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    40 Guests in 4 Minutes HOST PLANNER

    Here’s a quick way to jog your memory of people you could

    invite to your Arbonne presentation. Don’t be disappointed if Thank you for scheduling your Arbonne certain guests cannot attendjust ask if it would be okay to presentation on:

    have the consultant call and set up a time with her for her to try

    out the products. AND remember: all “outside” orders will be ________________________________ at ________. applied to your sales total and help you earn more rewards!

    Now grab a pen and try the following exercise—you’ll be ENJOY A FUN TIME WITH FRIENDS!

    surprised how quickly your list grows!

     4 People you do business w/ Once you have experienced the Arbonne 4 Relatives (bank, store, salon, etc.) difference, you’ll want to share these results-______________________________ ______________________________ oriented products with everyone! When you ______________________________ ______________________________ host an Arbonne Presentation, you can earn ______________________________ ______________________________ amazing discounts on all your favorite ______________________________ ______________________________ products while sharing your great find with

     4 People who’ve invited you friends. Arbonne is all about sharing great 4 Friends to a party products and a wonderful opportunity for ______________________________ ______________________________ family and friends to get together!

     ______________________________ ______________________________

    ______________________________ ______________________________ Andy Vuko Arbie ______________________________ ______________________________ Arbonne International, 4 Co-Workers or Spouse’s 4 People from Holiday List Executive Regional Vice President Co-workers Independent Consultant ______________________________ ______________________________ 402.416.9952 ? ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________

     ______________________________ ______________________________

    Keep in mind that I am always looking for 4 Previous co-workers or

    leaders who want to partner with me in the 4 Neighbors neighbors

    Arbonne business. I will be glad to discuss this ______________________________ ______________________________

    lucrative opportunity with you or with anyone ______________________________ ______________________________

    you think may be interested in learning more ______________________________ ______________________________

    about Arbonne. I have included some ______________________________ ______________________________

    information about the business. If you have 4 Contacts thru your kids

    any questions about your presentation or the 4 Church or Social Group (scouts, dance, sports, teachers)

    Arbonne opportunity, please contact me. I ______________________________ ______________________________

    look forward to an awesome presentation ______________________________ ______________________________

    with you! ______________________________ ______________________________

     ______________________________ ______________________________

    As your Arbonne consultant I want to help you have the most

    successful presentation. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be HOSTING REWARDS CHECKLIST sure to earn your hostess rewards:

     FREE product (up to $50 value) with $150+ in party sales Step 1: Make your guest list and return the names, addresses

    and phone numbers to me and I will mail out the invitations. Be

    sure to OVER INVITE!! Collect $350 in outside orders and receive $350 in FREE Products with Right Start Value Package. Step 2: Give your guests a personal invitation, either in person or on the phone. Remember, if you want 5 or 6 guests at your Choose ANY $100 of products for ONLY $20 (with $250 in presentation, secure 10 “yes’s” because there could be last retail sales)! minute cancellations. Encourage them to bring a friendI will

     give a FREE gift to those that do!

     That’s over $400 of Arbonne product for only $20!! Step 3: Let me know who the yes’s and maybe’s are so I can call them and introduce myself prior to the party.

    Host Wish List Step 4: Follow-up with your guests a few days before to make

     sure they have the date and time secured on their calendar. Item# Description Price

    Step 5: Serve light refreshments & plan to start on time! _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________Other Tips for a Successful Arbonne Presentation


    **Use the 40 guests in 4 minutes to help you come up with your _________________________________________________guest list. DON’T pre-judgeeveryone needs skin care, make-_________________________________________________up, spa and nutritional products. Tell them which Arbonne

    products you like best! _________________________________________________

     _________________________________________________**Set your goal and make your WISH LIST of your favorites! _________________________________________________

    _________________________________________________**Keep extra invites on hand wherever you go. The more you

    invite, the easier it will be to achieve your goal. _________________________________________________


    **For those that can’t attend, give them the opportunity to _________________________________________________________ purchase before your presentation. This will help you reach your goal. Give them a catalog and order form. Just add 10% to every order to cover tax and shipping. Checks and credit cards accepted. **Create an environment in your home free of distractions.

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