Request for 208201 plan conformance certification

By Judy Robertson,2014-04-12 21:58
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Request for 208201 plan conformance certification

    TO: Chip Bentley

     Appalachian Council of Governments

     P.O. Drawer 6668

     Greenville, SC 29606

     Phone (864) 242-9733 ; Fax (864) 242-6957

    FROM: ______________________________________________

    DATE: _________________________

SUBJECT: Request for 208/201 plan conformance certification

     1. Project Name

     2. County

    3. General Location

     (Street Address &

     Location Map)

    4. Type of Action for Review

     i.e. Construction Permit


     NPDES Permit Review

    5. Type Project

     i.e. Gravity Sewer

     WWTP Expansion

     Pump Station

    6. Type of Waste: Domestic _______ and/or Process _________

     7. Existing Volume (GPD)

     8. Proposed Volume (GPD)

    9. Disposal Location

    (WWTP Name & NPDES#)

     10. Project Engineer


     11. DHEC Contact:


Please return the completed form and any additional information to Chip Bentley by fax

    or mail at the Appalachian Council of Governments. The fax number and address are

provided above. Please feel free to call if you have any questions or need additional


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