE: Make extra chart paper available if groups need it. 4. Repeat the process a third time, this time allowing 3 minutes to list another 60 uses for slug

    slime. If they’ve done what you asked, each group should end up with a list of 100 uses for

    slug slime.

    5. Ask each group to circle the 3 worst ideas on their list of 100 uses, and pass their chart to

    another group.

    6. Each group then chooses one of the 3 worst ideas it received to develop, market, and sell.

    Each group will have 5 minutes at the end of the activity to present and sell their new product

    to the class.

    Copyright ? 1992-2008 NC REAL Enterprises, Inc. SLUG SLIME, p. 1

    Level 1

    7. Show them what additional supplies are available (paper, scissors, tape, ruler, etc.), and tell

    them how much time they have to plan (30 minutes). Encourage them to be creative as they

    apply appropriate marketing techniquesadvertising, promotions, special offers, sales, etc.

    8. Give a 5-minute warning near the end of the planning session, and then give each group 5

    minutes to present their marketing campaign for the product they developed.


    It’s likely that the activity will have helped people ―think outside the box.‖ Encourage them to reflect

    on their learning by asking:

    ; What were you thinking at the end of each round of brainstorming? Did you think you were

    out of ideas?

    ; What happened as you came up with more ideas? Did it become easier or more difficult with

    each round?

    ; What was your favorite part of the process (brainstorming ideas, developing the product,

    creating a marketing plan, or presenting)? Why?

    ; What elements of this activity are authentic to small business?

    ; What are some ways an entrepreneur might develop a product or idea?

    ; Do you see yourself filling this role (product development, marketing) in your business? If so,

    why? If not, what are the alternatives?


    ; Condense or expand this activity to suit the time and depth appropriate for your class. A

    serious marketing plan (even for a silly product) could take hours or days to develop. ; Product design and development may seem daunting to some participants. There are people

    in the community, though, who have dealt successfully with the challenge, so invite them into

    the classroom if possible. Ask the class they may know someone who has turned a good

    idea into a marketable product.

    ; Invite an inventor and/or a patent lawyer to speak to the class about the creative side and/or

    the legal side of product development.

    ; People who don’t consider themselves ―creative,‖ may feel discouraged or disinterested in

    this activity. Remind the group that creativity takes many forms, and small business

    ownership presents endless opportunities to explore and develop one’s creativity.

    Copyright ? 1992-2008 NC REAL Enterprises, Inc. SLUG SLIME, p. 2

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