The Supachill high speed freezing or chilling process is a new

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The Supachill high speed freezing or chilling process is a new

The Supachill high speed freezing or chilling process is a new

    leading edge technology for chilling or freezing almost any food product.

Developed in Australia, a Supachill system:

    ; allows you to double or triple your daily product throughput

; reduces your operational energy costs by up to 55%, and

; produces a superior quality product, plus

; provides significant value adding opportunities

    As you learn more about the benefits of a Supachill system, you will identify solutions for existing problems you may currently experience, plus unique marketing opportunities that will provide a new edge for your products in the market place.

    To help you to begin to identify the full range of benefits that Supachill could offer your business, we have prepared this overview of steps that we have found to be the most helpful in identifying the opportunities that Supachill will provide your particular business.

    We call them the Five Supachill Steps to added profit.

Supachill USA, Inc. 9712 4th Drive Lubbock TX 79416

Ph: 806-885-1300 Fax 806-885-1330 Web:


    This is a document to provide us with initial information that helps us to provide you with a preliminary overview of the model and size Supachill system to best suit your particular requirements. A blank CIF form is enclosed in this folder, and our representative will be happy to assist you with this if required. Fill out the CIF form and return it to our office.

Our Response

When you have completed the CIF, we will calculate and provide back to you in writing the

    following information:

    ; the Supachill model best suited to your needs

    ; the physical footprint (size, height, etc.) of that machine

    ; the estimated operational energy cost to operate the Supachill for your purpose in

    your area

    ; the preliminary quote to supply and service the proposed Supachill equipment

    ; details of previous trials or freezing times and benefits already undertaken or in

    production elsewhere


Having received and read the information we have supplied you with in Step 1, our

    representative will be happy to further discuss your thoughts and queries. It may be possible, at this time, to provide you with additional recommendations in relation to specific projects or opportunities that may be available to your business.

    It is at this stage that we suggest you visit our premises and provide some of your product to allow us to demonstrate the capabilities of a Supachill system for freezing or chilling your product.

    To schedule a demonstration, simply fax a request for an appointment. A copy of the request form is enclosed in this folder. The information you supply on that form will enable us to schedule a suitable appointment and to understand the additional facilities we may need to have available for your product.

Our Response:

    Following a demonstration or performance trial, we will then provide you with a written report confirming the results; including freezing time, latent heat results, temperature graphs, and materials handling recommendations. We will also provide you with an updated preliminary report with physical specifications, quotes, and materials handling recommendations updated to reflect new information and trial results.

The information we supply as a result of Step 1 and Step 2 is provided free of charge.


    Having received the demonstration or trial results relating to your particular products, you will now have the opportunity to assess the benefits of a Supachill system for your business. You may wish to analyze the quality benefits or HACCP advantages now available to you or continue to work with our personnel for the development of new products.

    At this stage, you may proceed to express your interest for the installation of a Supachill system on your premises, or develop a program of research or replicated trials for new products and test the market for new opportunities.

    Supachill personnel have, over TEN years, experience of the benefits of high speed freezing. Their experience with international and local companies provides a very unique contribution to any product development program involving freezing, chilling and packaging of food products.

    A custom designed research program involving Supachill equipment and personnel can be scheduled and designed in collaboration with your personnel.

If you now wish to proceed further, you may either;

    a) Request the preparation of a customized research and trial program, or

    b) Confirm a request for a formal “Information Memorandum” for supply of a Supachill

    system. A sample request letter is enclosed in this folder.

    To provide either of the above, we will first engage in meetings with your personnel so as to confirm the details of your requirements and undertake site visits as necessary. Either (a) or (b) above is prepared and supplied to you at a charge of $2,000 each or in the event of both being required, a total fee of $4,000. All charges are then discounted as deposits off the contract price for supply of either service.


    In response to Step 3, a non-disclosure agreement will be sent to you, and we will arrange to meet with your personnel and schedule appropriate site visits. We will then respond with;

    a) An Information Memorandum, or

    b) Formulate a formal research and trial project in conjunction with your personnel, or

    c) Undertake both (a) and (B)

    If you wish to proceed with (a), the Information Memorandum will provide you with the following:

    I. Full engineering specifications

    II. Engineering drawings of the Supachill freezer and materials handling equipment

    III. An operational energy quote and a comparative analysis of your existing system

    IV. A complete rental agreement

    V. Details of service, repairs, and warranties

    VI. Details of relevant standards of certification

    VII. Operational criteria agreed to, as to time frames for freezing, temperature profiles,

    and handling criteria

    VIII. Details of additional equipment that is recommended, such as air knives and

    filtration systems

    IX. Proposed factory plan and layout

    X. Proposed lead-time for installation and any variable installation costs.

In the event you wish to proceed with Step 4 item (b), following consultation with your

    personnel, we will formulate a detailed research project document, that will detail the critical points, controls and disciplines to be implemented. We will set milestones and time frames and confirm the contract cost for the involvement of Supachill personnel and equipment. Trials can be undertaken on your premises or ours.


After you have assessed the information we have provided as a result of Step 4, we request

    that you supply us with your official order, conditional on acceptance of our Letter of Offer, for a Supachill system or research project as required.

    If you plan an order for a Supachill system to be supplied to you on a rental basis, we also request that you add details of your bankers and CPA to confirm the requirements of a rental program. After we have received your order and confirmed that all manufacturing, rental, installation and / or research specifications are satisfactory, we will present you with a full rental package including a “Letter of Offer,” General Conditions for rental, Special Conditions for Rental, Service & Repair manuals; or a Research project contract; you will need to return one signed copy of the “Letter of Offer” together with any surety details to confirm your request for

    us to proceed to supply.

    N.B. Photocopy this form if necessary to provide information, if several products are required

    Customer Information Form

    Customer Name:_____________________________________________________________________

    Address: Street______________________________ State ______________________________

     City______________________________ Zip ______________________________

    Phone___________________ Fax____________________ Email______________________________

    Contact Person__________________________________Title_________________________________

    Product (unit size by weight)____________Kg/lb Dimensions ________________ Freezing/Chilling Requirements _____

    Entry Temperature F/C Finished Temperature ______F/C

    Rate of Product Throughput:____________________Kgs/hr or ___________________________lbs Overview of Materials Handling Requirements ______________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ Prior to Freezing/Chilling __

    After Freezing/Chilling __

Special Requirements

    Latent Heat of Product (if known) Freezing Temperature

    Current Refrigeration System: (please check)

     Spiral Freezer_____ Blast_____ Plates_____ Nitrogen_____

     Other (please specify)

    Time taken to freeze this product [using your system]_________________________________ Estimated Cost of your electricity [$ / kwh peak times of [_____ to _____]; $0.______ per kwh

     [$ / kwh off peak times of [_____ to _____]; $0.______ per kwh

    Supachill USA, Inc. 9712 4th Drive Lubbock TX 79416

    Ph: 806-885-1300 Fax 806-885-1330 Web:

    To be reproduced on clients Letterhead


    Supachill USA, Inc.

    Supachill Centre

    9712 Lubbock, TX 79416

     Date ____________

RE: Request for Demonstration

    On behalf of our company as detailed below, we request an opportunity to schedule a demonstration of the Supachill high speed freezing and / or chilling process. The details of sample products to be supplied by us for the demonstration purposes and the temperature criteria are as follows:

     Product _________________________________

     If packaged, type of package _________________________________

     Size of samples Wt Dimensions:


     Normal pre chill temperature _________________________________

     Desired temperature __________________________________

     Latent Heat (if known) __________________________________

    Details of special requirements (particularly details if product to be formulated on site, part or precooked or heated, any mixing or heating equipment required, any vacuum packaging required)

    Request Signed by: Name ________________________ Signature _______________________

    Position ________________________ Company ___________________________________

Address ________________________________________________ Zip___________________

Phone (____) _____________ Fax (____) ________________ E-mail _____________________

Preferred Dates___________________________________________

    To be reproduced on clients letterhead


    Supachill USA, Inc.

    Supachill Centre th9712 4 Drive

    Lubbock, Texas 79416

RE: Supachill Request to Proceed

Dear Sir / Madam,

    We write to confirm our expression of interest in the Supachill high-speed freezing / chilling for use by our company. We acknowledge receipt of the preliminary information you have provided as to the Supachill system that would be appropriate for our purposes, the demonstration and trial results, and the draft rental contract.

    We now request that you proceed to prepare a formal “Information Memorandum” to supply us with the specific details as relates to the proposed Supachill system proposed for this company. We understand that in order to prepare accurate information, that you require further information from our company, and a site visit will be necessary. We nominate ____________________________as the person to liaise with you to provide information and to make all necessary arrangements.

    We acknowledge that such an Information Memorandum may disclose confidential and proprietary information and therefore undertake to execute a non-disclosure agreement in favor of Supachill USA, Inc., to protect the confidentiality of that information.

We look forward to further developing this project with you.

Yours sincerely,


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