Unit 2 I've got a hobby

By Joshua Gibson,2014-09-27 21:41
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Unit 2 I've got a hobby

     Collect, collect, I collect stamps. stamps, stamps, I’ve got lots of stamps. Hobby, hobby, collecting stamps is my hobby. Man, woman, they’re famous men and women. Another , another, I’ve got another Chinese stamp. American stamps English stamps Canadian stamps Mexican



    1.collect(动名词)---- collecting 2. hobby(复数)—— hobbies 3.woman(复数,—— women 4.this(复数)—— these 5. man(复数)—— men 6.that(复数)—— those 7.stamp(复数)—— stamps

There are some ______ stamps. These are some stamps from ____ . This one has got a picture of

    ____ on it.

Canada-Canadian stamps Chinese stamps


America-American stamps

England -English stamps

Ask and answer.

    1.What’s Simon’s hobby? Collecting stamps is his hobby. 2.Does Simon collect stamps? Yes, he does. 3.What’s on the stamps? Famous men and women.

    4.Where are the stamps from? They are from China and Canada. 5.Is there a letter for Simon? No, there isn’t.

Yes or no.

    1.Collecting stamps is Simons hobby. ? 2.These are some stamp from America.× 3.There are lots of famous parks on the stamps. × 4.The Chinese stamps are from Damings letters. ? 5.Simon can have another stamp from China. ?

What’s your hobby? …is my hobby. My hobby is … I like … Have you got any…? Yes, I

have./No, I haven’t.

    collect Girl 1: I_______ dolls. any Teacher: Oh! Have you got ____ dolls from Japan? some Girl 1: No, I haven’t. But I’ve got ______ dolls from China. Teacher: Oh, they’re beautiful. Boy 1: Reading is my hobby. I’ve got lots of story books. Have Teacher: ______ you got any picture books? haven’t Boy 1 : No, I ________. Boy 2: Flying kites is my hobby. Look! I’ve got some Chinese kites. got Teacher: Have you _____ any dragon kites? Boy 2: Yes, this is a dragon kite. Girl 2: I like riding my bicycle. That’s my hobby _______. Teacher: Have you got any photos of your bike? Girl2: Yes. _______ are some photos of my new bike. These

A: What is ... hobby? B: ... is ... hobby.

flying kites collecting stamps riding bikes reading books dancing singing swimming shopping

fishing drawing playing football playing basketball

___________ is his hobby. Flying kites kites He has got some ________.

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