My first day at college

By Tom Gordon,2014-09-26 23:38
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My first day at college

    My first day at college

    NO.16 徐梦南

     I still remember the day when I first went to my college. It was Augyst 29,2011.That morning when the bus carried me to the gate of the school,I felt my heart the school,I felt my heart beating excitedly.

    As soon as I got off the bus,I was led by some syudents to the dormitory. I was going to live without parents for the first time and my roommate taught me how to make the bed and fix the net.

    In the afternoon, I went through the registration procechres in the hall and got a syudent card. I thought, I became a senior student.

    After supper, I took a walk around the campus with my roommates, talking about my past and future. There was a song in my heart and cheer on my face. We were all so excited that no one wanted to go back to our dormitory and sleep.

    This is my first day at college.

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