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lasi international

    Lasi International

    Sierra Leone, located on the west central coast of Africa bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the west, the Republic of Guinea on its North and the Republic of Liberia on it east has become and will continue to be one of the most improved

    ndeconomies in Africa to do business with, It is now the 2 fastest growing

    economy in Africa and Libya is in first place. Based on recent World Bank estimates, Sierra Leones GDP is expected to continue to grow. In 2011 it stood at $2.02bn and in 2013 its projected increase would push that figure to $2.24bn. Sierra Leone is rich in natural resources. 28% of its GDP comes from precious gem quality diamond, the other from bauxite and Iron ore mining. In 2012 mining of Iron ore expanded the economy significantly. Several off shore oil discoveries were announced in 2009 and 2010, while contracts have been awarded for exploration Sierra Leone has yet to benefit from its oil wealth. Lasi International is a Sierra Leonean owned company committed to becoming a successful and sustained organization. Progressive conscience cares about the

    environment and the people of Sierra Leone. Currently we are engaged in trade importing and marketing goods from the US and India, building schools, wells, rehab of roads.

     Aim and objective

    We are actively seeking Investors/partnership in any or all of the following sectors. *AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTION




Agricultural production:

    - Farming of rice, cassava, corn, sugar cane, cashew, sesame, soy, fruits,

    vegetables, animal husbandry poultry etc.

Real-estate development:

    - Construction and management of golf course at Tokeh resort village ocean


    - Construction and management of a fishing resort at any of its pristine ocean

    front prosperities.

    - Construction and management of single and multiple housing units for re sale,

    rent short term or long term.


    - Partnership in processing and marketing of timber.

    - Development and management of wet ice and or dry ice processing facility.

    - Development and management of fridge rated/cold room storage units.

    - Deep sea fishing and sale of fish for export and local consumption.

    - Plastic recycling and manufacturing of plastic containers and utensils i.e.

    bottles, bags etc.

    - Manufacturing and sale of light wear shoes sporting goods i.e. flip flops,

    sandals sucker balls etc.

    - Manufacturing and sale of office and school supplies.

    - Manufacturing and sale of candy, gum, cookies, soap, tooth brushes

    scrubbing brushes etc.

    - Manufacturing of machines i.e. Machine press, soil tilling, automobile tier

    rethreading, brake relining machine etc.

    - Cement, brick and asphalt production/factory.


    - Gold river dredging or dry land mining for gold or other minerals. Assets

    774 Acres of cultivated land at Marunkari and Batkanu village,

     Value = USD, 1,161,000.00

    22 Acres of land at Tokeh Resort village, value = USD, 220,000.00 02 Acres of mining land in Kono district, value = USD, 200,000.00 30 Acres of land within Freetown, value = USD, 300,000.00 Other assets = USD, 550,000.00

     Total assets =USD, 2, 431, 00.00

National Executives

    Abee Sidique, Partner

     Tel: US +202 345 3395. S/L +76 606 702


    Aminata Sesay, Partner

     Tel: US +240 938 2769. S/L +33 438 2769

    Brima Bah, Chief Advisor &Technical Writer

     Tel: S/L +33 724 476



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