chinese element fair

By Ashley Martin,2014-10-13 08:46
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chinese element fair

    Chinese Element Fair

    会展经济与管理;2+2 陈建阳 学号?09347074

Event Introduction

     The Chinese Element Fair is sort of “Art and Entertainment as well as

    “Trade and Business Event”. Galleries and other art facilities are formally in this exhibition, which can have major drawing power, generating substantial income for the producers and hosts, and for destinations. The fair starts from

    thAugust 8 and will last for nearly 6 years. As a long-time fair, which is located in the biggest and most flourishing city, Shanghai, it is forecasted that it may attract more than 1 million people to attend this fair.

     There is a saying: “What is national is global”, which means that anything that is of national characteristics is welcomed by the world. With the theme of Chinese Element, the fair aims to improve the cultural character of the industry and for Chinese cultures and values to penetrate creativity works.

Input and Output

    The organizers have rent a large hall to hold this exhibition and invited many enterprises to join in this fair. They have brought in various exhibits such as the traditional Chinese tea, the pottery, the paper cutting and so on. The organizers also invited some famous experts as counselors and some staff to take care of the fair.

    However, although it is a free exhibition, they also can bring some profits for the organizers. People who go to attend the fair always take great interest in the fair so they are very likely to buy some souvenirs and increase their influence.


    Suppliers, performers, and other participants

    agencies providing grants

    corporate sponsors

    the media

    the local community/ residents

    government agencies at all levels

Critical Path Network

    Activities or Tasks

    1: Get approval from the authority

    2: Establish a team

    3: propagate and host a opening ceremony

    4: Finalize the sponsors and get financial supports

    5. Recruitment and training

    6. Program and operations planning



    7Location selection path

    8. Design and construction of venues

    9. Propagate and host a opening ceremony

    10. Event officially starts

Environmental Forces and Trends

    Cultural forces are the main elements that affect the event. Growing cultural diversity means that organizations have to examine their composition, values, and activities ----in short, do a cultural sensitivity audit. Events must be proactive to meet the needs of economically and physically disadvantaged persons, and to ensure cultural or racial equality. People go to attend this fair not only because they take pride in Chinese culture but also they, as Chinese people, have the obligation to know more about the Chinese elements.

     A trend in Leisure and Cultural Pursuits is another reason that makes people attends this fair. Nowadays, people are willing to spend more time in visiting museums and art galleries. They enjoy exploring the world of arts and its a great thing to improve their arts sentiment.

My Personal Reaction

    I like this successful fair very much and it did leave a great impression to me as well as all people attending this exhibition. Although it took me some time to admire all those exhibits, I could learn a great deal of knowledge from them, which arouse my sincere love to our great mother China. As known to all, China enjoys super-strong cultural resources. With its fifty-six national minorities living together under diverse cultures, China is not only large in size, but with rich resources. Both its underground resources and tourist resources have strong international competitiveness. All of the conditions will make China more powerful and become an advanced country with diverse cultures.

     Also I have some suggestions for the manager of the event. Its a little

    pity that I couldnt see brilliant advertisements in anyplace and it means the event lacks a bit of propagating. The organizers should make more posters and increase the influence. However, after all, this is a successful fair among the same sort of events.

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