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International business communication group work (1)Inte

    Southeast University

    A Report on

    “How to improve the image and fame of SEU and how to attract foreign


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    Date of Submission: 29 May, 2012


    Executive Summary

    China is a country that so well known for making different products. They manufacture everything such as machineries, electronics, cloths, toys, and housing products and so on. There is a universal dialogue like “Made in China”. People in all over the world; know them only for the products. In the education sector china is not famous. People still wants to go to Australia, Canada, Europe or America for study. Now a day, china started to take students from different country by providing scholarship to the students. First of all they need to introduce themselves in the world that not only their products but also their education system is also good.As a director of the International Exchanges Office of Southeast University, I agree with the President of SEU that SEU is not so famous in foreign countries and not so attractive to international students. It is a long-term process to attract a large number of international students from different country. First of all, we think that SEU should keep continuing the scholarship opportunity for the foreign students. They need to offer different academic programs. All of the course should be taught in English. SEU should hire foreign faculty from different country especially from North America. Need to make affiliations with the foreign university. SEU should arrange different debate, seminar in different part of the china. They need to ensure study tour in different foreign countries.

    Once Chinese university degrees are recognized overseas, more international students will come to China to earn their degrees not only in Chinese, but also in other subjects.

    1. Introduction

    Southeast University (SEU) located in Nanjing and founded in 1902, is

    one of the national key universities administered directly under the Ministry of Education of China. Is one of the top universities in China, considered one of the best institution for studying architecture and engineering.

    In addition is one of the top 10 universities in scientific research and development in China with over 20 national or provincial research institutes and a number of key research bases.

    In the development of Southeast University, international cooperation &

    exchanges play an important role. Since 1978, more than 4000 teachers or researchers have been sent abroad for academic activities or exchanges, and over 3500 foreign experts and teachers have been invited to the university for lecturing, cooperative research or academic exchanges. Up to now, more than 2039 international students from 60 countries have studied in this University. Agreements of cooperation with more than 100 universities have been signed, including Countries such as Australia, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, India, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden and United States. Although SEU is famous in China, still is not well known among international students, attracting less foreign students than others Chinese Universities.Even though China does have world class Universities like Peking University and Tsinghua University, in general could be said China is not the first option for international students when choosing for a higher degree education. This basically happens because of the language barrier and because people think China is not good enough in English. The question is that, if international students think China is not good in English, how they will teach students?

    In this report will be discussed the current situation of Southeast University regarding international students application in comparison with others Chinese Universities. Furthermore recommendations to improve the image and how to attract foreign students will be done.

    2. Analysis International students in China:

2.1 Brief outline about China

    China officially the People's Republic of China (PRC), is the most populous state in the world, with over 1.3 billion citizens. Located in East Asia, the country covers approximately 9.6 million square km. It is the world's second-largest country by land area and the third- or fourth-largest in total area, depending on the definition of total area.

    Capital: Beijing

    Official Language: Standard Mandarin

    Legislature: National People's Congress

    2Area: 9,640,821km

    Population: 1,339,724,852

    2Density: 139.6/km (53rd)

    GDP (PPP): Total: $11.316 trillion (2nd)

    Per Capita: $8,394 (91st)

    GDP (Nominal): Total: $6.988 trillion (2nd)

     Per Capita: $5,184(90th)

    Unemployment: 5%

    2.2 Brief scenario of International students in China

    a) China began its quest for World class Universities in the late 1990s. Since then top Chinese universities have become more international in terms of the faculty, students, and curriculum, research and network memberships.

    b) Starting from a relatively low number of 13,700 students in 2000, China had about 80,000 international students pursuing tertiary degrees in 2008. Including non-degree students, the number totaled more than 220,000 in 2008. c) The rapid growth is not only unprecedented in Chinese history, but also remarkable against the global trend. Foreign students enrolled worldwide grew

    from 2 million to 3.3 million between 2000 and 2008. World growth was rapid by its past standards, but nowhere near China’s growth rate.

    d) In less than a decade, China has emerged as a major player in global competition for international students. It is the only developing country among the ten largest hosting countries in the world.

    e) Non-degree students continue to constitute the majority, making up nearly two thirds in 2008. The low percentage of degree students sets China apart from other major hosting countries.

    f) More than half of the international students study the Chinese language. Far fewer students study economics, management, sciences and engineering in Chinese universities as compared to their counterparts in western universities. g) More than two thirds of international students come from Asia. With the exception of the United States, the largest source countries are China’s neighboring countries. South Korea is by far the largest origin. h) Realizing the large gaps with major hosting countries, the Chinese government stresses the need to increase the enrollment, raise the educational levels, and improve the quality of international students. Over time, the share of degree students has been on the rise.

    I) China’s rise as a new magnet for international students reflects its growing influence in the global higher education market. The trend is most likely to continue, as China plans to attract 500,000 international students by 2020, making it the top destination in Asia.

    j) In the coming decades, the big challenge for China is less whether it can surpass other major hosting countries in the number of international students, but whether its top universities can attract the brightest students for degree education, just as what the top American and European universities have done in the past decades.2.3 Brief profile about Southeast University

Established: June 6, 1902

    Type: Public

    President: Dr. Yi Hong

    Location: Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

    Southeast University is one of only 32 universities directly administered by the Chinese Department of Education, it is also one of the first universities accredited by the State Council to determine and approve the qualifications of professor, associate professor and doctoral supervisor.

    In 1995, the university passed the assessment by the Ministry of Education for Project 211 and was listed as one of the universities that will be financed by the state as part of that project. In 1996, it was assessed as an outstanding university for its excellent undergraduate education.

    The university has 16,000 undergraduate students and 10,000 graduate students in over 30 schools and departments. The admission to SEU is very competitive. Normally the university enrolls top 2% high school students from nationwide to its undergraduate programs, and top 5% undergraduate students to its graduate program. There are about 5,600 faculty members in Southeast University. The university has 64 undergraduate programs, 206 master programs, 109 doctoral programs, as well as 15 postdoctoral research sites. In the most recent official rankings summary, 6 programs are top 5 and another 6 programs are top 10 nationwide. In 2006, the research funds for the university are 600 million Chinese Yuan, which lists the 7th place in the country.

    2.4 Southeast University analysis

    There are more than 2010 universities and 2305 institutions of higher education in China. University in China can be divided into general university, technical university, specialized university such as medical, foreign language and teaching-training university. There is a university ranking China for foreign students that is published by Chinese University Alumni Association. It is a domestic university ranking in China, conducted independently of the government. The ranking methodology includes the following criteria: 1) Government recognition 2) Research 3) Faculty 4) Program 5) Student 6) Reputation. From Chinese University Alumni Association 2012, Southeast university ranking is 22 that is relatively high for international education from all university in China. To improving image and fame of university in order to attract more international students, we should consider many aspects.

    3. Being competitive on attracting international students

    3.1 Why do students decide to study abroad?

    When students decide to study abroad there are serveral factors that motivates their decision.

    In general could be said the main reason is base on the desire to acquire an advanced degree for a better future career and salary level, or just for personal satisfaction or to improve foreign language skills.

    Some studies demonstrate that students find it valuable to have an advanced degree specially from a Western country.

    Between some specific factors that can motivate to study abroad can be mentioned:

    ?The unavailability of, and difficult access to, higher education in their country

    ?A low quality and reputation of the domestic higher education and research

?High acceptance of foreign degrees

    ?Cultural, economic, educational, linguistic, historical, political or religious ties to

    another region, country, city and institution.

    ?The demographic, economic , climate within the country of origin..

    ?The high availability of information of possible hosting regions, countries, cities

    and/or institutions,

    ?Favourable financial (i.e. scholarships) and emigration policies .

    3.2 How to improve image and fame

    University’s image and fame are the first information that can attract

    students to join course in a university. Starting by expanding a strength point and

    in another way improving a weakness. Due to maintaining University?s reputation

    and quality of teaching and students, the first aspect which university should

    concern is a number of professors. Students will consider a number of professors

    who will give lecture for international course. They should have a high degree from

    high ranking university around the world in order to guarantee that all international

    students will gain a high quality class from our program. Another approach is

    forming a corporation of education learning between domestic and international

    universities, in this way there will be an exchanging of professors and students to

    observe activities during an academic year. Moreover, university can define a

    scholarship to support an officer or professor to study abroad and come back to

    work for university after finishing their degree. In addition, a way to promote its

    excellence is by student research and the development of technologycal

    equipments in all international courses such as medical, engineering or agriculture


    3.3 How to attract international students

    The US and the UK have already established strong reputations for excellence as study abroad destinations; they are numbers one and two respectively in terms of top destination countries to study.

    These countries have achieved their goal of being top destination to study abroad, because they work to maintain the quality of their institutions and the experience they can provide international students. For example they offer high standard of excellence in their programs. In addition they also makes sure its international programmes are highly supported with guidance and supervision, for instances, they have a receptive and welcoming attitude throughout institutions to international students, also they put a lot of attention to caring, comprehensive, and well-managed supports for international students to feel comfortable, able, and enthusiastic about their studies and lives in the destination country.

    Furthermore it is important to mention in order to attract international students it is also important the scenery and the campus life. Universities should determine good facilities such as modern and convenient dormitory, supermarket, activity hall and sport ground which students can have an activity together, transportation and etc. Moreover, creating an activities program, for example being in China in order to be inmerse in the culture is a good idea to gather Chinese students and international students exchanging their culture.4. Conclusion

    Global competition for students will likely intensify in the future. Competition does not only take place globally, but also regionally and nationally. According to information of Chinese University Alumni Association 2012, Southeast university ranking is 22 which is relatively high for international university. Countries that currently manage to attract a high number should continue their efforts to recruit and attract more students, this means although SEU has a good standard and high quality in both teaching and researching, SEU should continue all marketing strategy and also define new attractive programs for foreign students. In addition, fame and image is an important aspects which SEU should concern. Having said this we consider still need to improve standard and quality in order to be a top university not only in China but also be a top university in the world. By following marketing strategies is not enough to achieve the goal, all SEU officers, professors and students should be fostered and make them feel that they are part of SEU.5. Recommendations

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