Resume Format with comments

By Dana Jordan,2014-04-12 21:59
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Resume Format with comments

SAMPLE RESUMEmore at; Make an appointment for resume review at 713-221-8980

Pat Smith 1011 River Oaks Blvd., Houston, Texas 77019; 832-555-5555;


    To obtain a Marketing internship or entry-level position with Marketing Matters, Inc.


    B.B.A. in Marketing May 2009

    University of Houston Downtown (UHD) Houston, TX

    GPA: 3.1; Worked full-time while attending school

    Related courses: Marketing Research, Business Marketing, Electronic Marketing


    Marketing Intern Summer 2006

    Texas Society of CPAs Houston, TX

     ? Helped design a survey to determine members’ needs.

     ? Compiled data using Access database and ran reports for organization board.

     ? Designed tri-fold flyer to attract students to join organization.

     ? Coordinated distribution of flier city-wide at six campuses reaching over 1,000 students.


    Team Leader Spring 2007

    Advanced Marketing - UHD Houston, TX

     ? Created and designed marketing campaign for Print USA product promotion including

    budgeting, customer demographic analysis, and distribution channels.


    President Aug 2006 May 2007

    American Marketing Association UHD Houston, TX

     ? Implemented new initiatives such as employer panels and networking lunches which

    increased membership by 40% and revenue from fundraisers by 80%.

     ? Arranged presentations by six marketing professionals from the community in order to

    create networking opportunities for members.


    Marketing: Strategy and market planning, marketing communications

    Computer: MS Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint

    Language: Bilingual in Spanish


    Sales Associate Jun 2003 - present

    Foley’s Department Store Houston, TX

     ? Provide bilingual customers with excellent service resulting in top 10% sales ranking.

     ? Lead department as assigned when manager was on leave to ensure store ran smoothly.

     ? Received letter of commendation from customer who originally had a product complaint.


    (more at; Make an appointment for a resume review at 713-221-8980)


    (more at; Make an appointment for a resume review at 713-221-8980)


    ?Balance White and Black space on the page

    ?Margins no smaller than ? in (0.5)

    ?Font no smaller than 10 pt.


    ?Name should be in larger font. Do not use useless labels like ―phone‖ or ―email.‖

    ?Do not give more than one email address; make sure it is not a silly-sounding or inappropriate address (e.g.,;

    ?All phone numbers should have a way to leave a message with a professional outgoing message or a mature adult who speaks English.


    ?If your resume is posted in our (or any) database, keep objective short, specific, yet sufficiently broad.

    ?If you are sending your resume to a specific employer, include your objective on the cover letter and the resume. Customize it each time with the employer’s name and position offered.


    ?It is not necessary to list institutions if you did not earn a four-year degree from them. ?It is not necessary to list course work, unless a few, top-level courses are relevant to the position. ?For obtaining a job you want only while in school,, you need to de-emphasize your education. Show that you have attended college, but do not show major or graduation date or that you are close to getting a degree unless the employer is interested in hiring you after graduation.. ?Provide a separate section for actual certifications. Note if you qualify for certifying exams even if you have not taken them (e.g., some accounting students qualify to take the CPA exam when they graduate).

Employment and Community Experience

    ? Note how items are consistently placed in a tight format with each segment surrounded by white space and no blank lines in that section.

    ? Bullets detail most important information and NOT every aspect of the jobespecially not the

    obvious duties.

    ?The tense is consistent (past tense makes most sense).

    ?Sentences are written in the shortest understandable language possible with few articles (the, a, an) and no personal pronouns (I, me, we, us, my, our).

    ?Specifically measurable results are provided when possible. (e.g., Increased sales by 30% in one


Do not include:

    References. They are listed on a separate sheet of paper with a full heading like a resume heading. This page is presented only on request.

    Personal information. Although citizenship information should be included if the reader might make false assumptions about your status.

    Pictures, political or religious affiliation. Activities can refer to involvement ―in a local church,‖ or ―for a state representative‖ without divulging affiliation.


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