Answer sheet of lesson twelve

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Answer sheet of lesson twelveof,OF,Of,sheet,Sheet

    姓名? 学号?

    Answer sheet of lesson twelve

    heart disease prevention and treatment

    Task 1:New Words


    Doughnut 油炸圈饼






    Clogged 阻塞




    Trim 修剪;整理

    Physique 体格;体形

    Tightness in the chest 胸闷

    Quadruple bypass 心脏搭桥


    Cardiologist Unlearn 忘却

    Angina 心绞痛

    Breastbone 胸骨

    Heartburn 心口灼热 Heredity 遗传

    Stress 压力

    Anatomical 解剖的 Build-up 组成

    Treadmill 跑步机

    Legume 豆类


    Heart disease predicator

    Task 2 spot dictation

    Are you at risk for heart disease? If youre health-________, you

    already know that along with weight and blood pressure, blood ________ is an important predictor of your risk. But scientists have recently discovered another ___________ that may also be very important.

    Its called c-reactive ________ and while you may not have heard of it, doctors across the united states are __________ it for their patients.


     Task3Tor falseF

     1;both c-reactive protein and cholesterol provide information for patient care

     2;patients with elevated c-reactive protein levels will not receive consideration for further treatment

    c-reactive protein is a doughnut shaped molecule that is 3;

    produced in the kidney

     4;a high level of c reactive protein indicates that there is some inflammation

     5;a very important component of heart disease is the inflammatory component

     6;plagues are hard accumulations of blood in the arteries

     7;the plagues cause more trouble when they are attached to the artery wall

     8) the inflammation may cause the plagues to rupture, setting off a series of reactions in the blood.

    9) patients are not aware of such a low-grade inflammation. 10) The inflammation not only affects blood vessels but also increases the risk for other diseases.


Task 4 short answer questions

    1. Besides people with a family history of heart disease, diabetes and __________, smokers, __________ and postmenopausal women are also at most risk.

    2. How can we prevent or delay heart attacks, angina and heart failure?______________________________________________________________.

    3. The next step for c reactive protein research is developing medications that specifically reduce_______________________________________ 4. A heart-healthy lifestyle means________ less, ____________ more and staying _______________________________________________.


    Reversing heart disease

    Task 5 multiple choice

    1. Dave experienced the following critical warning signs EXCEPT____

    a. Extreme fatigue

    b. Working overtime

    c. Shortness of breath

    d. Tightness in his chest

2. Dave didnt realize that these signs had anything to do with his _____.

    a. Diet

    b. Weight

    c. Heart

    d. Physique

    3. Dave was lucky because______

    a. He didnt put a lot of stress on himself

    b. He realized that stress had to with his heart c. He didnt experience a heart attack

    d. A heat attack did no seriously damage his heart 4. Dave underwent a quadruple bypass surgery______ a. Before attending a cardiac reversal program


b. A few months before his heart attack

    c. Immediately after his heart attack

    d. In August of 2000

    5. Which of the following is NOT true?

    a. Dave made more progress than the patients 20 years younger did at

    the cardiac reversal program.

    b. Dave served as an example that a person can start at any age in terms

    of looking after his health.

    c. Dave learned more about taking better care of his heart at the cardiac

    reversal program.

    d. Dave proves to all of us that age doesnt matter in improving the

    condition of ones heart muscles.

    6. One of the biggest lessons Dave had to continue to learn is______ a. He should exercise to improve his heart condition b. He shouldnt put a lot of stress on himself

    c. Its a challenge to do lift weight occasionally d. Stress shouldnt become a part of his life

    7. Dave_______

    a. Expected a lot from his graduate students

    b. Helped his graduate students publish papers

    c. Realized he was under stress

    d. Realized meditation was easy


    8. According to Dr. Kappagoda, it is never too late________. a. To prove the damaging effects of coronary heart disease b. To understand the gender difference in heart disease c. To reverse the damaging effects of cardiovasuclar disease d. To understand high cholesterol as common cause for heart disease

Task 6 short answer questions

    1. How many Americans have some form of cardiovascular disease?

    2. What are other two common causes for heart disease besides being overweight, a lack of exercise diabetes and smoking?

    3. What should patients do first and foremost to take care of their heart?

    4. Overweight patients should work with their physician to develop:

    5. Patients should also take on __________ that can have a beneficial effect.


6. The number of problems that the patients have will go down as the

arteries and blood .flow______________


    Having a sibling with heart disease raises personal risk

Task 7 summary

    According to a report from the Framingham Heart Study, _________________________________, might be raised by as much as 45 percent if you ____________________________ who has experienced such an event.

    Individuals who have a sibling who has cardiovascular disease have increased risk even if their own risk factors are not overtly elevated, such as __________________________.

    So it may be that many folks could

    _______________________ if they knew that their sibling had a cardiovascular disease event.

    They should ____________________________ in terms of lowering blood pressure, lipids, _________________________, maintaining a healthy weight, getting exercise, and _________________.

    There is more yet to be learned in this area in terms of _______________________ that lead to this increased risk

    from having a sibling or a parent with heart disease.


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