automatic paper machine shop

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automatic paper machine shop

Equipment use

Shop online machine shop for glass production line of paper and glass

    deep processing industry packaging paper shop.

    The main technical indicators

    1 The maximum width of the glass: According to customer demand

    (2) laying out the paper Positioning accuracy: ? 5mm

    3 For maximum glass speed:. 36 00m / h

    4 Power:. 380V

    The basic structure and principles of equipment

    ; Feed mechanism

    Laying paper machine the paper discharge motor drive spool, the control system calculates the time required for the last sheet of a predetermined length released automatically adjust the speed of the paper roll is used to adapt to changes in the paper roll diameter.

     Feed tensioning mechanism

    Paper tube put down the paper into the paper tight body.

    Tensioning mechanism of action are: to ensure that the length of the length of the paper laying out the paper tubes are sent than necessary.

    When laying out the paper, the paper can be quickly sent.

    Tensioning mechanism by the two rails and a slider components.

     Feed device

    Feed device consists of two or more friction wheels Feed composition Feed friction wheel driven by a servo motor. Each friction wheel can

    adjust some of the outside corner, to make sure the paper is flat.

    Servo motor speed of each friction wheel is the same under normal conditions, when the paper is able to automatically adjust the speed deviation correction deviation.

     Platen and cutting device

    After the paper from the paper feed unit sent up to the required length, pressure platen device, from the bottom of the paper cutter to cut.

    When the glass run to the head position paper, lift the platen device.

Conveyor roller (dynamic laying out the paper)

    Conveyor roller driven by a servo motor to achieve a plurality of belt to ensure the paper before the glass tile in the rollers waiting for the arrival of the glass.Servo motors with high-speed optical high-speed counter interrupt to ensure the accuracy of laying out the paper.

    Specific functions

    1. The system is composed of a network via Profibus DP or

    CC_LINK production line system to achieve the full range of

    automated production.

    2. Shop machine shop using paper tube paper type and

    automatically adjusts the drive speed of the roll speed according

    to glass and glass specifications.

    3. Paper with rubber pressure roller conveyor transport,

    delivery speed static laying out the paper by a servo motor control

    and maintain consistent and glass conveyor line speed.

    4. Conveying the rich amount of paper tube by oblique volume

    on the radio photodetectors used to guide the paper roll paper

    feed speed.

    5. Static laying out the paper process: When the glass to the

    bottom line and the machine shop, paper feed rollers synchronous detection photoelectric switch operation followed by the Comptroller. The paper onto the glass (note this time glass has been applied to an electrostatic generator static). When the paper

    feed length equal to the length of the glass, paper feed roller and conveyor roller and stop running, while Cutter knife (knife with serrated blade cutter, with stab and cut functions) platen device with cutter the effect of ensuring smooth cutting with a knife, after cutting roller recovery operation will continue to transport the glass back.

    Dynamic process of laying out the paper: glass arrives before laying machine, laying machine according to specifications of glass pre-driver paper feed roller operation, the paper onto the roller conveyor belt. When the paper feed length equal to the

    length of the glass, paper feed roller stops running, while Cutter knife (knife with serrated blade cutter, with stab and cut functions) platen device and ensure that the cutter cutter effect smooth, press the paper after cutting devices remain, when the glass bottom line to the machine shop and detected by a photoelectric switch Comptroller (Note that this time the glass has been applied to an electrostatic electrostatic generator), glass and paper completely overlap after pressure device reset paper, glass paper laying operation is completed.

    6. With the production line control system with integrated management capabilities to achieve multiple mutual backup machine shop, and failure to ensure that the process of change paper automatic switching function.

    Notice when the device type selected:

     Whether dynamic laying out the paper.

    Shop Shop paper machine can also be static dynamic laying out the paper.

    Static spread sheet, a sheet of paper on the pick-spread on the glass, when the glass line to the predetermined distance, stopping the glass platen and cutter mechanism is operated to complete the laying of paper.

    Static Glass Shop paper suitable intervals longer follow-up when the glass will not stop the roller conveyor roller up to laying out the paper form hit film.

    Dynamic laying out the paper refers to the process of laying out the paper, glass does not stop, the process has been completed ahead of the original speed of laying out the paper. Before this process, the

    glass does not reach the paper sheet laid on the conveyor to position rollers, and the paper reaches the predetermined length after cutting, but without lifting the platen means when the front reaches the leading edge of the glass sheet, means to lift the platen complete dynamic laying out the paper. Dynamic Glass Shop paper suitable for short time

    intervals, the glass in the process of laying out the paper form will not hit piece.

     Shop machine shop at the same time to select one to three, which one can also choose whether to shop.

    ( Before ordering should determine the maximum paper roll diameter, maximum width, maximum and minimum glass specifications.

     Before placing an order should confirm whether the paper roll lifting device.


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