functional requirements

By Jeremy Lewis,2014-06-03 06:19
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functional requirements

    Enabling cloud services requires a focus on governance for security, process, and technical integration.

    Where the business is driving functional requirements, IT still adds significant value at a tactical level, helping with process and security due diligence and thinking through questions regarding technical integration.

    IT needs to staff itself differently as an enabler.

    To be an “enabler,” you need a good grasp on what you are enabling. In addition to people who can manage due diligence and integration, IT needs more people who understand the business processhands-on leaders who can translate business

    requirements into hybrids of internally and externally-provisioned services. Requirements for project management support will vary depending on the capabilities of the business group; some groups will be able to manage as they are, while other departments will need help to get things moving.

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