Press Release ifm electronic - Safe detection of metal

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Press Release ifm electronic - Safe detection of metal

     Press release wpi 438 / 1211 Area: position sensors

     Safe detection of metal.

     Essen, December 2011 The new fail-safe inductive sensor GG851S of ifm electronic enables a simpler solution to certain applications

     than today. The definition of the safety function is new: The safe state is reached when the damping element is within the safe

    switch-off zone. If, however, metal is in the enable zone, the outputs

     are switched on.

     The innovative operating principle can be illustrated using the example of crane bridge monitoring: A fail-safe sensor monitors the position of the

    crane on the rail. So far the sensor was damped across the whole travel;

     the sensor was undamped only at the stop positions. This new fail-safe sensor allows mounting of only one damping element each at the

     beginning and the end of the crane bridge, which saves material and

     mounting cost.

     The GG851S sensor has two OSSD outputs for connection to a safety relay or PLC The diagnosis of the different operating states is made via

     LEDs. As damping element a metal target is sufficient, a magnetic or

     coded target is not necessary. Integration into the machine is done due to flush mounting. The fail-safe sensor is certified to ISO 13849-1 PL d, IEC

     61508 SIL 2 and IEC 62061 SIL cl2.


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