the car is wealth manufacturing in the world

By Charles Knight,2014-10-13 07:33
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the car is wealth manufacturing in the world

    The arrival that moves an Internet period, the marketing Sa cloth at first heads into to cut for new 3.0 periods, the network tiny marketing is an all new marketing form to add to harm around the world.Tiny marketing-a kind of marketing ability of low resources, Gao Xing Jia Bi advocates to pass "falsification" and"actual" interaction and constucts the marketing whole chain of a higher effect and integrates each kind of marketing resources at present, come to a with the small Si Bo, is weighed with light Bo of marketing result.This all new marketing wave the tide secretly strike, car, building creation, masquerade article, and wine...etc. each kind of business enterprise don't resolution to round a view any further, but the marketing ability that is aggressive this form to is a business enterprise and oneself brand it carries on by one's own take it by storm a war.

    The car is wealth manufacturing in the world of a be, the competition of the car brand is vehemence.Today, tiny marketing the universality infiltration once secreted exudation at each Zhen area, the tiny marketing power and influence aiming at car brand, once became the energy that Fu became small Qu as well.

    Whether tiny Bo and all of tiny movies are a today newly arisen Sa to sow a contents or not.These new medium certainly don't calculate to grow in the development process of overseas, but once had already been been concerned with to to as well in the overseas mature of sample.Through can destine to their studies, many because of being subjected to all over, turn to reach very quickly, capital low function Gao Deng's characteristic, tiny marketing in the present stage is a kind of power is necessarily going of carry on inclining to, and several years in future, will have a larger development.The wide vapor is thin second especially an and accompany into of business enterprise, once aimed at this trend to do as well as well homologous of echo.To thin second this wide vapor especially car limited company vice president Yan set up to bear me to publish an interview clearly.

    As for China today of marketing condition, the wide vapor was thin second car limited company vice president Yan to set up to talked the knowledge of the oneself clearly especially:Under the influence of some

    compositions, today the carrying on of Chinese car market once didn't have as well some years ago so glorious milli- light.Meanwhile, because of car in the short time soon, large numbers of universality, consumer to car of clear also immediately the disease soon lost a Jin job.Must confess, marketing difficulty concerning car just at gradually ascension.But worth prestige BE, rises in the marketing difficulty of at the same time, business enterprise and the exchanges outlet of the consumer's became to dredge.This symbolizes, the car brand also has more flourishing way lets the consumer can be morely clear they of product.This deals with marketing task to say is not only opportunity, also meet challenge to battle.Change an angle to speak, such as opportunity to allow with meet challenge to battle keep both of situation to the manufacturing article of all car manufacturers also different have.Is big, the creation article news of both parties' noodles will not the interest strike against a consumer, let they at make a resolution with resolute of time there are more contentses that can make reference to.With, in this case, business enterprise as long as truely work well to make article skill living.Is total of come to say, the future will be one only definite of the ability talented person can win the ages of.

    Each brand contains rare strange marketing strategy.At when was unknown generation tiny Bo of"140 words=?", "?"Become for the sake of various can be cheerful to allow.As a kind of newly arisen way, accept an invalid dwelling place type to carry on applied is predestined.The wide vapor is thin second to have a strict application in the tiny marketing especially:The construction and design that always concerns tiny Bo of business enterprise, the wide vapor is especially thin second to adopt a business enterprise currently of tiny Bo and produce the tiny Bo of article separates of method to form to join force, concern each purpose guest's community that produce an article to check, and product tiny Bo and business enterprise brand tiny Bo of can also have to goodly act in cooperation and interact.The wide vapor is thin second the tiny marketing is especially particularly the conservancy living that integrates into a customer for what to pay attention to, it not only is that a business enterprise head be like and produce the Sa cloth of article outlet, hope

    more to produce a with the customer make a living career for the diplomacy turn of center.Also hope outline to cause a wide vapor especially on the thin second wide vapor at this foundation thin second especially the miraculous magic power of brand, let person interest of being in love this brand find out to swarm about ground.

    The wide vapor is thin second especially very pay attention to lately and most is greeted of turning and reaching contents, the contents of tiny marketing is also diverse, the Yan always says:"Suppose we create a netizen to the video frequency contents will comparison opinion meaning, will strengthen this having of a cake of ratio, formely we of the business enterprise plot mainly gave a Fu traditional outlet, but then would be more at that time of made them to constitute a video frequency and let the netizen have consciousness to keep a view more.In addition to this, such as tiny interview, tiny live, virus marketing, trouble marketing, social intercourse turn son establishment aspect we don't extremely all have a quite good case.With ultra conservative wide and tell it compare, we also feel the speed is at the Sa cloth and turn to reach scholastic attainment up obtained good result.More necessary is we can pass various Internet marketings reality, thin listen to a customer really dig feedback and need, this is that the wide vapor is thin second to pays attention to most especially of have part."

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