Local history publications and other reference sources, such as

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Local history publications and other reference sources, such as

    Haringey Archives and Local


    Local history publications and other reference sources, such as the Kelly’s Directories, are available in the Searchroom. The archives are kept in a secure area of the building and need to be retrieved by staff. We can usually produce items from these collections upon request, but sometimes there may be a short delay. In particular, production of archives will be limited between 12.00noon and 2.00pm. We therefore ask users who may wish to look at archives between these times to request them before 12.00noon. No archives will be produced after 4.30pm.

    We shall do our best to help you at all times and we thank you for your patience.

Searchroom Procedures

    The archives and local studies collections contain unique and irreplaceable items, many of which are also extremely fragile. They need to be handled with care to ensure that they are available for others to use in the future. Therefore we ask for your co-operation in adhering to the following rules while in the Searchroom. In certain circumstances, staff may ask anyone who refuses to do so to leave the Searchroom.

; Bags and coats must be left in the lockers provided outside the Searchroom.

; Please handle items carefully. Do not lean on or place anything on the items you

    are looking at, particularly to write notes or to trace any illustrations. Do not lick your

    fingers to turn pages. Leave photographs in polyester sleeves while looking at them. If

    they are not in polyester sleeves, please do not touch the surface

; Pencils only are to be used in the searchroom: no ink is to be used under any


; Obtain the permission of staff before making any copies of documents in the

    searchroom using any equipment, including cameras and hand-held scanners. All

    such copying is at the discretion of staff and is subject to copyright law where relevant.

; Do not bring any food or drink into the searchroom. The searchroom, along with

    the rest of the museum, is a no smoking building at all times.

; Please be considerate of other users of the searchroom and keep volume of

    conversation to a minimum.

; Mobile phones are not to be used in the searchroom at any time. If you need to

    keep your phone with you, please switch it to “silent” and leave the searchroom to

    answer it or to make any calls.

    Libraries, Archives & Museum Service

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