culture and science

By Shannon Reyes,2014-10-12 23:51
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culture and science

     The advance of science and technology has a significant impact on people;but

    the role of artists is also important;such as musicians;painters and writers;What can

    the arts tell us about life that science cannot

     In the present age, science and arts are playing significant roles in our lives. In the meantime, whether arts and science which is more important of impact our life has sparked much debate. Personal, I feel arts influence and change our life a lot. Therefore, I will write something which are arts tell us about life that science cannot.

     Firstly, convincing arguments can be made that arts vary in different societies but science can be applied to the whole world. Nowadays, the culture element becomes an important factor to improve the International reputation to a modern city or country. Therefore, arts become a significant key to improve culture element for a modern country. Though enjoy the beautiful arts, make people realize the beautiful of life and culture. Even though studying enjoys the beautiful arts, we also can find beauty of science. That is arts tell us to enjoy the beautiful world but science cannot.

     Secondly, arts satisfy people's spiritual and emotional needs but science cannot. Nowadays, an increasing number of people are feeling their life is so boring. Everyday working same things, they are just like robots which can use in working. Arts can make lives which are these kinds of people become interesting. Like reading cartoon books can make people happy and listening music can make people feel relax. That is the power of arts. Arts like a light, lighting the dark and boring life for people, make everyone can find the true meaning of life.

     Thirdly, arts satisfy people enrich cultural life. The musicians, painters and writers are the best way to satisfy people enrich cultural life. Musicians are the best place to learn the history, painters and writers can make people enjoy the beautiful arts. Therefore, arts satisfy people enrich cultural life but science cannot. Admittedly, science enriches material wealth, but nowadays, the cultural life become more important in our life. Therefore, we need to enrich cultural life. That is the arts can do but science cannot.

     To sum up, I would concede that science enriches material wealth. Despite that,

arts can enrich cultural life and make our learn how to enjoy the beautiful world.

Overall, I am convinced that arts and science both should get improve now, that is the

only way to make our life become beautiful and happiness.

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