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     ——the thoughts of the lecture

     By WuSa

     Under the circumstances of Global Financial& Crisis, we find it more and more difficult to apply for a job. None of us don’t want to have a high-paid job, but how

    can we beat others and get the good job ?None of us dont want to come into a

    small-scale company ,but how can we get into a better one?

    According to the lecture , I have leant that first of all, I have to perfect myself. Nothing can help me but I can help myself.

     Basically, I should learn what kind of person a good company needs.Usually, in the want ads, there are always two important kinds:skills and requirements. The most importance is the requirement. Generally speaking, it has a demand of the ability of analysis power , data sensitivity , English writing and speaking etc.

     How can we improve our analysispower?what about data sensitivity?As an english major student,it is not difficlut for us to do some English writing and speaking,but,nowadays,we find a phenomenon that not only english student but also those who major in business or engerneer or any alse,they also can do good English writing and speaking.We,as an English major student ,meet a big problem that many other students get in our way .What can we do then?

     From the lecture, I have learnt that we can also learn to do some data processing or something about maths.And it is important to have a sense of data sensitivity. It demands me to give more attention on the business matters. How about analysis power? I think it demands the ability to deal with things with logic.

     Then , I can do preparations for applying for a job .

    a. I should know myself .,I can analyse myself from four fields: skill, strength,

    ideal, and weakness. It is easy to say what someone is good at himself, but

    difficult to tell whay weakness he has.Generally, I can know my skill and

    strength from what kind of cerficicate I have got. However, how can I learn that

    what weakness I have. I think it comes from comparations.Compared from

    others, I could know my what others does good in but I dont.

    b. I should remember this competition for a better work and life has already

    started by the time I am sitting here. What’s more , time becomes a luxury after

    my beginning of my work, four-year college life is a perfect time for me to have

    a systematic study,so, try to study more here.From the lecture , I have learnt that

    I can learn more in my school, I can know more from reading books from the

    library. I can know more from social pratice.I can have enough time to learn

    more from the English text book if I can pay more attention on the study instead

    of the fashion or games or other attractions.

    c. Pay attention to the contents for preparations:1.Communication skill. 2.

    Teamwork spirit. 3. Presentation skill. 4. Problom-solving ability 5.Smart

    thinking 6. Exellent execution. It seems to be more and more important to

    have a strong team spirit. Usually,on the TV programmes about competition that

    should finished by the pattern of team, the winners are which team members

    can work together and have a good leader. Not only is the leader important, alse

    the member is.

     Furthermore, when I apply for a job. I couldn’t post my resume to too many different companies.It is a waste of time and money. It is a common sense that the officer who check each resume only about 5 seconds.What little odds can I be chosen!So, I should set a goal about what kind of company I’d like to enter and what kind of job I am equal to.Whats more, on the resume, I should choose the important

    points to write down. What needs to be paid attention is that I should write down the specific examples to describe my points.For example, I wrote down my advantage such as deligence. I should give examples like I work from morning till evening.Such like this.

     As a student of English major, I should always remember that language is my best name card. My good command of language is my first time to demonstrate professionalism. It is my advantage that no matter what industry I come in,English is a most must for higher manager position. Ir is a must for us to study our own major well.Altough there are so many person who can get the cerficicate that proves their English efficiency like TOFEL , I have the advantage over them that I have a long

    time sudy of foreign countries. I know more about the culture and cirvilization about western countries.It can prove the difference in a long observation.

     The last point I have learnt from the lecture is to be s SMART person. S means to be specific. M means measurable. A advises us to be action oriented. R tells us to be realistic. T awoke us time bound.




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