the development and application of co2 laser machine

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the development and application of co2 laser machine

    The development and application of Co2 Laser machine

    Laser can be used to cut a wide variety of materials. With a laser cutting machine, paper and plastic can be easily cut much precisely. It can be used to cut metal sheets as well. The most common type of laser cutter available in industry today is the CO2 laser cutting machine. It offers advantages over other types of lasers for cutting, efficiency and power available and have become the laser industry standard. CO2 Lasers will create permanent codes for lifetime traceability. This wavelength is used to mark a variety of materials including metals, ceramics and some plastics.

    Laser cutting with a CO2 lasers finish is excellent in comparison to processes such as oxy or plasma. For most applications only minimal post finishing is required. However, CO2 laser cutting cannot replicate a machined finish. Parts typically have a heat affected zone, but this is small in comparison to the more traditional processes. Heat distortion is very minimal and this is one of the key advantages of the process.

    Co2 laser marking machine for glass in industrial applications is the fastest, most effective, least costly method in which to mark the product. With Co2 laser marking for industrial glass applications the product can be marked on the fly. It changes to the mark different text, different logo

    and difference shape. A Co2 laser can mark glass with bar codes, especially data matrix bar codes, which can easily be coupled with vision systems for reading the data contained in the bar code. This helps assure a continuous uninterrupted supply of product.

    CO2 laser equipment can be used almost anywhere the more

    conventional processes such as oxy and plasma cutting are used. Just the wide variety of applications for CO2 laser marking machine are cutting or drilling of holes in steel parts, cutting of thin sheet metals, cutting of plastic signs and cutting of profiles in wood. This ensures that the part is sorted and used properly throughout the manufacturing process. Please pay attention to my baidu essay, I will provide the latest China laser cutting manufacturer news to you.

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